Shakti 21st December 2016 Written Episode Update

Shakti 21st December 2016 Written Episode, Written Update on

The Episode starts with Inspector informing Harak Singh and others that Harman’s car was compromised by two goons. He says they have taken a name which will shock you all. Harak Singh asks him to tell who is responsible. Inspector says your samdhi, and Raavi’s sasur. Varun asks if they told any other name. Inspector says no, and tells that he will enquire with Harman. Raavi tells that her sasur have stoop so low and tried to snatched her brother now after snatching her son. Harak Singh takes money from Viren and gives to Inspector Balwant. He asks him not to let anyone know this. Preeto asks everyone not to let Harman know this.

Soumya tells Harman that she will play kitkit with him (as she wants his leg to heal fast). Harman says I don’t play girls’ game being hero. Soumya says hero don’t

hurt anyone’s heart naa. Harman smiles and gets up, says that she hits on his heart. He asks he will lose the game just as he lost his heart to her, asks if she will laugh if he loses. Soumya says no. Harman agrees to play. Harak Singh talks to Krishna/Raavi’s sasur and tells that he will teach him a lesson. Varun gets tensed and tells Harak Singh that he will go and teach him a lesson. Raavi says she will give him an earful. Preeto asks them not to do anything and says once Harman gets fine, he will see what to do. Surbhi comes there and greets them. She asks where is Soumya? Shanno says your sister got this house partition and staying with Harman in his room. She asks her to go. Harman and Soumya are playing kitkit game.

Surbhi looks at them and smiles. Soumya plays next and is about to fall….Harman holds her in his embrace…..Tu Hi Mera Khuda plays………………..They have an eye lock. Harman smiles looking at Soumya. Surbhi smiles. Soumya says you have done cheating. Harman says I didn’t. He says I can’t play more as my leg is paining. Soumya asks if it is paining more and tells that she will massage his leg. Harman says no. He sees Surbhi and says you….Surbhi says you haven’t done any cheating. Soumya prays for Surbhi’s happiness on her birthday. Harman asks Surbhi to come inside and sit. Surbhi says I came to take Soumya with me. Harman gets tensed and says she will not go anywhere. Surbhi asks him not to take tension and says she will drop Soumya back home in night. Soumya says I can’t leave Harman in this state and come with you. Harman lets Soumya go and says he will have food on time and take medicine too. Soumya refuses. Harman says I will ask Varun to drop and pick you. Surbhi says I wish you would have attend my birthday. Harman says once I get fine, we will celebrate your birthday again.

Preeto asks Varun why did Harman call you. Varun says Harman was telling that today is Surbhi’s birthday and goes. Soumya tells Surbhi that she don’t want to come leaving Harman. Surbhi insists. Preeto comes there and tells Surbhi that she needs to talk to Soumya privately. Surbhi goes. Soumya says I…Preeto says I am not interested to know when you will be back and asks her to talk to Surbhi anyhow. Soumya nods. Preeto smiles and goes. Surbhi comes inside and asks what happened? Soumya thinks how to talk to Surbhi and when? She thinks Varun will be in the car and thinks what to do. Surbhi asks Soumya to get ready fast. Soumya says okay.

At Maninder’s house, Surbhi comes dressed beautifully for her birthday. Everyone wish her happy birthday. Surbhi thanks them. Soumya thinks to talk to Surbhi else Preeto will get angry. Surbhi tells Soumya that Abhishek always asks about her, and today she is introducing him to you. Abhishek tells her that Surbhi always praises her. He excuses himself. Soumya comes to Surbhi and says I want to ask you something. I should give you gift, but if you give me today then I will never ask anything in our life again. Surbhi asks her to end the suspense. Abhishek comes and asks Surbhi to cut cake first. Surbhi says lets go Di…She says you are the best di of the world. Soumya hugs her. Surbhi cuts the cake and makes Soumya have the first bite. She asks Soumya what she wants, and tells that she wants to tell her something, a surprise. She tells finally Abhishek and I are getting married. She asks for her blessings. Varun looks angrily and jealous. Soumya is shocked. Abhishek and Surbhi smiles. Surbhi asks what happened? Aren’t you happy? Soumya says I am very much happy. You told me this suddenly, so I was surprised. I am really happy. Abhishek asks Surbhi to make him eat cake as well. Surbhi makes him have cake, and Abhishek also makes her have it. Varun gets jealous again. Surbhi makes Nani have cake. Soumya is teary eyes. Surbhi makes Maninder have cake. She then goes to Varun offering him cake piece. Varun goes angrily. Abhishek asks him to have it. Surbhi says he has a head ache always. Abhishek says I will ask if he needs medicine. Maninder says I will attend him and asks Surbhi to attend Abhishek. Soumya tells Surbhi that she will see the food arrangements. Surbhi tells Abhishek that she will talk to Soumya. Abhishek asks Soumya to ask what does she wants, and says you can ask me also, as I am part of family now.

Soumya tells Preeto that Surbhi wants to marry Abhishek and have chosen him as life partner. Preeto says I will talk to Surbhi. Soumya says no, and begs for Surbhi’s happiness. Preeto accuses Soumya and asks her to leave. Soumya is going. Harman happens to see her leaving.

Update Credit to: H Hasan

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  1. Loved Haya scene in the beginning,hope trp increases this week

  2. haya scenes are awesom… at the time of playing kitkit senma …

  3. sorry.. senma illa semma.. ok va..

  4. Hi frds,actually I missed 1 week daily episodes of my favorite shakti serial bcoz of l am out of l came back and read all the missed episodes in tu nd I saw all ur comments also.the story is totally go in a wrong comments so many blame soumya bcoz of her innocence but that innocence only shape d character of somu that means that is d difference between soumya and surbhi na.that innocence and cuteness only bring haya closer d scenes between haya r very very superb and their chemistry is ausum. How cute, lovely they are ?makers how can u think about d separation of soumya with Harman? We r watching thus serial bcoz of haya.pls don’t bring surbhi between haya.this thought just irritates comments some one asks about d truth of soumya if she is not a kinnar but how her mom does not know? This serial concept is not only a story on kinnars they wanted to show how kinnarrs face problems in family and society now a days in one way and they handle that concept in good manner by d character soumya and they gave good msg to people and ended that kinnar story .so now there is no problem to shakti serial concept if soumya’s truth get reveals that she is not a kinnar and makers pls take this story in new modemode not love triangle ,make d Harman soumya bond or relation become very very strong nd make them live happily as normal wife nd husband with their own kids. After soumya truth reveal also shakti serial rocks d trip charts.someone comment as harbhi pls don’t do like that I can’t bear surbhi even with Harman name.I have no right to comment on ur comments frds,it’s just my opinion. These r d comments which give pain to me
    Sorry for d commenti g on u.bye.I always loveeeeeeeeeee only hayaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaa.makers don’t break this jodi plssss.

    1. Well said @Bunny:) i hv the same thought as u<3 my mostt fav pairr the haya <3

  5. Angelk1

    Sounya please tell harman. Preeto is harassing you. I have a feeling varun will ruin abhishek which will lead to harman an surbhi marriage. I hope not, abshek an surbhi look really good together.

    But haya scene was cute today

    1. Safiya Hosein

      I too think varun would ruin abhishek and surbhi. But, maybe he would plot to marry her instead. Because he wanted to marry her before. He did ask her a couple of times and she shot him down remember. Hmmm.

  6. Dragging,dragging ,dragging….
    Irritate ta irruku . 77% people story ya romba dragg pannuraanga nu poll la solli irrukaanga itha writers paapaangala nu theriyala . Vera yethavathu different to sollalaam yeppavume kidnapping scene thaan .aluthu poochu.

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