Shakti 20th March 2018 Written Episode Update: Goons kidnap Soumya and give her electric shocks

Shakti 20th March 2018 Written Episode, Written Update on

The Episode starts with Harman taking Soumya for a walk and leaving her intentionally on road while heavy weights were tied to her feet. Soumya tries to get up, but couldn’t. Harman recalls home. Preeto asks Harman about Soumya. He says he didn’t know. Preeto says she went with you, and says she will go and search her. Harak Singh asks Preeto to make food for Harman and asks Veeran to lock the door. Preeto asks Veeran to give keys. Veeran refuses. Harak Singh threatens to divorce her. Preeto tries to call Saya, but Harak Singh snatches phone from her hand and scolds her. Some goons come there and kidnaps Soumya. They take her to some secret place. They share their plan and give her electric shocks.

Soumya thinks Harman wants to make her mad and kick her out of house. Preeto questions Harman and asks where is Soumya. Harman says she didn’t know. Harman says now he will go to sleep. Preeto says door is locked. Veeran, Shanno, Raavi and Balwinder talk about Soumya and think Harman must have get rid of her, it was good. Preeto wakes up in hall as she sleeps waiting for her, and calls aloud Harman. She says Soumya haven’t come till now. Harman says I left her on road. Harak singh says may be she has realized that Harman is not interested in her. Preeto says there is something for sure and asks Harman if they kidnapped her. Harman says no.

Preeto says if anything happens to Soumya then I will file case against you both. Harman opens the door and asks Preeto to go and file complaint against them. Harak Singh asks her to go and smiles. Preeto runs out of house. Harak singh asks Shanno to make tea for him also. She brings tea and gives to Harman and Harak Singh. Harman asks Shanno to bring biscuits. Preeto searches Soumya on road and calls Nani. Nani says she haven’t come here and gets worried. Harman thinks it was good that Soumya left. Preeto searches for Soumya and calls Saya. She informs Soumya is missing. Saya gets tensed. Soumya asks Goons to leave her. They say we are giving her shock so that she don’t go home. They give electric shock, after which she faints.

Soumya elopes from goons’ captivity. Harman and Harak Singh have wine. Harman says it is good that she left. He is shocked to see her coming there.

Update Credit to: H Hasan

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  1. Show is becoming boring… Only tolerating because of Vivian’s WONDERFUL acting

  2. Harman is being such an ass!!!

  3. I hated the whole episode , Rubina was brilliant as usual she made me cry and feel hate towards sing’s family includeing the cruel Harman inhumanity one today l lost hope ,he didn’t feel any regret or worrying about her ,its unfair to you saumya ,day after day he insists on to get her away from him , leave him you don’t deserve this treatment ,Preeto was great ma l loved her so much great performance hats off

  4. I agree, only tolerating due to harmans presence. It has lost its touch. The makers dont know how to make this show go forward

    1. I also agree. It is absolutely unfair and inhuman. No human being will do such type of harassment. We all love Vivian and that is why we are watching this show. It is heartbreaking. The show makers are also having a heart and feelings. How can Harman feel this much hatredness, he loved her deeply once. It is better to kill her instead. We all hate harman’s character totally.

  5. Pls. Maker of show bring Somuya and harman together. Pls.

  6. Utama Seshagiri

    Absolutely inhuman ! The worst family. They should be blasted. The kinnar tribe has far more refinement. Though not educated they are at least human. Sowmya should quit Harman. He does not deserve her. Harak Singh should lose all his wealth and come to streets. These should be begging on street for Nek.

  7. Ivan mackenzie

    what this Shakti shows, tje Indian men thing they are God gift to woman.
    I hope and pray that this type of thinking does NOT migrate among the Hindos communities in Europe

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