Shakti 1st May 2017 Written Episode Update

Shakti 1st May 2017 Written Episode, Written Update on

The Episode starts with Surbhi giving money to Soumya. Harman tells that they have managed to get 15 Lakhs rupees, and says they need more 5 Lakhs Rs. Saya comes there and gives 5 Lakhs rupees. Soumya signs asking Harman to take it. Harman takes the money. Saya asks him to deposit money in bank and bring back Aditya home. Soumya folds her hands and thanks Saya, telling that she never let Nimmi’s absence felt. Harman tells that you people have more humanity than my family and folds his hand. Saya says we are doing our duty. Surbhi asks Soumya not to thank them and says Aditya is everyone’s life and asks them to go and bring him home. Harman and Soumya leave in car.

A couple comes to Chaddha and asks why did you call us. Preeto is sitting with Chaddha. Chaddha tells that they have a baby according

to their preference. Couple is thankful to him and says they will go to America today itself after completing the formalities. They like baby instantly and thank Chaddha. Harman and Soumya come there. Couple is leaving from there. Aditya cries. Soumya feels his presence. Preeto hides seeing them. Soumya tells him that she is feeling as if something bad will happen. Harman says everything will be fine. Soumya tells that Aditya is crying. She turns and looks at the couple, and says he is our Aditya. Harman says that baby is someone else. Preeto drops the vase to divert their attention.

Harman asks Soumya not to make him angry and come inside. He takes her inside. Preeto leaves. Harman and Soumya come to Chaddha and asks for Aditya. Chaddha asks them to adopt any baby. Harman says we want only Aditya. Chaddha asks them to adopt any baby and name him Aditya. Harman asks where is our Aditya. Chaddha tells that a NRI couple came and adopted him, taking him to America. Harman grabs his collar. Soumya runs out telling Harman that the baby was Aditya. She runs after the car. Harman also runs after her. Nasiba song plays. Soumya falls down after running for a while. Harman tries to pacifies her. Soumya cries and tells that they took our Aditya. She cries hugging him. She asks him to let her go to Aditya. Harman also cries.

Preeto comes back home. Harak Singh says when everything is fine then why you are crying. He tells that he feels proud to have her and says Harman shall wash your legs and drink water. Preeto tells that her son is not well. She says I used to safeguard him and used to send him to jail to protect him from your scoldings. She says today he might be very much hurt and asks if he will hate me for this. Harak Singh says no and says he is our blood and will understand one day. Preeto hugs him. Harak Singh says you are my jaan, I can’t bear if you cry.

Harman and Soumya come back to Orphanage. Kaushalya tells that they didn’t know why Chaddha do this. Harman asks her to give him details. Kaushalya says Chaddha is clever and have deleted all info, says he has given the baby before we come. Soumya is still in shock. Harman asks Soumya to come, else he will kill Chaddha. He asks her to understand and come. Kaushalya and Pandey looks on.

Harman and Soumya come back home. Preeto gets up and asks them to stop. She says what you both are doing here? Harman asks her not to start again. Preeto asks them to take rest for sometime and then leave. Harman says Preeto. Preeto says you have no rights on this house from now on.

Preeto asks Harman what he is taking in his bag. Harman shows the photoframes and says his love will become immortal and all the family members will become witness to his love.

Update Credit to: H Hasan

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  1. A good episode….!!

  2. Very very sad episode. How crual women. I hate preeto soooo much. plz don’t let her plan sucess. our haya hurts very badly.??????????? I hope harman not listen preeto.

  3. Prachi Mehta Durkaal

    Jaise joothi Preeto aisa hi uska pati ram milayi jodi kisi ka itna bura karne ke baad koi insan apne aap se itna jooth bol sakta hai ki jo Kiya woh aisa uss insan ki bhalai ke liye kar raha hain aur jo khood ke saath hi itna jooth bol sakta hain uska kuch nahi ho sakta

  4. This is the perfect track now for shakti.harman should leave the house and never look back.
    preeto & harak singh must realise what they did with saumya & harman.for them property is their main not their sons happiness.

  5. I hated so much , preeto’s cruel has no definition it crossed limits , I am a mother because of that I am so sorry to consider preeto a mother ,she’s not , she has ability to do anything it doesn’t matter if she cares for any one or not just herself and herself forever , really it hurts and shatters ,very very very sad episode

  6. How much more does the leads suffer. Soumya is very bad at crying so I request the makers to stop this sad story and turn it into a happy one. At least she can act better in a happy scene. By the way guys, I went to watch Baahubali 2. Omg what an amazing movie. I’m going to watch it again. It’s way more better than any Bollywood movies now a days. Bollywood is just making crap with just more of skin show and horrible acting.

    1. Does your silence means a yes?

      1. wth…I don’t even know you. Anyways, most of the people commenting over here are ladies. How come you are commenting on this forum?…you can make friendship with other ladies out here…like Shanaya, Dalia, Tanvi etc etc.

      2. Your friends are my friends.They will automatically become my friends when you become my friend.My aunt is a huge fan of this show and some other shows. She has been hospitalized and just underwent a heart surgery. I visit her during evenings and give her some company.She wanted to know about updates on this show. Hence I started browsing tellyupdates and some other sites. And when I was browsing this site and twitter, I noticed your comments and you definately.

      3. We can go watch bahubali 2 togeather. I can book corner tickets. What do you say? and your last name is very unique and different. My aunt is going to be in the hospital for atleast a month and so you can expect me to comment over here for atleast a month.

      4. Are you mad? Stop dreaming. Hope your aunt gets well soon. And Amit, just let it be…ok, we can be friends but don’t forget you promised something.

  7. I feel Soumya aka Rubina is doing skin show rather than acting.. she doesn’t know to portray any emotions in her face… Simply weeping it’s getting irritated to see her always in a same acting. such a strong character without any emotions looks awkward…

  8. This comment page going to be a love page.?????

    1. Really?? I don’t think so?

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