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Shakti 1st July 2016 Written Episode, Written Update on

The Episode starts with Harman warning the neighbors not to touch Soumya, else they have to face him. Inspector comes and arrests Harman. He asks Nimmi to take Soumya inside. Neighbors says she can’t go inside and says they will punish her. Inspector asks them to calm down and asks Nimmi to take Soumya home. Harman thinks I have saved Gulabo and is going to jail also. He says there is no value of gentleman. Maninder calls Saya, says you can’t kidnap a girl, and asks her to hurry up. Nimmi takes injured Soumya inside. Surbhi feels her pain and thinks she can’t let Harman go free. Maninder calls Surbhi, but she ignores him and goes. He thinks if Soumya’s truth is out then nobody will let them live, and thinks to do something permanently. Khadak Singh tells Preeto that there is a limit of loving someone

and says he has done murder. He asks her to say where is her son? Preeto says I don’t know. I haven’t hidden him and swears on God. Khadak says you are swearing on God for your son. He asks him not to take God lightly as he couldn’t be seen. He asks her to understand and tell him. He says things are slipping from my hands. Inspector calls him and informs that Harman is in Police lock up. Khadak Singh is shocked and says he is coming there. He tells Preeto that he is going to Polic station. Preeto says she will also come with him.

Soumya cries hugging Nimmi and is scared. Nimmi asks Soumya to tell if Harman touched her and did something. Soumya nods no and says he is a nice man. He thought to drop me home, but he was not having car. She says he came to kidnap choti, but kidnapped me mistakenly. When he realized his mistake, he took care of me and even protected me twice. Once from the villagers, and other from the chudail, who tried to kidnap me in childhood. She says she came to kidnapped me again. She says Harman fought with them and saved me. She says Harman asked me why they are after me. Nimmi thanks God for saving her daughter. Soumya says he is not bad guy. Surbhi comes to jail to meet Harman. She says troubles will not end. Harman says you are the reason of all troubles. Surbhi asks why did you kidnap my sister. Harman says I had planned to kidnapped you, but Gulabo was kidnapped instead. Surbhi asks did you want to kill me? Harman says my maa says mata rani’s ansh is in every girl. Surbhi asks then why you planned to kidnap me. Harman says because you don’t have mata rani’a ansh. Surbhi asks what is his planning. What he thought to do with her.? Harman says I wouldn’t have done anything wrong as I respect women, but would have left you in jungle. Surbhi thinks he respects woman and thinks I couldn’t understand him. She gets impressed with him.

The neighbors come to Police station and says they want to punish Harman. Inspector tries to calm down them. Constable says matter is slipped from our hand, now there is only one way. Inspector looks on. Bebe gives tea to Maninder and asks him to think about their respect. Maninder wishes soumya would had died after birth. Bebe asks Maninder to call them (Saya and her goons) and asks to take Soumya with them, before Pind takes a decision against them. Maninder says this will be right and calls Saya. Just then some neighbor calls him asking him to come out of home. Maninder cuts the call and goes outside. He sees Constables standing and greets them. Constable asks where is your daughter? Maninder says she is here and shows Surbhi.

Constable says where is your other daughter, who was missing last night. Soumya comes. Maninder asks what is the matter? Constable says Inspector called her to chowpaal, everyone is waiting. Khadak Singh and Preeto come to Chowpaal. All the neighbors and panchayat members waiting for them. Preeto asks where is Harman? Khadak Singh asks her to keep quiet and says he will handle everything. Neighbors tell that he is that man’s parents and gave bad values to him. Soumya comes there with Nimmi, Bebe, Surbhi, Maninder and Biji..

Preeto says she will talk to the girl and asks her husband not to worry. She goes to them and introduces herself as Harman’s mum. She says I want to talk to you. Nimmi asks Soumya to go with Surbhi and Biji. She asks Preeto, what happened? Preeto says I know why you are doing drama and says I will give you double money and asks her to leave her son. Nimmi says my daughter’s respect is at stake, then why I will do drama. Preeto says let me the price. Surbhi comes and asks we need some respect from you. She says I can also talk badly with you, but will not do as my parents taught me to respect others. Nimmi stops her. Surbhi asks her to handle her. She says your son had kidnapped my sister and the neighbors are making issue. She asks what is my sister’s mistake? Preeto says you didn’t know what we can do? Surbhi says we don’t want anything from you, but if the neighbors come to know that you are trying to give us money then what they will do. She asks her to go home and stop troubling her mum and sister.

Khadak Singh tells that his son has done a mistake and will be punished. He asks Harman to fill Soumya’s maang with sindoor and takes them to temple. Preeto tries to stop him, but Khadak Singh asks her to move back. Harman fills Soumya’s maang shocking everyone.

Update Credit to: H Hasan

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  1. yaaay!!!!!! harman aur soumya ki shaadi!!!!
    same as anyother person i didnt expect of the marriage sequence this early!
    after this sequence i think this is not an issue about transgender. fingers crossed

  2. pwincess pari

    Super epi … Eagerly waiting for upcoming track ????

  3. Yrr what is the truth….plzz rashmi mam don’t make her transgender….we all fans want a romantic love story……as we all know Vivian is the romance king…..plz plz…..reveal the truth…….guys anyone of u knowa anything about the suspense?????

  4. M loving this serial….I never thaugt about rubi n Vivian’s jodi…but m happy to see both of them…..I hope….they will became best jodi….

  5. What’s the mystery……I saw rubi in bridal attire…she was looking stunning…..I love HAYA…..But one thing is decided…her MIL will not behave nicely…..bcz preeto behaves so badly with nimmi…..huh I hope Harman would save his GULABO every time

  6. Eagerly waiting for the precap ??
    But just don’t like Surbhi developing a soft spot and feelings for Harman.
    Writers need to stop showing such “sister’s jealousy track” Fed up of this

  7. Mona146

    why is preeto trying to stop harman from marrying souwmya? She was very much exited on phone all the time? I wonder!

    1. Just seems like she’s a bit hesitant and wants to be sure about Saumya before taking a decision. Just a worried mother types.

  8. i heard she is kinner what is meant by that?

  9. Was Hoping to see Haya getting married today but will have to wait until next week. I saw a pic of Saumya dressed in a punjabi-muslim type bridal dress and another one showing her with mehendi on her hands….looks like Harman will only fill sindoor and proper wedding rituals will take place later….let’s wait and see.

    1. Alisha

      Yeah Jessica, I agree! Even I saw her picture on ista. I am super excited for their wedding, especially after knowing that they are going to get married by all the rituals. Would be fun to watch. ??

  10. Alisha

    Oh no! It means we will have to wait till Monday to see Harmanya together. i just can’t wait! It’s gonna be exciting. I really wanna know that how Soumya would survive in Harman’s house, especially when Preeto is not ready to accept her as her Bahu. Did anyone saw the pictures on Rubina’s insta in bridal dresses? Do you guys think that those were related to the serial? Are Hamanya going to get married with all the rituals? Like mehendi e.t.c… I dieing to know! The suspense is literally killing me. ??

  11. I don’t think Indian audience is ready for a transgender story…it’s too out there (lol the simar fly and naagins can be accepted!) but unfortunately I don’t think production will take a huge risk especially prime time tv.

    I feel it’s either Nimmi had an illegitimate child or Maninder did …but why do they keep saying things like she can never be a bride or have children or she can’t have parsad/blessings? I don’t understand that side of things.

    1. Not only this Loveleen, when Saumya was unconscious (kidnapping drama when Saumya was small), Nimmi was worried and wanted to call a doctor but except Nimmi everyone else were worried that the truth will come out…and another incident when Saumya tries to wear Surbhi’s frock, Nimmi shouts at her and asks her to remove it. Also Saumya’s dadi calls tells Surbhi’s that Saumya is like a fake Rose jo dikhti toh sundae hai par uspar bhavre nahi mandraate. Finger’s crossed. Don’t want Saumya to be a trans.

      1. There are psychiatricts who think they are mentally ill (and I’m not talking about Indian one’s. Americans etc) I would link but am on phone. Anyway just because I don’t think that the way they choose to live their life is natural doesn’t mean I’m not tolerant or bigoted. I actually think that as a society we need to be more sympathetic and help these individuals and not cast them aside like trash. However I also think that it’s unreasonable to accept people to just accept that they are exactly like female (in case of male to female
        transgenders) and expect men to
        be attracted to them like that. I do not think they are inherently bad people but I also do not condone their lifestyle.

        Sorry if I sound a little aggressive. It is not my intention to be antagonistic.

    2. It would be ridiculous if she’s transgender. I think she may have been born without clear genitals so she’s inters*x? Anyways I personally think that transgender people are deeply confused individuals with mental disorder so they can’t be identified at birth unlike inters*x (haemophrodite) children.

      1. There are stories of lord Vishnu takine neither confused nor mental. Being a trans is not a sickness. People become what they are do to circumstances and choices. You can’t really judge anyone until you are in their shoes. Even lord Krishna accepted Shikandi while letting him fight against Bheeshma. There are stories of lord Vishnu taking the Mohini avatar. Lord Shiva and goddess Parvati became one as ardhanarishwara….and so on (I have watch a lot of mythical serials in my neighbours when I was a kid..lot).

  12. Mukti.H

    Wow the marriage so early…
    Precape is superb…

  13. preeto was exited for his marr thinking Harman lives that girl n is marrying.. But actually she realises its being forced on him so trying to stop him. ..

    suspense can be anything its rashmi sharma story. .

    it can happen in wedding they may exchange sisters hahaha…That’s there in all her serials…

  14. I hope she’s not inters*x. Would ruin the love story. I hope it’s another secret.

  15. Owwww… Such cute precap…

  16. Transgenders r a bit different frm other girls. Their appearence is nt like a normal girl. Saumya cant be a eunuch. She would hv surely known it. Bt in medical science, there is one condition in which girl child hv underdeveloped s*x organs n nt able to reproduce. It is called Turner’s Syndrome. Bt it doesnt mean that she is transgndr.
    I guess condition is like this.

    1. Juggu

      Yea u r ri8 transgender cant b soo beautiful…….rubina nails it … gulaboo really suits her….

  17. Hi guys,
    I donot think any child can be identified as trans at birth. As the child grows his/her behaviour suggests. I feel may be due xyz conditions Maninder&bebe might have felt child us trans but actually she turns out to be a beautiful girl. Wat say ????

    1. in movie bol the dai/who delivers the baby in village said that the baby is a transender on his birth

    2. I think everyone is getting confused with the terminology. Kinnar/Hijra’s are people who are born as one gender but feels that they are of the opposite gender. I believe these people are called transgender. As this is a feelings based disorder, transgenders cannot be identified at birth so it doesn’t make sense for everyone to hate Saumya from birth. I think that Saumya may have been born without clear genitals and is inters*x (a haemophrodite). That’s why they hated her from birth. Unlike trangenders, whose condition is a mental one, inters*x people have a physical condition. This is just my two cents.

      Tell me what you think, friends.

  18. sathyavarshini b

    unexpected Vivi I am waiting??????????????????

  19. uys she can’t be a transgender because if i am not wrong then it’s her love story and a trans ender couldn’t have a love story second thing writers couldn’t make her marry officially and then say that she is a transender as transgender couldn’t be marriedthird thing if she is a transgender then she should also show characteristics of boys which she is not showing then why r u giving importance to this theory tell me WHY just annul/eliminate it

  20. eagerly waiting for monday’s episode i guess that marriage will happen on monday and this become true

  21. Does preeto hate soumya after marriage.

    1. I’m sure she does otherwise thee is no drama once soumo goes to her sasural right? So there will saas bahu action friction for sure…

  22. @jessics you are right, I’m glad someone feels the way I do about transgender ppl! Ppl who are transgender are not mentally ill. That’s so narrow minded if anyone thinks like that. They are humans as well, made by God. So we shouldn’t discriminate if we don’t know the facts.

    1. @jessica*

      1. Like I said previous comments…Indian isn’t ready I guess for a transgender love story…ok so it could be a medical issue due to her genitalia perhaps…but even this is just over the top for a day time soapie. Don’t you think? I’m a broad minded individual but I wouldn’t want to watch a story line relating anything to this topic. I want love romance n a lil drama of course…but nothing that will be too overly shocking. Just don’t change soumo into a fly please I beg you ?

      2. Perhaps saying they are “mentally ill ” wasn’t the nicest way to put my thoughts. In fact I do not think they are all mentally ill. I just do not condone their lifestyle.I just want to reiterate that disagreeing doesnt mean that I hate them. And I agree with you that they are humans made by God and so deserve to live with dignity. I’m sorry if I offended you.

    2. Hello Loveleen. I believe that some transgender individuals are mentally ill and I base that on some papers I’ve read from psychologists that have observed people undergoing s*x change operations etc. However I strongly oppose discrimination against them. In fact I treat them as I would any other person. Just because I think they are confused doesn’t mean I discriminate against them or am narrow minded. I have sympathy for those individuals and wish them tje best but I also don’t think it’s realistic to expect the average man to be attracted to them. They could fall in love because of personality etc but for a long term marriage attraction is important. I’m sorry but I just want to defend myself and say that people can have nuanced opinions. Just because one doesn’t believe transgenderism to be normal doesn’t mean they are some crazed maniac who condones attacking and degrading them. One can respectfully disagree with others. Please forgive me if I seem rude as it is not my intention.

      1. Not at all everyone’s entitled to their opinions, belief what they may and stand up for their rights. So i understand where you are coming from…the use of those words mentally ill I find it degrading to those who are transgender cause they can’t change who they are n it’s not a mental issue its a biological chemical issue. But Like I say I respect your opinion n of others. Thank you for clearing things up. ??

  23. I read on fb that a big twist will come in the marriage….

  24. pwincess pari

    The twist might be D scret will be reveal before marriage or will Harman save n accept soumya after know bout her secret

    1. May be….I just hope for best


    1. Hi Renu I really hope it’s nothing like this cause for me it’s not an interesting story just s controversial story. N I like to sit in front of the tv after a long day and Switch off…lol

  26. Vivian is so handsome. I only know him from Jhalak Reloaded, haven’t seen any of his previous work but omg he’s just wow. Also he seemed like a really nice guy when he was on Jhalak hehe.
    This series and Krishnadasi are my favourites now.

  27. I’m not a regular viewer; but I like this serial…it’s going gud without any drag. I think soumya is not trans as we all guessing…probably she is supposed to be jogan/mata some kind…a girl chosen to be “mata/devi”.. and they are not allowed to marry or can have any relations…It’s just my guess

  28. Sheeba khalil

    It is rumours somya play kinner how can possible this tell me what is reality somya

  29. Narendran

    express wedding!!!!soon!!..happy

  30. I m sure its to do with some superstition n not any trans or kinner

    if it was so they wouldn’t chhose rubina who is so gentle n delicate. ..
    she is gulabo…

    How nicely he calls her. . his dialogs are very unique b funny. ..

    “tum ho koun?? tum behanonne kitne logonse pange le rakhe hai??”..


  31. But yrr in today’s epi they refuse for medical test….it means she is kinner…..yrr now how the love story will start….yrr

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