Shakti 21st March 2018 Written Episode Update: Soumya escapes from goons’ captivity

Shakti 21st March 2018 Written Episode, Written Update on

The Episode starts with Preeto getting worried for Soumya and prays to Mata rani to protect her. Harman tells Harak Singh that if she don’t return by evening then they will have Patiala party. Harak Singh says he will bring special brands. Preeto asks why not and asks them to celebrate happiness. She says if soumya don’t come then I will leave this house, then both son and father celebrate happiness. Shanno gets happy and thinks this is the good chance to get rid of her. Harman asks Harak Singh to come with him to office. Saya and others kinnars think to search Soumya. Inspector comes and says you can’t go anywhere. He says you are accused to kidnap and murder a kinnar. Saya says who has filed the report. Kareena says my friend Raveena. Saya says if this is her new act. Kareena acts and tells that they

had thrown them out when they came to get money. Saya says she is lying and asks Inspector not to believe her. Inspector asks constables to check the house.

Soumya acts as mad and asks the man who is he and where is she? She asks are you my brother. Man/goon gets happy seeing her mad. Soumya says she is very hungry. Man says she has gone mad and thinks to inform others. He tells the goons that the girl is behaving like mad. Goons say so soon. Soumya frees her hands and hides. She thinks she will go away from Harman’s life, but when his anger goes, then he will repent to make her mad. She escapes using window. Goons come down and follow her.

Surbhi asks Harman to tell where is her sister. Harman says I don’t know where is your kinnar sister. Nani folds her hands and asks him to say. Surbhi asks him to say. Harman says I don’t know where is that kinnar and asks Security to kick them out. Security asks them to leave. Nani and Surbhi leaves. Saya tells Inspector that she has to go out and search someone. Inspector asks whom and says until our enquiry is done, nobody can leave. Saya looks on. Soumya walks on the road and hides behind the car as goons are following her. She picks stone and throws on other direction. Goon asks other goons to check and says he will be there. Soumya comes out.

Goon keeps gun at Soumya and says that man wants to get rid of you as he regards you as a trouble. Soumya thinks Harman gave her name supari and throws stone on the man. Goon falls down. She thinks she will not go to Harman, when he hates her so much. Goons phone rings. Harak Singh calls goon and says Harman ji. Soumya is shocked and says Harman ji. Harak Singh and Harman have been drinking. Preeto is sad.

Harak Singh and Harman tell that it would be difficult for her to file complaint. Harman says I love you Preeto and drinks wine. Nani and Surbhi come there. Harman says it is strange that kinnars’ relatives want to search her. He says I don’t know where is she? Just then Soumya comes there. Harman is shocked. Soumya walks in shock. Preeto asks where were you? Soumya says she was there where Harman left her. Harman asks then why did she return. Soumya says your hatred and my love story begins now, I can’t run.

Harman says you have become eclipse for my wine, and goes. Surbhi asks if she is fine. Soumya says yes and tells preeto that she is very hungry. Surbhi says I will make something. Preeto asks Surbhi to come with her and asks Nani to be with Soumya.

Harman asks Preeto to make good food as his childhood friend is coming. Soumya says sure. Harman asks her not to keep black eye on his friendship. His friend makes an entry.

Update Credit to: H Hasan

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  1. Rubina was brilliant ,perfect performance from her,she convinces me she’s a mad her fake madness comes out as real ,she made me cry when she remembered her memories with harman , her expressions ,reactions ,act everything even her eye’s look is perfect as usual shapoo hats off, I said before saumya has ability ,strength and detriment to do anything she escaped from the goons without any help when she was a lone Saumya it’s good for you, I loved her when she came home and all of them shocked Uff , fantastic job she did, Rubina was the star of the episode ,Harman no comment .

  2. Again late update

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