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Shakti 21st September 2016 Written Episode, Written Update on

The Episode starts with Soumya running behind Harman’s car and falls down. Harman hears her voice and stops the call, tells Surbhi that he is feeling Soumya’s presence there. They get down, but Saya takes away Soumya. Surbhi tells him that nobody is here. Harman says my heart is saying that she was here only and says lets go back and check. He stops the car and calls her name. Surbhi also calls her. Harman says she should be here as I heard her voice from here. Saya is seen holding Soumya’s hands from her one hand and keeping her other hand on her mouth. Soumya would have fight with her and reach Harman. Varun calls Harman and informs him that Preeto has locked herself in room and not opening the door. Surbhi asks him go home and asks him not to worry. Harman says okay, and asks her to call him

once he gets any info.

Harak Singh promises Preeto that he will do as she says. Harman calls calling Maa, and asks her to open the door. He asks Varun to break the door. They break the door….and sees Preeto about to hang herself. Harman asks Preeto to stop her acting. Varun says Mami ji was about to die, and you are thinking it to be a drama. Harman says she is my mum and knows that she is acting. Preeto says think whatever you wants to, and asks them not to come behind her. Shanno smiles. Harak Singh gets angry at Harman. Harman says my wife was better than your wife, atleast she don’t act like your wife. Harak Singh asks him to shut up and says you are praising a kinnar and lowering down your mum. He says you are not my son, and it is better not to have a son than having son like you.

Surbhi comes home. Nimmi asks where is Soumya? Surbhi says she will be back soon and promises her. Beeji asks her to have faith and says Soumya will be found. Maninder tells Surbhi that Soumya went to her world, and asks her to forget her. Surbhi says Nimmi and Soumya are part of her life and asks him to decide if he wants to be a part of her world or not. Preeto angrily breaks the things in her room. Harman asks what happened to you? Preeto says you are ruining our respect for kinnar, and asks him to forget her, else she will burn the house. She asks him to promise. Harman promises her that he will forget Soumya and the promise made to Nimmi. He promises that he will not go behind Soumya and will leave her on her condition. He comes out of house and sees Raavi burning some of Soumya’s stuff. He asks what you are doing and with whose permission. He says these are Soumya’s last memories. Harak Singh says I asked her and asks Raavi to burn Soumya’s pics and saree. He holds Harman while Raavi burns the memories. Harman is shattered and tries to stop her but in vain.

Harman cries looking at the burning stuff. Harak Singh says all memories is burnt, and says now your new life will start. He blesses him. Harman cries badly. He recalls his promise and the moments spent with Soumya, their conversation. He feels apologetic and thinks I couldn’t save you or your memories. Soumya is still in Kinnar’s captivity and says I know you both will come and take me away from here. Kareena comes to Soumya and says I heard what happened? She asks her to forget that world and accept this new world. Soumya shows her hand on which Harman is written and says nobody can separate him from him, and says his name will be always with me, I know he will come again and take me with him. Preeto asks Raavi to wake up Harman. Raavi says he will not wake up till afternoon. Preeto asks her to take tea for him and says he needs our love and care at this moment. She prays to God asking him to give intelligence to him. Raavi comes to Harman’s room and asks him to wake up. She pulls the curtains and asks him to wake up asking him to take tea. Harman gets up and shouts at her, says I don’t want tea.

Soumya tells Kinnars that they have kept her in captivity and just gives food to keep her alive. Later Surbhi calls Harman, but he tells her bluntly that their relation has ended, and her jiju don’t stay here. Surbhi cries.

Update Credit to: H Hasan

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  1. Omg!!!the precap is the worst one can anyone plz tell me what is going to happen nn thnka for the update

  2. IT actually doesn’t take much to forget the closeness you have with a person. Harman will stop missing soumya slowly if he doesn’t meets her quickly and that’s obvious. If he ever meets her again he’ll meet a bold soumya. Not the one he left.

  3. Drama is getting worse. Why are the kinnars forcing soumya to stay there? They are giving a hard time to soumya. Why cant she meet her own mother? She might be a kinnar but no one can separate a child from a mother. That’s wrng of course! Soumya feels safe with her mother and sister. We all know that soumya and harman cant have a husband n wife relationship but they can b good frnds. Moreover i think most of the shakti fans won’t expect a relationship frm Surbhi and harman in the future episodes! Harman can marry any girl but not surbhi.

    1. Exactly he doesn’t have to be surbhi. There are many other girls in that city. He haven’t divorce with Soumya either. They are still married whatever their parents say, until they signe the divorce papers they are still husband and wife.

  4. Angelk1

    I think time will skip and soumya will be a more confident person. Harmen wont recognize her because she looks different. Maybe harman has a fiance now… Could be surbhi.

    Soumya remebers harman and plans on getting revenge by seducing harmen or maybe he comes fo help her seeing her dance for money. But those kinners are so irratating how can they do that to a fellow kinner, and preeto is mest up. I cant wait when a twist happens an soumya is in fact a girl , that will be something worth watching

  5. Harman saying loudly over the phone that he ended his relationship with Soumya and that she no more lives there was just for a show to make his family mainly his parents believe that he’s going to keep his promise to Preeto.

  6. Vivian Dsena is one of the good actors whose shows I have always enjoyed watching. Having watched his last past shows, I can grade his acting as being outstanding especially in Madhuballa serial where both him and Drashti Dhami made an excellent combination. With MADHUBAlA precisely it was clear that his acting skills have improved a lot and he gained lots of experience. Oviously this made him reach fame and success which he really deserves. Bravo Vivian…….!But. !!!!!!!!!!!!! But……..But ……..when I compared his acting in his current show, Shakti, with the ones which I mentioned previously I found a big difference as you can tell he is acting and not living his role as he should and as we expect from him. You can even tell that sometimes he looks sad. In his past 2 shows I never felt he was acting. On the contrary I always felt that he like Drashti Dhami, as if they were in a real life situation. Nearly from the beginning of Shakti I was wondering about the reason of this change. I was hoping each time there would be a change for the best that Vivian got us used to with his previous shows. …..,.,,
    About a week ago I came to know the logical reason that Vivian has been undergoing some problems in his marital life. It was very sad to hear this . But then this is life and as we are humans and not objects we get affected easily by our problems and when these problems get bigger it becomes very hard to hide our emotions…..,,…..My question now is to Shakti fans. Do you agree with me that there is a quality decrease in Vivian’s acting?

    1. yess You are absolutely right and I had mentioed the same 2 weeks back. Vivian never acts but lives the character. He’s eyes are so expressive they just convince the emotions. No need of other expressions. He was best as RK the superstar. But here in Shakti as Harman sometimes I find him blank. Sometimes he’s eye are sad. Sometimes he’s not connected. He’s heart doesn’t lies here. Something is really wrong. Ohhhh Vivian you have that potential. Bring it on man. We really love you as an actor and we belive on you. We wan’t our Vivian back. We can understand your personal life is affecting u right now. You will have learn to overcome of it. Hoping for the best. Love and respect Vivian.

      1. Thanks Vivian fan for replying and sharing your opinion wth me. It was obvious that it has been a good period of time since Vivian seemed different in his acting and this is not expected from our super star RK and even ABhay. I felt the change even from the very beginning of Shakti……We all agree that Problems cause lack of concentration in everything but this should not last for a long time as they can ruin one’ s career and destroy one’s health mentally and physically.
        To solve marital life problems both husband and wife should compromise and stick to certain rules which they should not go beyond. None of them should dominate the other and both are expected to behave in decency and have self respect in public . As a husband or a wife both are expected to think and respect each other’s feelings. In the name of freedom some partners especially in public occasions such as parties they are too much friendly hugging and…..and…. even with the opposite s*x. For some this might seem normal and cool for being modern……..but this is not right in all cases as after marriage one’s behaviour should change because that person is no more alone and no decent and loyal person would like to share his other half with
        others. DON ‘ T you think so ?????????
        All the best for Vivian. All your fans in UK wish you the best and hope you will reach the right decision to sort out your personal life problems without making any major sacrifices that would be on your own expense and deny you the peace of mind.

  7. Saha lied she said that if soumya is not happy she will return her to her family

  8. This message is addressed to Vivian Dsena..
    Being one of your fans who value you as a great actor, I request you please to sort out your problems if possible to regain that image of the great actor and to concentrate in your current show. Vivian it is part of our destiny to undergo some ups and downs. There is nothing wrong with that but the wrong is when a person does not learn from his past mistakes or problems. In other words life should not be a chain of repeated similar mistakes. To overcome problems, in a marital life the couple are both expected to make sacrifices for the sake of the other in order for life to carry on. But if sacrifice is only from one partner then what do you expect. ????? Of course clashes will happen again and again. Concerning sacrifice there are certain things which a person should not sacrifice such as values, principles, dignity , self respec and one’s reputation. I read several articles in which Vivian is described as a loyal husband and not even once described as the opposite. Vivian is also said that in his non working time he mostly likes to stay at home. If this shows anything it proves his loyalty and devotion to his life partner. It’ s clear he understands his role as a husband as he keeps himself away from any temptations to which the sociable ones Expose themselves. In my opinion any woman/ wife with a husband with these qualities should be proud and very thankful to God for these blessings.
    Once again, Vivian please reflect upon your problems and try to reach a solution to bring you the peace of mind. But remember any solution for your problem should not be by sacrificing values and principles.
    May God / Allah help you to sort out your life in the way that pleases him. Your fans in U.K expect the best from you in SHAKTI. All the best.

    1. hummm

  9. and it No. 1 again with 3.5 trp. Rocking

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