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The Episode starts with Preeto asking Harman if he will do as she says. Harman says he can give life if she wants. Preeto says I don’t want your life, but happiness. She calls someone. A girl comes there, and smiles. Harman looks at her and says Mahi….you are here suddenly. Preeto says I called her here, as I fixed her marriage with you, and in the evening there will be engagement. Harman says okay, but you would have told me. Preeto says you said that you will agree. Harman says did I refuse, and says what will people say about my second marriage. Preeto says not second, but first. I don’t accept that marriage and says she will handle people and asks him to get ready. Designer comes and says he brought clothes for Harman. Preeto asks Harman to wear dress of his choice. Harman comes ready for the

engagement. Preeto takes off evil eye from him, and says he is looking handsome. She looks for Mahi. Viren says she is coming. Shanno brings Mahi there. Mahi smiles looking at her. Preeto compliments Mahi’s beauty and tells Harman that they will look good together. She gives ring to Mahi and asks her to make Harman wear it. Harman is sad.

Preeto asks Harman to give his hand. Mahi makes him wear ring. Preeto then asks Harman to make Mahi wear ring. Shanno also asks him as Harman is lost thinking about his marriage with Soumya. He thinks why he is missing Soumya. Preeto asks what you are thinking. Nimmi tells Surbhi that Soumya is sleeping peacefully today, and tells about her troubled life at kinnar’s place. Harak Singh asks Harman to make Mahi wear ring today itself. Preeto asks him to make Mahi wear ring. Harman makes her wear ring. Preeto smiles. Soumya wakes up from sleep and shouts Harman ji….Surbhi and Nimmi are sitting at her side. Nimmi tells her that Harman went far from her and asks her to make him far from her dreams too. Shanno asks Harman to make Mahi eat sweets. Harman obliges. Shanno then asks Mahi to make him eat sweets. They make each other have sweets. Viren asks them to pose for the photo and click their pics.

Harman thinks about Soumya in his room. Soumya also thinks about him. Tu Hi Mera Khuda plays……He thinks to call Soumya, but then thinks he has promised himself that he will not call her, but then thinks to hear her once…He then thinks what I will tell her that I got engaged today. He thinks he is not having strength to inform Soumya about his engagement. Surbhi wakes up and sees Soumya sitting at window side and thinking. She asks what she is thinking? Soumya tells her that she is missing Harman. Surbhi says that’s it. She says I will make you talk to him. Nimmi wakes up and sees Surbhi about to call Harman. She snatches phone from her hand and says we shall not trouble him at this time. She tells Soumya that she will make her sleep and sing lori. Nimmi sings Lori. Soumya imagines Harman asking her if she doesn’t miss him. Nimmi asks her to sleep. Soumya thinks she is back at her house, but she is feeling incomplete without Harman. Harman is restless at his house. Surbhi also sleeps beside Soumya.

In the morning, Harman wakes up and sees Mahi standing. He closes his eyes. Mahi says him good morning and says she brought hot and sweet tea for him, just like hot. She says okay, don’t wake up. I will sleep with you and rests on bed. She holds his hand. Harman asks her to have shame and says they are not child anymore. He says I will sleep till late. Mahi says you are angry being a Punjabi and asks him not to show impression on her. She asks him to have tea made by her. Preeto calls them and asks to call downstairs as Pandit ji is here. Harak Singh asks Pandit ji to take out mahurat for Harman’s marriage at the earliest date and says he wants to see his grand children as soon as possible. Pandit ji asks if this is Harman’s first marriage. Preeto says yes, and asks him to take out mahurat.

Maninder comes home and tells Bebe that he is very much tired, and says daughter’s marriage is not easy. Bebe says it is good work to get daughter’s married. Maninder asks someone give me water. Soumya looks at him and recalls Maninder ill treating her. She brings water, but Nimmi takes glass from her hand and comes to Maninder. She gives glass to him. Surbhi also comes there. Maninder gets cough and drinks water. Surbhi tells him that one day he will get a strong cough then he will yearn for water and Soumya will make him drink. She goes.

Pandit ji checks the mahurat and tells everyone that mahurat is good, and that is of tomorrow. Soumya’s bangles break suddenly. She gets tensed. Surbhi asks I will buy bangles for you. Soumya says it is a sign of suhaag and worries for Harman. She asks her to call Harman. Nimmi asks her not to worry and says his family is with him and won’t let anything wrong happen to him.

Preeto agrees for tomorrow’s wedding. Harak Singh agrees too. Harman asks why you are in a hurry. Varun thinks this marriage can’t happen tomorrow, if they call less guest then they will get less insulted. He tells Preeto that they couldn’t invite many guest then. Preeto says they will not invite many guest. Nimmi sees Soumya getting ready and is about to fill her maang with sindoor.

Saya tells Kareena that Harman and Soumya love each other and she couldn’t see her in pain. She tells they will take Soumya back home. Meanwhile Rani and Raveena come to Soumya’s house and make her smell chloroform inorder to kidnap her.

Update Credit to: H Hasan

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  1. Harmya scenes are emotional… Precap is bad…

  2. Harmya scenes are emotional… Precap is bad…nice…

  3. I think soon harman will realise his love for soumu and come to his gulaboo.wats this precap, again kidnapping so sad I hope it wont happen harman or nimmi will save her but I want soumu to became strong to handle the things and to fight for her rights .

  4. bad precap….

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