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Shakti 22nd August 2016 Written Episode, Written Update on

The Episode starts with Soumya trying to wear saree. Harman looks on. Soumya says it is done and says lets go ji. Her saree pleats fall down. Harman asks her not to drape saree in a hurry. Soumya again tries to wear saree. She gets teary eyes. Harman asks why monsoon is coming from your eyes and asks her to wear saree properly. Soumya says I can’t go like this and asks him to make some excuse as she can’t go wearing improper saree. She says everyone have done so much for me. Harman comes to her help….and holds her saree. Tu Hi Mera Khuda plays…………..He folds the pleats properly and set it right. Soumya looks at him. He pins her saree pleats while the song continues to play. He sits on bed then and says you are really unique, you are making your fake husband do all the stuff which even real

husband will not do. He asks what you will make me to do in these 2 weeks? Soumya looks on.

Harak Singh waits for Soumya and Harman to come down. Preeto sees Soumya wearing saree properly and thinks I have done right by sending Harman to help her. It seems he has helpled her. Raavi comes and asks how am I looking? Harman teases her. Harak Singh calls Viren. Viren comes and says Shanno is unwell. Harak Singh says I can understand when and why she gets unwell. Soumya says I will make lemon water. Harak Singh says I know what is her illness, and says her stomach is paining as my bahu rani is the owner of the factory. He asks Harman to bring all property papers from his lockers. Harman says I….Harak Singh asks him to do as he says and says today property will be divided. Shanno gets happy and thinks I have get the partition done. Harak Singh asks Viren even he wants the same. Soumya asks Harman to make Harak Singh understand and stop the partition. Harman says when Harman Singh is angry, then nobody can stop him. He asks her not to interfere in their matters.

Harak Singh shows all the files and says we will divide the factory. Viren gets emotional and says I didn’t want anything. Harak Singh says this decision is final. Harak Singh counts his doings and says this is my hard work earnings. He asks him to leave with his wife. Viren gets emotional. Shanno thinks now we have to stay in the hut and thinks to stop Harak Singh somehow. She takes Sindhu with her and asks Harak Singh not to separate them from him. She says I have always seen you as my sasur and not jeth. She asks why you are punishing us for Viren’s mistakes, and says we will not go from this house and can’t stay away from Preeto, Harman and others. She says I don’t want this partition and requests him to forgive. She asks Sindhu to apologize and says afterall we have to do penance for your dad’s sins. Viren looks at her angrily. Sindhu cries. Soumya comforts her. Harak Singh says I know everything what is happening behind door, asks Shanno to get ready in 10 mins as they are going for factory inauguration.

Surbhi prays to God and thinks I never went to temple, then also you gave me everything. She says you sent Soumya to this house, but she didn’t get anything. She asks God to save Soumya for 11 more days and then we will take her far away from here. Nimmi comes there and asks why you are praying today. Surbhi says only God can help us now. Nimmi says you have asked for first time, and says Mata Rani will do everything good for Soumya.

Harak Singh asks Harman and Soumya to sit in car. Varun asks him to take Preeto and others and says he will bring Harman and Soumya to factory. Harak Singh agrees and goes. Varun asks Harman and Soumya to sit at behind seat and says I will not look or disturb you both. Harman asks him not to sacrifice for him and says I will sit on front side only. While in the car, Varun asks Soumya if Harman troubles her. Soumya nods no. Varun says I know, and says you are like doll. He says I like the girl like you only, just carbon copy of yours. Harman asks him to drive car silently. Varun takes a different turn. Harman asks why? Varun says sometimes we have to change the way to make things fine.

Goons attack Harman while they are on the way. Harman tells his favorite liner. His hand gets injured. Soumya shouts Harman ji. Harman asks her not to get down the car. Soumya nods.

Update Credit to: H Hasan

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  1. Narendran

    Thnx for the update mam! This epi is quiet good! Haya scenes????????????????????????????????????????????????????are awesome

  2. Soumya too lovely

  3. Oh wow what an episode. Vivian nice acting.

  4. Super episode…

    1. Suhani dear…control urself …I miss u dear..

      1. OK fira.hi fira…OK dear …I miss u too dear..

  5. Super episode…awesome

  6. There was more Harak Singh family scenes in today’s episode… And I am liking it… Lesser of Surbhi scenes…. Just loved the song Tu he mera khuda….

  7. Mystery

    I have seen somya n surabhi pic…both were in saree……why surabhi is in saree……???? Is she marry to varun????

  8. pwincess pari

    Harman n Soumya’s scene was soooo adorable n lovely ???
    Tu Hi Mera Khudaa, Tu Hi Meri Dua ❤❤❤

  9. awesome episode

  10. samajh nahee aata…. shaadike pandra dinbhee nahi huva… ye kya vaaris vaaris laga rakha Hai…

    Too much…

  11. “phere lekar le aaya hoon gulabo.. ek hi bistarpe moov phereke to nahee so sakta”….

    I m fan of all such dialogs of harman..

  12. Well said Saras Harman kya dialogue maarta hai….i too luv his dialogue

  13. Are audience ye kya ho gaya tum sab ko ?????itne kam cmnts..too disapointed….trp rating has decreased rapidly….kya Harman ka behaviour tmsabko pasand nahi aa raha????? Are Harman ko thoda tym to do…evrtthng’ll b fine nd plz plz do cmnt.

  14. Now talking bout epi was jst awesome..Haya scenes were too cute….Kya ye attack Varun karwa raha hai???? Is he out of his mind….But m excited 2 watch Harman in his Dabang role…main toh abhi se hi bol rahi hoon chad na nahi un gundon ko..nd i was like bahut pitne waale haii Harman se..

  15. Where’s

  16. I m still wondering how can there be love story between haya??How will the Story proceed? ?.

  17. Guys last week I told u na that Roshini Sahota (Surbhi) abused a fan of the show on twitter as that fan said abt her onscreen character.. Today this was shown on SBS… Please support the fans… Actors must realise that they get fame because of the love of their fans..

  18. Wow what harman help her to drape saree cho sweet of him I think he is getting normal soon he will understand her then that goons I think varun would have arranged it to attack haya thats y he take another root

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