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Shakti 1st June 2016 Written Episode, Written Update on

The Episode starts with Nimmi gettng angry seeing veiled woman. She says I will not leave you today, will kill you for sure. She picks a sharp garden knife to kill her. Veiled woman pushes her. Nimmi follows her. Mahinder and Bebe wake up. While Nimmi tries to kill that woman, she manages to escapes and flee away. Mahinder asks what happened? Nimmi says she came today to take my daughter. Bebe asks Mahinder to take Nimmi inside, before anybody sees them. Bebe tells Nimmi that that woman will come and take her thing. Nimmi says she is not a thing, she is my daughter….my life. She says I will not stay here anymore and leave the pind. Bebe asks the person might be thief? Just then veiled woman throw paper inside, and which reads that she will come and take her daughter. Nimmi asks Bebe to read it, and says

she will leave the pind and go far from here. Mahinder asks where you will go?

Bebe says she is acting and will not leave. Nimmi thinks she will take both her daughters and leave from there before Mahinder or Bebe wakes up. She gets Soumya ready. Soumya asks if we are going to see the farm or watch film..Nimmi asks Surbhi to wake up. Surbhi says she want to sleep and don’t want to wake up. Nimmi asks Soumya to wake her up. Just then they hear alarm bell. Nimmi thinks if Mahinder has woken up and thinks he shall not know that Surbhi is here. She goes to his room, keeps pillows on Surbhi’s place and covers it with blanket. Mahinder thinks Surbhi is sleeping and don’t disturb her. Nimmi comes back to her room and asks Surbhi to get ready fast. Soumya asks if today is some important day. Nimmi says life will change today. She looks at the ghunghroo and the letter. Nimmi goes with Surbhi and Soumya to bus station. Surbhi asks if we are going to nani’s house. Soumya says we will eat mangoes. Nimmi buys tickets and wait for bus to come. Bebe comes to Surbhi’s room and sees her missing. She thinks where did she go? Mahinder wakes up and gets tensed seeing her missing. Nimmi is still at the bus stand with her daughters, and asks someone to make kataar…He says it will take 2 hours. Nimmi says okay and gives the ghungroos. Bebe and Mahinder search for them. Surbhi and Soumya ask why she is making kataar? Nimmi says you will know when you grows old. Surbhi and Soumya starts playing. Nimmi prays for her daughter’s happiness.

Mahinder and Bebe continues to search them in the lane. Bebe says we can’t tell anyone that my bahu has ran away. Mahinder hurts his hand and gets injured. Bebe ties cloth on his bleeding hand. Mahinder says lets go and search them. The man gives kataar to Nimmi. Nimmi looks at it. Mahinder gets a call from Nimmi’s mum and asks if she is fine. Mahinder says I will ask her to call you. He tells Bebe that Nimmi must have gone to bus stand. Nimmi tells Soumya that she never gave any gift to her and says I will give you precious gift. She gives kataar. Surbhi looks surprised. Soumya says if I play with it, then my hand might cut. Nimmi says it is not for your play, but for your protection. She says Mata Rani loves everyone very much, but she becomes kali when angry. She asks her to use kataar/ sharp knife and keep it with her all her life. Soumya says you are talking about that chudail naa. Nimmi says yes and asks her never to get afraid of that woman.

Surbhi says what about me? Nimmi says I hope you don’t need it in life. Mahinder and Bebe come there. Mahinder scolds Nimmi and asks her to come home. Nimmi refuses. Mahinder asks her to go with Soumya. Nimmi says she won’t leave without Surbhi as she loves her too. Mahinder gives her Soumya’s promise and asks her to come home. Nimmi looks at Soumya. They reach back home. Nimmi shifts their clothes from bag to suitcase. Mahinder asks what you are doing? Nimmi says I can’t leave here as my Soumya is never loved here. Mahinder says what do you think I will let you go and take my daughter. Nimmi says I will go from here. She says I will tell Police that you both had tried to kill Soumya. Bebe and Mahinder get shocked. Nimmi gives them 24 hours.

Bebe tells Mahinder that Nimmi is very stubborn and will go. Mahinder says I will kill her. Bebe asks Nimmi will not stop, so we shall also go with her. Mahinder says what nonsense? He says everyone sees you with suspicious eyes here, and says we will start afresh. Mahinder asks how? I have work here. Bebe says God will give us work. She says I don’t think our secret will be hidden for long and that’s why we have to take a decision now. Mahinder gets his stuff loaded in the truck. Surbhi says I don’t want to go. Mahinder says Nani’s house is very big and you will have fun. Ballu comes and asks if he is leaving house. Mahinder says yes citing work. Nimmi burns the things and says tomorrow will be new start for my Soumya.

Veiled woman kidnaps Nimmi and takes her with her. Mahinder follows her and stops infront of her car.

Update Credit to: H Hasan

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