Shakti 20th September 2016 Written Episode Update

Shakti 20th September 2016 Written Episode, Written Update on

The Episode starts with Harman telling Surbhi that he will ask the pan shop keeper. He shows Soumya’s pic to Pan wala and asks did you see her anywhere? Pan wala identifies her and says yes, I have seen her. Harman is hopeful and happy. Surbhi smiles. Harman says we are searching for her and asks where did you see her? Someone informs Guru Maa that Gunnu Pan wala came to meet her. Guru Maa wonders why did he come? Pan wala brings Harman and Surbhi to Guru Maa’s house, and tells him that you will get all answers here. Guru Maa comes out and asks Pan wala why did you come? Pan wala says his wife is missing and that’s why he has come here. Saya sees them and thinks Harman and Surbhi came here, and gets tensed.

Guru Maa says it is my home, not missing bureau. Raveena asks Soumya to do the work

fast. Harman tells Guru Maa that his wife is kidnapped by a kinnar. Soumya hears him and thinks it is her doubt. She then thinks it can’t be her doubt and looks down through the window and sees Harman and Surbhi standing….She gets happy and emotional. Tu Hi Mera Khuda plays………Soumya says I know you will come and take me away. She is about to shout Harman’s name, but kidnapper Saya puts hand on her mouth and stops her from alerting them. Guru Maa says kidnapping is done by men and women and not kinnars. Surbhi asks Guru Maa to help them find her sister. Guru Maa asks them to tell everything and says I can’t suspect my people without knowing anything. She asks Surbhi who was your sister? Surbhi says my di…

Harman says she is my wife and I came to take her back. Guru Maa laughs and says you don’t have the strength to tell the truth and came here. She asks him to get strength first and come here, then she will help him get back his wife. Surbhi asks her to help her find her sister. Saya takes Soumya inside the room. Guru Maa says why do you think that your sister is staying here, says only kinnars stay here, asks her to go and search her in her world. Pan wala asks Harman and Surbhi to come and says you will not get any info here.

Beeji searches for Nimmi in the house and wonders where did she go? Maninder and Bebe also search her. Maninder says what is the new siyappa. Nimmi is sitting on the terrace like Soumya and Surbhi used to sit in saree house. They hear her singing lori and come to terrace. Maninder asks have you gone mad? Beeji says I will handle her and asks them to go. Bebe asks Maninder to talk to groom’s family and fix Surbhi’s marriage as soon as possible, says we can hide about Soumya’s truth, but not Nimmi’s madness. Maninder says you are saying right and decides to talk to groom’s family. Beeji asks what you are doing puttar? Nimmi says this house was made by both my daughters, they will come here and play and that’s why I am sitting here. Beeji asks her to come out of imaginative world and then only you can search Soumya. Nimmi says Soumya won’t return.

Preeto asks Raavi where is Soumya’s stuff? Raavi says you sent her stuff to her house, and asks did you forgot? Preeto takes out her saree from the cupboard and says this saree was given to her by me. Raavi says I will dispose her. Preeto shouts asking her to go and thinks of a plan.

Pan wala tells him that he can’t find any clue here. Surbhi says we shall leave. Harman feels her presence and tells Surbhi that he is feeling as if she is near. Surbhi says lets go. Beeji asks what you are doing puttar? Nimmi says this house was made by both my daughters, they will come here and play and that’s why I am sitting here. Beeji asks her to come out of imaginative world and then only you can search Soumya. Nimmi says Soumya won’t return.

Preeto asks Raavi where is Soumya’s stuff? Raavi says you sent her stuff to her house, and asks did you forgot? Preeto takes out her saree from the cupboard and says this saree was given to her by me. Raavi says I will dispose her. Preeto shouts asking her to go and thinks of a plan.

Pan wala tells him that he can’t find any clue here. Surbhi says we shall leave. Harman feels her presence and tells Surbhi that he is feeling as if she is near. Surbhi says lets go. Saya brings Soumya to room and says you have proved that you don’t deserve my love. Soumya questions on her motherly love and says you can’t see my happiness. She says you are not my mum and will never be. Saya says my way of love is different but responsibility is safe. She says your mum wanted to save you from me, and I want to save you from everywhere. Soumya says my mum gave my responsibility to only Harman ji and says he will come. Guru maa says he will not come and haven’t accepted you with your real identity. Soumya says he will come surely and take me from here. Saya is about to lock her in room, but Soumya bites on her hand and runs calling Surbhi and Harman. Harman and Surbhi leave in car, while Soumya runs behind the car calling their names. Harman stops the car. Surbhi asks why did you stop car. Harman says Soumya called my name.

Harman and Surbhi get down the car and look on. Soumya falls down on road and cries sadly.

Update Credit to: H Hasan

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  1. So sad episode harman cant, find somu ? harman ca fell somus presence i thik surbhi canot come between haya? what will preeto do sowmya stuff

  2. pwincess pari

    Plzzzzz rashmi mam , plzzzzz reunite Harman n Soumya

  3. Mona146

    so sad epi.

  4. Renuverma

    Episode – 86
    08:00 PM – 08:30 PM, 21 Sep Set Alert
    More show timings
    Saumya attempts to chase Harman and Surbhi, but eventually loses them and gets lost. The duo tries to find her too, but is unable to do so. Meanwhile, Preeto locks herself in her room.
    Episode – 87
    08:00 PM – 08:30 PM, 22 Sep Set Alert
    More show timings
    Harman saves Preeto’s life and yells at her for acting irresponsibly. An agitated Preeto responds that he must forget about Saumya and burn all her belongings.
    Episode – 88
    08:00 PM – 08:30 PM, 23 Sep Set Alert
    More show timings
    Guru Maa sends breakfast for Saumya, but she refuses and tells that she won’t eat anything until she is out of here. When Harman calls Surbhi, she says her sister is not interested in him anymore.

  5. If Harman and surbi get married than story will be rubbish than what is the use of searching sowmya see the story is about sowmya and Harmans love .how surbi can agree to marry Harman it is like breaking her sister hope it is like fooling sowmya.and how Harman can for get his first love and agree for second marriage than what is the use of searching sowmya than what is the use of understanding her .the director is not thinking correctly why he his spoiling all the relationship in the story why the director is not respecting the relation we fans are totally disappointed by reading the updates we fans can’t accept surbi interfering in Harman and sowmya life shakthi serial is a love story where is love in this story what the director want to tell us from the beginning still now their is know one for sowmya and she always suffering and crying .I was thinking that the director his a good hearted person that he is respecting the gay and accepting them day by day the story is boring the director want to tell something and showing something the director should concentrate more on Harman and sowmya love we fans our broken by reading the updates why the director is not thinking of the fans we are seeing the serial and we accepting something new story in every serial same story but we accepted something different even the director his not responding the fans comments and he his not respecting the fans .we fans say our opinion s if the director is not considering fans opinion s than why should we give our comments .very very irresponsible team you people don’t know how to respect the fans

  6. Aparajita Das

    I wish Sounds should be medically tested once again and the result is that she is a woman and Harman-Soumya love succeeds.

    Or that she is medically treated from Gay to woman. It’s very very expensive and normal family cannot afford but Harak Singh can afford for the happiness of his son.

  7. Can someone please explain to me why are the kinnars forcing soumya to stay with them. If she wants to go and people are concerned and looking for her, let he go??,i really don’t get it. I can’t follow the story regarding that because i seem to be missing the point of freedom. The kinnar house seems to be a worse prison.

  8. If Kinners are watching this show they should rrespond. Coz this show is now portraying the bad side.

  9. Harman and sowmya love story was awesome in the beginning. harman and sowmya love screen was very much touching.we fans request the director to bring Harman and sowmya love back first of all the director din’t show us Harman and sowmya love story properly and he ended the love story and he want to bring another girl in Harmans life.a true lover will not do this in any situation he will try to success his love.why Harman is not taking any step to success his love.the director should understand one thing this story is not only about a gay it is about a true love.Harman should not agree with preeto because already preeto plans to send sowmya out and she did that Harman also know that if again Harman believe s preeto then he his a fool.harman sowmya believe s you don’t break her hope and her love Harman please try to realise sowmya s love Harman sowmya wrote a letter to you please read that letter than you will come to know how much sowmya loves you we fans are hurted by the director we fans are angry.the director not only breaked Harman and sowmya love he also broked our heart and he can’t understand fans feelings

  10. Harman what happen to you why your not fighting with your mother preeto for your love.Harman your mother preeto is very smart and she know every tricks but sowmya don’t no any thing she only know s you and she only believes you that you will come and save her and take her with you.Harman you can understand your mother s affection but your can’t understand your mother master plan . Harman you can’t for get sowmya then why you are not coming front to fight for your love .Harman we thought that you will not give up sowmya in any situation but you promised your mother and you remember your promise but you for got something we will remember you before marriage when nimmi asked you to come near the Temple that she want to talk to you than you promised on God that at any situation I will not live sowmya and life long I will be with her .and you for got that promise because you give importance’s to your mother not for sowmyas mother.Harman we fans din’t accept this change from you.Harman when you come to know sowmyas truth than why you dint take her to hospital to check her whether she is telling true and now sowmya is with gays because of you only when sowmya was staying 21days with you Harman you treated her very badly why you for got everything that how you mate her for the first time how you loved her Harman feel your love and realise how much sowmya loves you Harman don’t broke sowmyas hope .Harman stand for your love we also stand with you and we support your love soon bring sowmya back and start your life with her and be an example for this society .we fans want Harman and sowmya love story back we can’t wait no more we fans support sowmyas and Harman love .ones upon a time this society dint accept the gay but now the gays are accepted in this society and they also have all the rights .nowadays the boys marrys a gay it became common and they lead their life happily the director should read the article s about them then he will no the truth and a gay can live their life as a normal girl and they can lead their marriage life also happily it is scientifically proved

  11. Ones upon a time the gays where sperated by this society but now they are accepted by us and this society they have all the rights nowadays gays are working in software company they are in media they do business but in this serial it is like insultinsult them nowadays they also marry in Bangalore in Bombay we can see this it is common we respect the gays we accepted them we think the director is not accepting but we see many love story of gays but when we see on the screen we should get inspiration and we should give our love to them why the director is not telling that a gay love is accepted by the society why he is not showing a different love story why rashmi mam thinks only nagtive things why she is not think positively mam even gays have heart even they have dreams let we all welcome them to our world by successing Harman and sowmya love let this love story be an example for this society we fans request you mam that this serial love story should continue rashmi mam we can’t understand what you want to say to us this is love story where is love we can’t find
    rashmi mam their are still good hearted person in this society we fans cant accept another girl in Harmans life we want Harman and sowmya love back we are totally confused please accept our requests and clear doubt s

  12. Rashmi mam answer to viewers questions
    when we see the serial we feel that you are saperating gay from this society we fans accept gay love we believe in their love is true and strong because their heart is very pure rashmi mam how many gay marriage s you saw in your career but we saw many married gays with their husband’s I also saw a reality show in vijay TV which was produced by rose patial she his also a gay in that show a couple came to the show that gay married it was lovemarriage with a boy this is real love story why we fans point out this example because you should know the reality and you should understand their are still good hearted persons in this society .Harman and sowmya love must success and their can lead their life happily rashmi mam when you show this love story on the screen it is like respecting them and we fan s salute you

  13. Rashmi mam what is the reason you made Harman helpless why Harman for got sowmya and he is lessoning to his mother.Harman is the hero of the serial why Harman is not think of sowmya that how he met her and how he loved her and how he admired her within a minute he changed and forgot sowmya and he still did not realise that he only loves sowmya .and rashmi mam Harman and surbi is searching sowmya but they can’t see her but preeto see sowmya within one day but Harman is hero of the story he can’t find out sowmya why you made Harman restless .why harman can’t feel sowmyas love and why he can’t feel sowmyas pain and he his not realising that sowmya will be waiting for him we fans cant wait no more we want Harmans sowmya love story back rashmi mam give a interesting twist in this love story which make Harman and sowmya love strong .harman should teach a lesson to his mother preeto and we fans are very hurted by seeing sowmya and Harman separate it is very painful to see rashmi mam please understand fans feelings give reply to this message we fans our waiting

  14. Rashmi mam surbi searchs sowmya and crys for her it was awesome to see that when we see surbis affection towards sowmya. surbi proved that she is not only sister for sowmya she is also a mother for sowmya. and rashmi mam why you want bring surbi in between Harman and sowmya love story.if surbi agrees to marry Harman it will spoil the relationship because Harman treats surbi has his sister than how he or she will agree for marriage elder Sister s husband means father and wife s sister means daughter if Harman and surbi gets married it will look like a father daughter marriage rashmi mam please don’t spoil the relationship respect the relationship

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