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Shakti 21st July 2017 Written Episode, Written Update on

The Episode starts with Chintu looks at Soumya’s pic and says you are good and beautiful, asks why didn’t you identify me that day. Balwinder comes there. Chintu tells him that everyone is bad here except Soumya and asks why didn’t she recognize me. Just then he gets Harman’s call and he asks him to give call to Chintu. Chintu asks hello mama, what happened? Harman gives him a kiss and thanks him for giving Soumya’s address. Chintu says mention not and asks him to do the work. Chintu gets happy and tells everyone that Mami is found. Raavi asks why is he dancing? Chintu says this is happy moment for me. Shanno tells Preeto that when Harman is after Soumya, how can we stop him. Preeto is shocked. Harak Singh says if Harman tells her truth then. Preeto says he is weak and will not tell. Maninder, Bebe

and Nani are worried about Surbhi, and say that they didn’t talk to her. Varun is outside their house and says I know and will bring the answer. He tells Maninder that Surbhi always talk about Soumya and is worried about her. He says she is not going for work also. Maninder and Bebe believes him, but Nani doubts on him.

Saya comes to Soumya. Soumya asks her to do one thing. She says I am worried as Choti didn’t come searching me and asks her to find out if she is fine or not. Saya says now she is Preeto’s bahu and she must have stopped her from coming here, she must be fine and asks her not to worry. Someone knocks on the door. Kareena asks who is there. Harman says I am Neelam in kinnar’s voice. Kareena opens the door and sees him. Harman shows the lock and asks if everyone is here, says whoever is outside can’t come inside. They shout saying he can’t lock them. Harman locks the house. Saya and others are furious.

Varun is talking to unconscious Surbhi and says after marriage, a husband wants to have food with his wife’s hand. Nani knocks on the door. Varun peeps out and sees Nani. He calls Preeto and tells that Nani came and Surbhi is unconscious. Preeto asks him to do whatever he thinks is right. He lifts Surbhi and keeps her under the bed. Nani is worried. Varun keeps two plates on the table and opens the door. He tells her that Surbhi went out and says he is making food in the kitchen. Nani sits there and says she will go only after meeting Surbhi. Harak Singh tells Preeto that don’t know how varun will handle Nani.

Preeto calls Viren and asks him to do some work. He nods. Preeto then calls Saya and says you can’t keep Harman away from Soumya for a day and asks her to think something big and concrete so that she can get her son and Saya can get Soumya. Saya asks her to think about her betterment. Nani calls Surbhi, but Varun rejects her calls. Nani thinks why she is not picking then calls. Viren comes and tells Varun that Surbhi is fighting with them for Soumya and asks him to come and handle her. Varun says ok and asks him to drop Nani home. Viren takes her. Varun looks at Surbhi.

Harman comes to Soumya’s room through window. Soumya shouts. Harman asks her not to shout and says he just came to see her. Kinnars knock on the door. Harman asks her open the door and let them whatever she wants. He goes. Soumya opens the door. They ask why did she shout? Soumya says no. Saya asks if Harman came. Soumya looks at her.

A kinnar complains against Harman. The men who were supporting Harman refuse to support him. Kinnar breaks his tent.

Update Credit to: H Hasan

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