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Shakti 1st September 2016 Written Episode, Written Update on

The Episode starts with Preeto seeing Soumya’s pics in Saya’s house. She asks what is this? Saya says she is your bahu. Preeto says even I can see and asks why did you keep her pics. Saya says your bahu is very nice, I like her very much. Preeto asks why you are instigating Soumya against Harman and that’s why she is not allowing him to come closer. She says you want to steal in our house through Soumya and says you don’t know with whom you have taken enmity. She says I will call Police now. Saya snatches phone from her hand. She says I am silent, and that doesn’t mean that you can say anything. She says we don’t have much money, but we have many things given by God. She says we may prefer to die than looting people. We are kinnars, not thugs. Preeto asks why you are after my bahu.

She asks her not to roam around her house or in their locality. She asks her to take her stuff and leave. Saya says you don’t need to throw me out, just give me 4 more days. I will go from here. Preeto asks her to leave her bahu and look for Kinnar. Saya says I told you that your bahu is good, beautiful and like my daughter as she is also like us. Preeto asks what do you mean? Saya says your bahu is a kinnar. Preeto is shocked, sees Soumya’s pics on the walls and Saya’s words echoes in her ears.

Nimmi wakes up from sleep and tells Surbhi that Soumya is in danger. Surbhi says Soumya is fine with Harman. Nimmi says mother’s heart can’t be wrong and asks her to call Harman. Surbhi says it is not good to call Harman at this time. She asks Nimmi to sleep and says we will call Harman in the morning to talk to Soumya.

Preeto says it is a lie and grabs Saya’s neck. She says I will kill you. Saya says kill me, but the truth will not change. Preeto says Kinnar’s are like you. Look at your face. She says Soumya is so beautiful and have all the qualities of an adarsh bahu. She is an Annapurna, beautiful, innocent and also Harman’s wife. She doesn’t look like Kinnar. She shows her face in the mirror. Saya says if we are God’s mistake, then Soumya is his miracle as she was destined to stay in your house. She says when she will be thrown out of house, then she will become Kinnar’s shobha. Preeto says big betrayal and holds her head. Saya says even Soumya didn’t know that she was Kinnar. She came to know just 10 days back and is innocent. Preeto says how can it be possible…She is a Kinnar and doesn’t know. She says Soumya must know if she was a kinnar. Saya says her mum kept her tied to Pallu always and that’s why she doesn’t know what is Kinnar. She says Soumya doesn’t know about the meaning of Kinnar. She don’t know the difference being innocent.

Preeto curses the day when Harman met Soumya and married her. She thinks my son’s life is ruined, thought we will get grand children. She thinks Nimmi and Maninder have betrayed them. She then says it is not true. She says you wants to make Soumya as your daughter and that’s why doing this. She tells Saya that she will never accept that Soumya is a kinnar, as she is beautiful. Saya asks her to wait till morning and says everything will be clear. Preeto says if you are saying truth then I will ruin her.

Next morning, Soumya gets ready and is about to fill her maang with sindoor. She realizes her truth and stops. Just then Harman’s phone rings. Soumya thinks to keep it on silent. Harman sees Nimmi’s number and asks Soumya to call her back. Surbhi tells Nimmi that Harman will call back once he wakes up. Soumya thinks how to dial number, his phone is strange. Harman thinks morning sleep is like heroine, not getting sleep again and gets up. He comes back from washroom and asks did you talk to Mummy ji. Soumya says no, and tells that she couldn’t call as she doesn’t know how to use phone. Harman asks if you are joking. Soumya tells him that she had never used mobile before, and used only Landline at home. She says I know you will tease me, but it is a big thing for me to use mobile. Harman says I will not tease your innocence and simplicity and says I have promised to be your friend and don’t want to see big tears in your eyes. He says I will teach you how to use mobile. He explains to her how to call. Soumya nods. Tu Hi Mera Khuda plays…………

Maninder is leaving from home. Nimmi asks where are you going in the morning? Maninder asks her not to call from behind. She says I am thinking to meet Soumya today. Maninder says no need and asks her to stay at home. He comes to meet Saya and asks why did you call me so early in the morning. What is the matter? Maninder sees Preeto coming there and gets shocked. Saya tells Maninder that even Preeto comes to know the secret, but she don’t want to accept until you tell her that your daughter is a Kinnar. Preeto looks at Maninder shockingly. Maninder gets tensed. Preeto slaps him hard. Maninder is shocked.

Preeto tells Saya that tomorrow is 20th day and asks them to do as she says. She tells Saya that she is not Maninder and will not do any mistake. Maninder comes to Soumya’s house. Soumya opens the door and gets happy. She asks him to come inside, and then sees Saya behind Maninder. Preeto tells Soumya that you had enough fun here and asks her to go to her world. She asks Saya and Maninder to take her away. Soumya is shocked.

Update Credit to: H Hasan

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  1. Oh my god

  2. Harman, plz help Saumya.. 🙁

  3. Harman will be not there to help her….as preeto will sent him out ….now he will have to search her…moreover she will have a makeover….

  4. And what will happen after 21 days

  5. Hope Harman helps Soumya. I hope they show how a kinner can be part of regular society and not tortured for too long

  6. Oh no such a faster revalation! What next? Vivian ur too good*

  7. Omg what happen next, the best thing is the show is moving fast so I hope they don’t make soumya to suffer a lot …, harman save ur gulaboo

    1. RANdomfANCreationz

      Yes exactly they r not dragging the show a lot the only watchable Colors serial at current times ?Other Colors serials current track r disappoinitingn

  8. Angelk1

    Poor soumya…. If she was a kinner they wouldnt show her and harman romance… So i think their will be a twist to the story. Soumya is a women or she can give birth since 99% of her cells and organs are female.

  9. y makeover for soumya?? she is very cute as it is. .. pata nahee kya hoga aage….

    What will be surabhis role n varun????

  10. RANdomfANCreationz

    Omg preeto got to know Soumya’s truth ? Wow that was quick i thought they will show that in Maha episode They showed in advance but loved haya’s friendship ??
    Saya please leave our haya ??

  11. This is the dumbest concept to ever come out of the idiots who write indian soapies. Firstly how does one go their entire lives not knowing that there is something not quite right ‘down there’ with them? Secondly no man is going to go down on a woman with a willy – seriously no. Thirdly why do CVs make people seem beyond illiterate? If science can make a man a woman and a woman a man why didn’t Soumya’s mother think of getting the child corrective surgery? This ideology of this show being a step forward for Indian programming is actually backward in its planning.

    I am not against the LBGT community. Transgenders were worshipped once upon a time then came the British colonialists who took that away from them and forced them into the gutters of society, I have no qualms against anyone is transgender I would gladly offer my roof to one.

    For those who want to bash me, think about this you’e a man and you suddenly find out your wife has a willy – what would you do?

    The concept is great but the planning and story telling is the poorest ever the way this story is being portrayed is a mockery of transgender people.

    1. RANdomfANCreationz

      I agree they could have shown it in a better way while creating suspense they forgot that

    2. rekha vaghela

      Kallika it is we who expect the leads to romance. But the serial would b better even without romancing stuff. But in India such things are common and get undiagnosed till marriage. Most parents hide it to prevent embarrassment. Whether their is romance or not the concept is good and possible in rural settings. Except a few glitches. But more important is how surbhi nimmi and Harman support her. Even if just as a friend. And one thing nimmi never let soumya to b checked by a doctor so things might actually b different at present and they don’t even know about it!

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