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Shakti 21st July 2016 Written Episode, Written Update on

The Episode starts with Surbhi insisting to see what is in the box. Soumya says okay, and asks her to check and tell her what is inside. Preeto calls Soumya. Soumya and Surbhi talk to her. Preeto tells her that they have to do one more ritual and asks her to come. Surbhi thinks I will go after seeing the gift. Harman tells Preeto that this parag is like Harak Singh. Preeto asks Soumya to do the ritual and pray to get a baby soon. Soumya does the ritual and looks at the tulsi plant. Surbhi opens the box and get shocked seeing snake in it. She wonders what to do. The snake comes out of box. Surbhi panics and is scared. Soumya and Harman do tulsi puja etc. Surbhi sees snake escaping from window. She closes the window and says Papa gave snake as a gift to Soumya. She thinks to call him. She calls him and asks

what did you give to Soumya. Maninder says nothing. Surbhi asks him not to lie.

Maninder says he gave a gift. Surbhi asks if a father give a snake to his daughter. Chachi asks Harman to make Soumya have food with his hand. Harman says okay and says he will make her eat. He says your rasams are not ending. Preeto asks him to do as she says. Harman calls Gulabo and asks her to eat jalebi. Chachi says she is shying. Harman praises Soumya’s innocence and asks her to eat.

Soumya nods and eats it. Maninder thinks Surbhi shouldn’t know. He says what nonsense? Surbhi says I am telling truth, you gave snake to Di. Maninder asks why I will give snake to my daughter. Surbhi says you gave it, and says Soumya kept that box close to her heart and asks how she will feel knowing the truth. Maninder says I told Soumya not to tell anyone. He says Soumya’s sasural people must have done this. Surbhi says they are very happy with her arrival. Maninder says they accepted Soumya as bahu due to helplessness and may be they want to kill her. He says I gave bangles to her, why I will keep snake? He acts and asks why I didn’t die before my daughter questioning me. Surbhi thinks Papa gave bangles and thinks what to do. She takes out her bangles and thinks to keep it in the box.

Bebe asks Maninder why is he tensed? Maninder says my last attack gone waste, now nothing can happen. Soumya comes back to her room and asks Surbhi what is in the box? Surbhi says she don’t know and asks her to open and see. Soumya opens the box and see bangles. She gets emotional and says Papa gave me bangles. Surbhi hugs her. Soumya cries happily. Surbhi thinks she didn’t see these bangles in my hand. She congratulates her.

Nimmi calls Surbhi and asks her to give call to Soumya. Surbhi gives call to Soumya. Nimmi asks how are you? Did you eat anything or taken rest. Soumya asks where is Papa? I want to talk to you both and asks her to go near Papa and put phone on speaker. Nimmi says okay. Soumya tells her that Papa gave me bangles as gifts, and says he loves me a lot, but never expressed feelings. She thanks him and says she will keep the bangles always with her. Maninder thinks why Soumya is talking about bangles.

Harman dances with Soumya on a romantic song. Saya comes to her house and thinks once she is kicked out of this house, then I will take you to our world.

Update Credit to: H Hasan

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  1. What is D truth about Soumya and says? Can anyone plz tell me..I didn’t see the old episodes..

  2. i think there is something paranormal in soumaya and loved haya

  3. RANdomfANCreationz

    Harmya so cute 🙂 i feel so bad for soumya I hope harman will be there for soumya after soumya’s mom unlike soumya’s dad and granny and second part of precap is shocking its time they should reveal soumya’s mystery

  4. pwincess pari

    Awesum precap … Haya dance sequence ???

  5. Alisha

    Phew! Thank god the snake didn’t bite Surbhi or any of them, otherwise it would have completely ruin the whole episode. I was expecting Varun to show his heropanti like Harman does and save Soumya, but unfortunately… ?
    Harman’s dialogues are the best of all, without them the episode is incomplete. When Harman forwarded his hand to make Soumya eat the jalebi and said, “Gulabo… Jalebi!.. Khalo!” That killed me inside. So cute and funny! ?? Haya are the best.
    Argh! When is this Maninder’s drama gonna end? How can he blame Soumya’s in laws for that? I just hope that Surbhi doesn’t believe her so called father and start distancing herself from them. That was so sweet of Surbhi to keep those kangan in that box, only for Soumya, so that atleast she could be happy. Sister goals! She is so caring.. ??
    OMG! The promo, suspense once again. Well, so the pic Rubina posted on Insta was from the serial. I could never have guessed. Anyways.. I just hope that after Soumya’s past is revealed to them, Harman still supports her like he usually does.

    1. Yess crrrct i love thm both …”gulabo jalebi …khalo ” uff tht killed me ??

    2. Renuverma

      Ya alisha that box suspense over ??
      Infact i also thought that varun would save her from snake but ….?
      It was indeed too sweet of surbhi to put her kangan in the box. Hope saumya doesn’t recognise later on seeing marriage pics ?
      Maninder was desperately waiting for snake bite news???
      Good that saimya scolded him. Again saya shown?

  6. Narendran

    Saya???..Epi is good! Surbhi role is positive still now!!

  7. Juggu

    Nice sisters bonding. …..never knw the reactions of their inlaws n harma aftr knwing soumyas truth….piteous harman…bt hw can a trans b tis much beautiful n could be known at the tym of birth. …it happens through hormonal changes…..right …I think either cvs r less educated r thinking viewers as idiots. .

  8. I was expecting Varun to come and save Surbhi…. But the way Maninder brainwashed Surbhi that the snake was put by Somya ‘s in laws so may be Surbhi will suspect Varun…. Anyways I am loving Varun and Harman…! Harman looked so adorable in the Precap and the song jag jhoomeya is just perfect!

  9. Nikita lakhani

    woww , I am so happy to see that Harman and soumya dancing with together in precap . soumya is looking very cute in today episode . and I hate maninder why he hate soumya . I love Harman . I feel jealous when Harman called soumya gulabo . anyways I wish that Harman and soumya stay together in this show

  10. Soumya is so ugly and face so old…rubina can not act she is so damn facking fake and plastic..rubina ruinning this surbhi.Why Vd chose a show with that untalented lame b*t*h rubina….

  11. Have they revealed the big secret yet? Haven’t been watching for sometime now. Someone should make a post on the front page once it’s revealed so everyone will know lol

  12. Somya is third gender(hizrha) girl I think

  13. Its being showed somehow soumya is married with full rituals. . thinking she will die mahibder did rituals he was supposed to n also by snakes incident daadi’s bangles reached soumya…

    honestly I m not satisfied with footages for vivian.. like typical rs serials hero is given less priority. .
    Hope we get enough of him soon..

  14. surbhi is very nice. . I love her smile n voice. ..n her attitude too

  15. Even I think saumya is third gender…. But how come she won’t know about it?

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