Shakti 20th October 2017 Written Episode Update: Harman protects Kinnar and fights for them

Shakti 20th October 2017 Written Episode, Written Update on

The Episode starts with Chintu asking Preeto to have food. Harman thinks don’t know when he can keep everyone happy. He then thinks about seeing Soumya and thinks if he don’t see her then he might die. He opens the door and sees her sleeping. He then closes the door and looks at her while the song Tu Hi Mera Khuda plays………..Soumya wakes up and drinks water. She thinks she couldn’t see him and wants to see him. She thinks how to see him and peeps out of her room and sees him sleeping. She then closes the door and lie down on her bed. Song continues to play. Harman thinks to see her once again. Soumya also thinks same and gets up. She opens the door and finds him standing on the door. Music plays….They look at each other and smiles. Shanno gives tea to Preeto. Preeto says she don’t want to

have and tells that Harak Singh is missing since night. Harak Singh comes there. Preeto asks where was he last night. Harak Singh throws the tea tray and tells that he is broken by their son’s doings and tells that someone kept hand on his shoulder and joked on Harman. He says he will not face the humiliation alone and will kill everyone if his respect his gone.

At Soumya’s place, She sweeps the room. She sees Harman’s stuff and folds it. She hugs his jacket and cries. Chameli comes there and says you are hugging his clothes. Soumya says she was folding it. Chameli says may be. Gurumaa comes and throws the jacket on floor asking Chameli to keep her away from Harman or his stuff until he fulfills their conditions and asks her to take her home.
Maninder comes to meet Harak Singh and asks what happened? Harak Singh says you came to scratch our wounds. Maninder says I got the news that your son is ruining your respect with kinnars and asks him to make Harman understand. Preeto tells Maninder that everything is happening because of his kinnar daughter. Maninder says Soumya was born dinner, but what happened to your young son and badmouths about his blood. Harak Singh holds his collar and suffocates his neck asking him to leave.

Harman is again playing dhol on road. Kinnars ask for nek. A man pushes a kinnar when she asks him to give nek repeatedly. She falls down. Harman gets angry and asks how dare you to push her. Man says what to do then, shall we play dholak like you. Harman says they ask for money and not snatch it like you people. Harman beats him. Man threatens Harman to shoot kinnar and says nobody will complain against me. Harman recalls kinnar’s murder and asks him to shoot. He snatches gun and holds it against his neck. Man slaps Harman. Harman beats the man. Rani holds the other man, while all kinnars make round to let Harman beat the man. Harman asks the people on road to stop seeing the drama and asks them to close eyes and sleep in their houses. He again plays dhol.

Harak Singh meets Kishan Lal and gives him bomb. He tells that nobody shall be alive. Kishan Lal looks at the bomb.

Kinnars come home. Saya asks about his wound. Rani says he fought for us today and tells how he took stand for them. Other Gurumaa asks why did you do this, if anything happens to you then. Harman says until you fight for your hand, nobody will give your rights. He says I can’t see anything wrong happening with anyone. Gurumaa 1 tells that we will always feel your favor and thanks him. Gurumaa 3 tells that it doesn’t mean that we think you suitable for Soumya. Harman says he will become suitable.

Chintu tells Soumya that he heard Harak Singh talking about bomb blast at her place. Soumya checks the house and finds bomb. She runs out holding the bomb while Harman runs after her, and the bomb explodes.

Update Credit to: H Hasan

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  1. This Man is Breaking All stereotypes and Making Me A Proud Fan Everyday !
    Well done Harman, guys plz continue to vote for Vivian

  2. Today Harman took a right stand n fight for the entire kinnar community, this is what we want. Please show more such scenes of harman supporting kinnars and their rights n progress in the society. Feeling proud of Vivian. I am thankful to God for giving me such
    a hero.

  3. Please guys vote for vivian as he really deserves to win best actor in ita in terms of his
    Performance, popularity and trps too.

  4. Both her mom real acting also.prito.

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