Shakti 1st November 2018 Written Episode Update: Sameer’s mum takes Soumya to Saya’s house

Shakti 1st November 2018 Written Episode, Written Update on

The Episode starts with Lavneet stabbing Raavi and pushing her to ground. Raavi gets badly injured and writhes in pain. Lavneet says I tried to make you understand, but you didn’t understand and says don’t tell me that I haven’t warned you. She says you didn’t agree and that’s why I have to give you mukti. Harman asks Lavneet to leave Raavi. Lavneet says why she tried to come between us and says she didn’t agree when I asked her. She takes Raavi from there and keeps her on side of road. Sameer’s mum thinks I wish Soumya sees the pic once. Soumya wakes up and sets the bed. She gets an envelope and sees the pic. She calls Sameer. Sameer’s mum gets happy and hides. Soumya questions Sameer and asks about the pics. Sameer says I took the prints of our pic. Soumya says when did you keep it under

my pillow. His mum is shocked and comes there. Sameer asks if the pics are good. He asks her to make tea. Soumya goes to kitchen. Sameer asks his mum what did you think that Soumya saw these pics and says I can fight with myself for her love, and says you are just my mum. His mum says you are not Harman and can never be, when she gets her memory she will understand that you have taken advantage of her memory loss and will send you to jail. Sameer says this can’t happen as I will never let her memory return. He says I will also stay in her life.

Lavneet comes back to Harman and says I sent Raavi very far from here. She says I told her many times, but she didn’t listen. She brings tiffin for him and asks him to eat. Harman eats the food being helpless. Lavneet says you shouted Raavi’s name and lost much energy.

Soumya gives tiffin to Sameer and asks him to eat. Sameer says I thought to take out marriage mahurat. Soumya asks him to give her some time. Sameer asks her to sit and see karwachauth pics and think if it is right to refuse for marriage. He asks her to think and leaves. Sameer’s mum comes to Soumya and says we have to do puja in the evening, so we have to go to Kinnars’ house to get two handful of rice grains. Soumya says ok. Sameer’s mum says I think that kinnar will make you understand.

Lavneet comes to Harak Singh’s house and calls him. She says everyone must be searching him. Preeto says yes, and tells that Harman is kept captive by you. Lavneet says why will I do this? Preeto says Harman loves Gulabo and refused to get engaged to you, and that’s why you did this. Lavneet asks why she behaves badly with her. Preeto asks her to move back. She shouts and asks why dull flowers are here. Lavneet thinks to kill Preeto like she killed Raavi. She picks the knife and is about to kill Preeto, just then Harak Singh comes calling Preeto, Lavneet stops and hides the knife. She hugs Preeto and asks why are you upset with me. Preeto asks her to move back. Lavneet asks Harak Singh if Harman is found. Harak Singh says no. Lavneet says Raavi went somewhere in the morning. Sameer’s mum thinks this kinnar makes Soumya unites with Harman and asks her if she remember something. Soumya says why will I come to kinnars’ locality. Sameer’s mum says I will get rice grains from Kinnars’ home, it is auspicious. Harman thinks of Soumya and their moments. Song plays…..

Sameer’s mum brings Soumya to Saya’s house. Kinnar asks what is the work? Sameer’s mum asks her if nobody is at home. Kinnar says they went to get nek and asks what is the work? Sameer’s mum asks her to give 2 handful of grains. Kinnar says ok. Soumya gets inside. She looks at the flower painted on the wall and takes black chalk and begins sketching the same. Kinnar comes and says you have ruined our wall. Sameer’s mum says it is beautiful. Kinnar gives grains and asks them to go. Sameer’s mum says we will go after meeting your Gurumaa. Kinnar says she will come later and asks them to go. They leave. Sameer’s mum looks for kinnars. Saya and others are coming from the opposite direction, but they don’t see each other. Soumya and Sameer’s mum sit in auto and leave. Saya comes home and asks what happened? Kinnar juli tells Saya that a woman came to get grains and ruined the wall. Saya looks at the sketch and says Soumya came here. A fb is shown, Soumya makes flower on the wall as Harman calls her Gulabo. Fb ends. Saya tells Chameli that their soumya have come. She calls her and runs out.

Sameer’s mum and Soumya find Raavi injured on road. She tells Soumya that Raavi is Harman’s sister. They get worried.

Update Credit to: H Hasan

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