Shakti 21st June 2018 Written Episode Update: Sameer’s shop gets robbed, his mum realizes Soumya’s good luck

Shakti 21st June 2018 Written Episode, Written Update on

The Episode starts with Soumya getting Harman’s call, but she disconnects the call and thinks Harman ji might be searching me and didn’t go to Canada because of me, but now jasleen is his wife and I can’t do wrong with her. Jasleen says may be Soumya is misunderstanding our relation. Harman says if she picks the call then only I can tell her that she is my only wife. Soumya thinks why Mata Rani gave her a life and relations from whom she has to run away. Bebe asks Maninder and Varun to have food. Varun says I am hungry for your respect and talks to someone, says he is coming in sometime. Maninder asks what are you doing? Surbhi thinks when will siyappa end.

Chintu asks for a wish seeing broken star and prays for Soumya. He tells jeet about Soumya. Jeet says you will soon get your Mami. He befriends

Chintu and they pray seeing the broken star. Sameer thinks of Soumya. His mum comes to him. Sameer says if she had told me, then I wouldn’t have thought about her, and wouldn’t have let her come inside my shop. Sameer’s mum asks him to forget her. Sameer says she is innocent and cute, he says how to forget her, and says she is a kinnar and should stay with them, why did she come here? Preeto worries for Harman. Harman calls her and tells that he called Soumya, but she had switched off her phone. Preeto says I can’t sit at home now and asks him to give Sameer’s address. She says she will enquire with them.

Varun calls the neighbors and says it was decided that Surbhi will get DNA test done. He says if Surbhi is right then he will apologize to her and if she is wrong then he will get her married to her lover. Surbhi comes and says she got the test done a week back and tells that when he got injured, doctor took his blood sample and did the test. Everyone read the report and says this baby is yours varun. Varun apologizes to Surbhi. Surbhi says she wants mukti from him and gives divorce papers and asks neighbors to ask Varun to sign on it. She says I can’t stay with him now. Harman, Jasleen, and Preeto come to Sameer’s house. Sameer’ mum says what did my son do now? Preeto asks them to tell where is Soumya and folds her hand. Sameer says why does your son love a kinnar? Harman says he loves her. Preeto says I will answer. She tells them that even she loves Soumya a lot and she is her Jaan. She says Soumya loved everybody in the house and is her house lakshmi. Saya comes there and says you people are selfish. She tells that I heard that your shop was not working before Soumya came to your house. She says you got good business because of her and says I hope you will have same good business even after she left. She tells Harman and Preeto that they will search her.

Soumya thinks she can’t be selfish and can’t return in Harman’s life. Sameer’s mum does puja. Diya falls on the toys basket. Sameer and his mum get shocked. Sameer brings water and puts on the basket. They are shocked. Someone comes and asks Sameer to come fast and says your shop is robbed. Sameer runs. Sameer is shocked and sees his shop things stolen. He says he is ruined. Sameer’s mum calls Soumya and thinks Preeto was right about her.

Harman calls Soumya and she picks the call. He tells her that he didn’t marry Jasleen and still loves her. Soumya gets emotional and tells that she is in the temple.

Update Credit to: H Hasan

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