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Shakti 20th June 2016 Written Episode, Written Update on

The Episode starts with Surbhi scolding the goons and asks them to tease their wives and not stranger woman. Maninder asks Biji if Surbhi came. She says no. Maninder calls her and asks where is she? Surbhi says she is in Afghanistan and will be going to London. Maninder asks when she will come home. Surbhi says she don’t want to come. Soumya calls Surbhi and asks her to come home, says everyone is worried. Surbhi comes and surprises them. She goes to chew sugar cane stick with Soumya. Maninder asks Nimmi to give rotis. Nimmi goes. Surbhi chews the sugar cane stick and tells Soumya that everyone behaves badly with her in the house. Soumya ignores it. Surbhi says she will not tolerate the indifferent behavior of family for her Soumya di. She says you are forbidden from learning anything new, and asks her

to learn how to blink her eyes ………..Soumya pulls her ears for learning all this. Bebe comes, scolds Surbhi and takes her from there.

Bebe asks Maninder to get Surbhi married. Surbhi asks why you are after me always and asks them to get Soumya married first and have babies, then she will marry later. Everyone is shocked. Nimmi thinks how to tell Surbhi that Soumya can’t marry and even that Saya is after her. Later in the night, Nimmi wakes up hearing someone coming and takes out kataar from under the pillow. Soumya asks what happened Maa? She switches on the lights. Surbhi says I came to sleep with you. She asks why she is keeping kataar still under the bed and why she is still tying cloth to Soumya’s hand. Nimmi says she is scared of chudail and that she might take my daughter from me. Surbhi says again chudail and asks them to go and check at others house how girls live. She says mum just wants to keep you cage in the house. Nimmi says she had a hard time protecting Soumya and tells about her kidnapping. Soumya tells Surbhi that Maa never thought wrong. Nimmi cries. Surbhi apologizes and says I really don’t understand the reason for your fear. She asks her to tell the reason atleast to Soumya. Nimmi says whatever she does is for their betterment. Surbhi apologizes to her repeatedly. They hug each other. Nimmi thinks she don’t have answers for her questions.

Like always, Maninder helps Surbhi get ready. He gives her make up, deo and lipstick. Bebe asks if she is going to college or somewhere else. Surbhi says she looks like patakha in the college. Maninder asks till when I will do the work? Surbhi says then you will get bored if I started doing my work. Soumya makes Surbhi have rotis. Surbhi says she is getting late and takes bag from Maninder and goes. Soumya looks on. Nimmi looks at Soumya.

Surbhi tells her friend that she has to show attitude else the Romoes will dance on their head. She sees a girl crying and asks her friends to go and write exam. Girl says that guy teases me and is after me. Surbhi says she will help her,and asks them to write exam for now, says she will handle them later. They go to write exam. Surbhi asks lecturer to give his phone. Lecturer asks if she wants to cheat via phone. Surbhi tells him that a girl is threatened by some guys and asks him to give phone. Everyone supports Surbhi. Lecturer gives her phone. Surbhi calls some Golu and asks him to come to college and beat the goons. She calls someone else also. Lecturer says my balance is over. Surbhi says she will get it recharged and asks her friend to write exam now.

Nimmi looks at Soumya and feels bad as she never sent her to school. Soumya says she was just reading Surbhi’s book. Surbhi asks her friend not to worry now. She calls her golu and others, and tell them that the man on bike and his friend are teasing her. The man on bike and his friend see many guys coming to them. One of the guy is about to hit the bike rider friend, but he stops him and beats him up. He removes his helmet and shows his face. Surbhi is bowled over by his style.

Harman comes to Nimmi’s house and closes the door. He tells Soumya that he has not seen a beautiful girl like her in pind.

Update Credit to: H Hasan

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  1. Waiting for the reveal of mystery

    1. I dont know if its true or not but Ive heard that the Soumya’s charecter is transgender ???? I think thats the mystery

  2. Wow! Finally vivan entry has shown . I m watching it for u. Nice epi.

  3. I too waiting for reveal of hidden secret , both vivan and rubina are my fav stars its exciting to see them both together

  4. Sriranjani

    Ohh God adorable pair Harmya………… Waiting for the birth truth of soumya and why nimmi says saya is after her???? I don’t understand but waiting for love triangle scene.

    1. Dear freinds saumya is transgender neither girl nor boy.

      1. no it’s can’t be possible that saya’s story don’t matches to it and if it’s true then soumya herself must know this

  5. pwincess pari

    Excited to Vivian n Rubina ?

  6. its nothing but she is a shemale

    1. Lmaooo true

  7. Rubina denied playing a transgender in an interview. Many sites published it.She said she is nt informed anything like this n this is jst a rumor! Nw really confused what is the mystery??!!

  8. I hope this precap is tomorrow episode and do not drag it till Friday

  9. even I thought she is a transgender…aiysha?…

  10. today’s epi was nice except soumya’s father scene on dining table
    eagerly waiting for next episode and secret to be reveal but transgender can’t be acceptable due to some reasons

  11. I think somu is either a transgender or she’s the adopted child of her parents

  12. Any ways , I have a doubt about one thing, if she’s a transgender then her dress up will be like them but she’s not dressing up like a transgender …

    1. The point raised by u is a bit acceptable

  13. RANdomfANCreationz

    I m not sure I also thought the same that maybe soumya is a transgender but I read somewhere that rubina said that she was never briefed about her character being transgender wheras in some sources says that maybe her character is of a transgender. But I m loving harman-soumya pair , Vivian and rubina r rocking especially Vivian happy to see him back after Madhubala

  14. I don’t think its transgenderfor sure. ..
    I at least hope so. .. It’s someother mistery…
    Even if initially kinner .. They will make her a proper girl for sure rashmisharma production can do anything. .. kuch bhee ho sakta hai.. .

    I love vivian for sure. . Hope he has a good role here

  15. According to me she can’t be transgender

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