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Shakti 20th October 2016 Written Episode, Written Update on

The Episode starts with Soumya asking Kaustub, why she is behind her. Kaustub asks her to listen to him once, asks her not to worry and says just understand that this is your last night here. She says Harman have sent me here to take you. Soumya is confused. Kareena comes and asks what you are talking? Kaustub says I was asking her if she knows how to dance? Kareena asks her to go and dance. Kaustub dances like Kinnar. Soumya is confused. Surbhi comes to Nimmi and tells that her puja is successful and Soumya will be with them till morning. Maninder hears her and asks what nonsense? He says I won’t let that inauspicious come in the house. Surbhi says this can’t happen. She will come to the house. Maninder says I will stop her, else will give my life. Nimmi is shocked and cries. Bebe asks what you are

saying? Maninder says I will show you, and goes to room. Bebe follows him. Surbhi follows them and locks them in room. Maninder and Bebe asks her to open the door. Surbhi says Soumya will open the house herself now. Maninder and Bebe get angry.

Kaustub calls Harman. Harman asks if you met Soumya. Kaustub asks him to come behind the temple, and asks him to come soon. Harman says I will reach there and asks about Soumya. Kaustub says she is fine now and the circumstances here. Harman says today is the good chance to show your acting. Kaustub says if I get caught then they will not give me a chance for retake. Harman asks him to make him talk to Soumya. Kaustub says he can’t take a risk at this point. Harman says okay. Kaustub turns and sees Soumya. She asks if Harman sent you surely or lied to me. Kaustub says I don’t do anything without having any advantage. Soumya says I am afraid to trust anyone, and don’t have to increase my hopes. Kaustub shows her Harman’s ring and asks do you believe on this. Soumya sees Harman’s ring and says do you know him. She asks him to make her talk to Harman once.

Kaustub agrees. He calls and gives phone to Harman. Harman says hello. Soumya hears him, gets emotional and says hello….Harman ji. Harman stops the car, and says Soumya…Soumya cries and says yes, I am Soumya. Kaustub keeps eye on the kinnars. Harman asks how are you? Soumya says just I am alive. Harman asks her not to cry. You don’t have to live just for living, but for your mum, Surbhi….Soumya says even for you…I want to live. She says I got emotional hearing you. Harman says you are strange, you should be happy. Soumya says I had hidden these tears, but couldn’t stop today hearing you. She asks him to take her from here. She asks him to come and take her. Harman says I have sent Kaustub to take you back. He says very soon you will talk to me and will be with me in sometime. Kaustub sees few kinnars coming and snatches phone from her hand. He asks her to buy her own phone and play game. Soumya looks on confused. Kaustub says I will not give you my phone. You have emptied my battery. She turns and sees Kinnars standing. Harman thinks may be someone came and that’s why Kaustub acted smart. Kaustub thinks Harman is a real hero and decides to do role just like him if he gets a chance to act in a play. Harman waits behind the temple and thinks he shall wait for Kaustub’s call. Bebe asks Nimmi to open the door. They knock on the door. Nimmi is busy in the kitchen. Surbhi asks her not to worry, and says let her come first. Nimmi says she can’t bear hunger, and will cry if food is not ready. Surbhi says let her come and then do this. Nimmi asks what do you mean? She says if there is a possibility that she don’t come. Surbhi says she will come surely, and is tensed herself.

Few men gather outside the temple and tell that why don’t kinnar make their own temple just like they have made their own world. They ask them to go. Kareena asks Soumya not to worry, and tells the men that they do puja only once in a year. Man asks them to leave from the temple. Raveena argues with him and says even Devi maa is ours. Man gets angry. Saya folds her hand and apologize. Man asks others that they shall kick them out. They leave seeing Kinnar’s unity. Harman gets Surbhi’s call asking if he got Soumya. Harman says not yet, and tells that he talked to her on phone. Surbhi gets happy and asks how is she? Harman says she started crying just as she heard me, and misses us. Surbhi smiles. Harman says I will go to take her, just as Kaustub calls me. Surbhi says okay.

Rani and Raveena talk to goons and tell that they will bring Tarana out during Aarti and then they have to kidnap her. Kaustub asks Soumya to see kinnars for last time, as he will be waiting for her. Soumya says I couldn’t believe. Kaustub says your Harman ji is near you. Saya looks at them and smiles. Saya prays and asks everyone to stand for aarti. She asks Tarana to come near her. Raveena is holding chloroform bottle. Rani says how we will take her out. Soumya looks at Kaustub. Kaustub thinks how to take Soumya to Harman now. They begin the aarti and do puja. Few people come there holding sticks and beats the kinnars. Rani and Raveena tell Soumya that these people will take her, and asks her to come. They take her forcibly. Soumya thinks how I will meet Kaustub/Kiran. Rani and Raveena take her forcibly. Saya asks Kareena where is Tarana? Tarana asks where you are taking me and where is everyone? Rani asks where is chloroform bottle. Raveena says it has slipped from my hand.

Kaustub calls Harman and tells about attack in the temple and asks him to come fast. Harman says okay. Preeto wakes up and tells Harak Singh that Harman’s life is in danger and blames Soumya. Harak Singh says he is my son, my tiger…he will win surely. Preeto says don’t know what Kinnars will do with him. Harak Singh asks what you want me to do? Preeto calls him, but his number is unreachable. She prays for him, and says if he gets Soumya then he will bring her here. She asks if I will lose my son, and asks what will happen if he brings her here. Harak Singh says we don’t lie, and says Harman gave a word that he will drop her to Nimmi’s house. He says once he finds her, then he will get over her. Preeto says I don’t want to lose my son. Soumya tries to stop them, but in vain. Kaustub comes and asks where you are taking Soumya? He frees Soumya from them. Rani and Raveena ask the goons to take Soumya from here. Kaustub asks them not to touch Soumya and start fighting with them, but goons beat them as they are many. Soumya shouts Harman ji and cries. Just then someone from the car hits on goon’s chest. Everyone looks on. Harman jumps out of car. Soumya is happy and emotional. Kaustub looks at Harman. Soumya shouts Harman ji. Harman looks at her. Soumya cries happily.

Harman beats the goons. A goon pours kerosene oil around Soumya and lights it on fire. Soumya shouts Harman ji….Harman looks at Soumya while she is caught in air.

Update Credit to: H Hasan

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  1. H Hasan plz change the pic for Shakti page because today the montage has changed, It’s a montage with our Haya only…it feels so nice to see Vivian in the montage, plz change it by tomorrow

  2. Great episode… i like all of them in this serial… harman sowmya surbhi are the super charectors.. everyone like surbhi like a sister….

  3. Interesting episode

  4. They understood if the same track continues no one will watch it. . -:((
    good going. .. interesting to see what will happen Once he gets soumya back. .

  5. Angelk1

    About time, please let harman get soumya and we see how their relation progress and how he protects soumya after the world finds out he married a kinner. Please enough of the searching

  6. Shaik Shabana

    It is reaveled soumya is not kinnar.. the thing is nimmis original baby was exchanged which she doesnt knws.. nimmis original knnar daughtr to return.. seems.. going to hav twists n twists.. video found on youtube


  8. Finally I think they rewrite the script it is only as a result of the fans determine whether they end this track or they will quit the show.

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