Shakti 22nd December 2016 Written Episode Update


Shakti 22nd December 2016 Written Episode, Written Update on

The Episode starts with Soumya telling Surbhi that she was saying that if she packs cake for her then she will eat after going home. Surbhi says you need cake and says you don’t like it naa. Varun asks Maninder why did he fix Surbhi’s marriage with Abhishek, and tells that he is a perfect match for her and loves her a lot, would have accepted her from his heart. Surbhi tells Abhishek that Soumya will talk to her. Abhishek tells that even he has a right to talk to Soumya and tells that he left his to be wife to go with Harman when Soumya was kidnapped. He says I have more rights on my to be wife. Surbhi says Soumya…who has more rights on her, jiju or Abhishek. Soumya recalls Preeto’s words and tells that Abhishek’s rights are more. Surbhi says okay and asks Abhishek for the gift. Abhishek says

he could have brought her a gift, but he has something for her which is from his heart. He announces everyone that he being a banker tried to become a writer, and written something for Surbhi. Varun is jealous and sitting in his car. He thinks even though I don’t love Surbhi, but feeling bad as she is slipping from my hand. Abhishek says this is the best investment of my life, I am leaving my bachelorhood to get you. He wishes her happy birthday.

Nani asks Soumya, if she is hiding something from her. Soumya says no. She gets Harman’s call, but couldn’t talk because of no network. She tells Surbhi that she will go. Surbhi asks her to have food and then go. Varun sleeps in the car. Abhishek knocks on the window and asks about his head pain. Surbhi says it must be fine and that’s why he is hearing loud music. Varun asks Soumya to sit in car. She sits. Abhishek gives a gift to Soumya. Surbhi also sits I car. Maninder asks why you are going? She gets down the car. Abhishek asks Maninder to let Surbhi go and drop Soumya. Surbhi sits in car. Abhishek says now I will leave, it was nice time here. Surbhi thanks Abhishek for arranging nice party for her. Maninder asks Surbhi to come home fast.

In the night, Preeto gets up and tells Harak Singh that she is going to see Harman and asks if he will come with her. Harak Singh asks her to go and says I am a father, and can hold on my emotions. Soumya recalls Abhishek and Surbhi’s romance and think what she will tell to preeto. Surbhi asks Varun to drive slow. Varun scolds her and asks her to drive it, says this is not your marriage decision which you have taken. Preeto comes to Harman’s room and sees him gone. She wonders where did he go? Harman makes Soumya’s painting with him and says love has changed him so much. Preeto sees him saying romantic lines and says you have changed surely, and got poetic in kinnar’s love. Harman says you will not understand. Preeto says even you will not understand a mum.

He tells that Soumya will get happy seeing this painting and he will be happy seeing her happy. Tera Hai Ishq Hai….plays…………….Varun brings Soumya back home. Preeto sees Surbhi coming with Soumya to drop her. Soumya comes to Harman’s room. He pretends to be sleeping. Soumya says Harman ji. Harman says you have come. Surbhi tells that it would be good if he would have attended her birthday. Soumya asks did you take food? Harman says yes and medicine too. He thinks Soumya go to your room and see the painting. He says he is feeling sleepy and tells them good night.

Preeto comes to Raavi’s room and asks her to get up. She says you have to do some work now. Raavi says no. Surbhi and Soumya come to her room. Surbhi asks her to eat it and says you are liking cake now. Soumya says I will eat it later. Raavi comes there and asks Surbhi to come and sleep in her room, as Preeto told her. Surbhi says she will stay with Soumya. Raavi insists. Soumya asks Surbhi to go with Raavi and inform Maninder and Nani. Surbhi says okay and goes. Soumya thinks how can I become selfish and ruin my choti’s life. She is so happy with Abhishek and I can’t separate them. She sees Harman’s painting kept there on bed and smiles…seeing Harman proposing her in the painting. Preeto comes there.

Harman reads Soumya’s letter and she asks him to remarry and start afresh as his family loves him a lot. Preeto is not at all surprised as she is the mastermind behind Soumya’s move. Surbhi and Harman is shocked.

Update Credit to: H Hasan

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  1. Congratulations guys this week our trp is 3,we are the slot leader, we are in top 5,even we are ahead of rival show on STAR plus, just keep watching Shakti Astitva ke ehsaas ki, let’s make it no 1,Haya rocks!!!!!

    1. Hi tanvi can I know who is the rest four in the top five and I also wanted to know how you find these?

      1. this site post the ratings

  2. Today l missed d shakti bcoz l need to attend one function. I always love d haya jodi.pls any one kill that preeto she’s just irritates me.I don’t like d precap again somu kidnap drama makers pls change d mode of story and show d Harman finds preeto evil nd try sthng new yaar.

  3. Hi everyone

    Today’s haya scene was so good

    Hi guys chemistry xam irunthadunaala ennaala comment Panna mudiyala ????.
    Ellarum eppadi irukinga????.

    Karthi akka neenga epo tuticorin Ku varinga. And endha idam visit Panna poringa. ????

    Poduva tuticorin a yaarum visit Panna maataanga????

    Hi ammu ma, karthi akka, raji ma, gobiga akka, uthaya akka, ayeshu akka, ushaeni akka..

    Gud n8 everyone sweet dreams??⛄❄????

    1. Hi Ashley Xam epdi irrundudu easy ya

      1. Hi

        Xam paravaala akka. Konjam twisted DA kepaanga nu newspaperlaye potirundanga. Namakku public thaane mukiyam

        But ovary vaatiyum xam eludhum podhum marks increase agitu thaan irukanum. Ennaku athaan venum

        Tnx for asking


      2. Ovvaru* vaatiyum….

  4. Angelk1

    Soumya please stop running away, just face preeto and solve the situation instead of hiding. The story wont progress unless you change. Please find courage.

  5. Today epi was nice but not super bcoz there is no much haya scene i don’t know how to get rin of that Preeto hate her a lot

  6. Hi, I’m following with you guys from the first episode but what make me confused and looking for someone help me please, what is kinnar means ??? I’m trying to understand but there is nothing wrong with soumya so what that means.!!

    1. kinner means transgender..

  7. Hello friends and hi ashley. Thanks to enquires me. And very happy from today starts leave for my children. So I will command every day.
    Now 2 days episodes are OK. That’s it. Not tell super. But sure harman and surbi marriage arrangements will starts. But it will become many twists to us. I think Harman Will do marry to abishek with surbhi at the las time after he knew surbhi love
    I read upcoming episodes in that maninder tells surbhi about the truth of somya that is he and his mother were changed to their baby instead of another normal baby in hospital but nimmi don’t know this truth. Then Harman and somya will be very happy to knows this truth and they go to round in city. Then they will search soumya’s biological parents. After will discover the story will move with that family
    Ithu romba nallla irukka friends. Ithu oru type story nan padichen. And comments your opinion to this page.

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