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The Episode starts with Harman telling Varun that he can’t stay without Soumya and want to see her face often. Varun asks did you fall in love and forgot that she is a kinnar. Harman gets up angrily and holds his collar. He says she is a good human with clean heart, made by God and innocent. Varun says she is a kinnar. Harman says she is normal like us. Varun asks him to control his emotions and says you will not get anything if you love her, and asks him to drink wine. Harman says whatever happened with her was wrong and says his family did bad with her. He says I have saved her, but my own enemy have become her enemy. He says if she supports me then I will fight with the world. He says I really care for her and I will tell this to her, and goes. Varun smiles.

Harman comes to Soumya while she

is in her room. She is sad and thinks about her childhood with Surbhi. She recalls making room with Surbhi. She says childhood days were so good, that house game….she says whenever we didn’t like any house, then we used to make new house. She says but in real life…we can’t make home of our choice.
Harman knocks on the door. Soumya opens the door. Harman comes inside. Soumya says you are drunk…? Harman says I had drink many times, but came to you for the first time, we will not argue. She says you shall sleep and asks him to go to his room. Harman says I will sleep, but first you come to my room with me. Soumya nods no, and says I will stay here, you go and sleep in your room.

Harman holds her hand….Music plays……Harman says I won’t go without you. Soumya is teary eyes, and says you can kick me out of house, but I won’t stay in your room. She says I have no complains with you, and says you have done enough for me. If you do anything more, then I will be burdened by your favors, and asks him to return to his room. Harman holds her romantically, and asks her to be quiet. He says I have promised your mum that I will take care of you, keep you happy. What she might be thinking about me from there. He says that room is incomplete without you. I am habituated to see you and asks her to come and stay in his room.

Varun tells Preeto that Harman have gone mad and went to say I love you to Soumya. Preeto is angry. Harman asks don’t you want to stay with me and want to see my face again and again. Soumya thinks she wants to see him only and asks if I have right to do as my heart says.. Harman says I have right on you and have taken rounds with you, but can’t stay without you. Somebody knocks on the door. Harman says enemy came. Soumya says they are family and note enemy.

Harman says I didn’t know that I will get habituated to you, I like your innocence…He says Gulabo. you can’t stay here. Soumya says your Gulabo is a kinnar and says I have given you enough trouble, and don’t have any right on you. Harman says I don’t care who are you, and says whatever they share is enough for them to be in relation. He says every relation is not complete. Soumya says she is incomplete and says you thought me as human and this is enough for me. Door continues to knock. Soumya says I can’t think of having a normal life as I am a kinnar. Harman holds her hand and asks why you are doing drama. I will take you from here. Soumya says I won’t feel bad if you do anything wrong with me, but I can’t bear if you do anything wrong with family. She asks him to understand. Soumya opens the door. Raavi comes. Harman asks why did you come here and asks her to go. Raavi says Preeto called them for dinner.

Surbhi tells Nani that she will try, but can’t make Bhindi like nimmi. Bebe asks Maninder to eat. Maninder refuses. Surbhi makes food and asks Nani to come, as food is ready. Maninder tells Bebe that he will drink water and sleep. Surbhi comes there and brings food plates for them. Maninder takes the plates and give plate to Bebe as well. Surbhi tells him not to think that she is doing her duty as a daughter, but she is doing this as her mum taught her and made her a good human. She asks them to eat food. She thinks about Soumya and tells Nani that they shall meet her tomorrow. Nani says it won’t be good if we go there. Surbhi says we will go and come back soon.

Soumya hugs Nimmi’s pic and cries and asks how to take care, as Harman’s life is ruining because of me. She says if you would have been alive, you would have showed me some way, and says I am all alone Maa. Preeto comes there and coughs so as to make Soumya realize her presence felt. Soumya is about to get up. Preeto asks her to sit and says I came to call you for dinner. She sits down beside her and says you are doing as I said..She says you have to be so far from Harman, that even your reflection shall not fall on him. She says you are staying here because of him, but you have to stay here according to my rules, and says this house is mine…Soumya nods. Preeto says you are good, and asks her to come and have food after sometime else Harman will doubt that she might have said her something. She says you have to maintain distance from him. Soumya looks at Nimmi’s pic.

Harman asks Soumya to sit and have food. Harak Singh gets angry and gets up from his chair. Soumya gets scared. Later in the bedroom, Harman asks Soumya to have food and says he will sit there until she eats it. Soumya says she will eat later.

Update Credit to: H Hasan

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  1. Niz episode….varun s bad guy….
    Ya dr.itz my nick name….how r u all.I m new n this grp………

  2. oh harman.. How can you be so good. .
    Very nice .. Good going rashmi sharma..

  3. ?????

  4. Wow super super super episode.harmans love cofession is awesome . He only sees her heart not gender. A true love but when r they going to tell somu is not a kinner. Harman semmaya kalakitaru aana avanga amma va nenacha semma gaandu aaguthu.

  5. Angelk1

    I hate when heroine cant make their own decision. Soumya please tell harman, stop punishing yourself.

  6. Nice one

  7. Hi all siya,kopz ,karthika. Today I enjoyed a lot becoz of rain , hot snacks, watching TV more over today shakthi serial lot of romance . Last year we suffered a lot on this day due to Chennai flood. I never forget those days and mainly we got help from all over India. Humanity wins all over.

  8. Sabrina

    nice episode

  9. Agree ammu… innaiku harman pichu udharitaru… idhathan solvanga love is blind…

  10. H Hasan plz change the montage…. December came but you didn’t budge,anyways congratulations guys Shakti completed 6 months, and Shakti trp is awesome it’s stands 2nd,and is the slot leader,hope it continues to rock and rule.

  11. Harman I really love u so ur action is awesomeeeeeee. Soumya ,can’t see d Harman pain.pls understand him.really today episode is rocks with haya performances mainly Harman. His dialogue delivery is ausum and soumya is good with her innocence.when will Harman know about d preeto plans. Is somya didn’t return to Harman room.I am so sad .what a lovely couple they are? Pls makers reveal d soumya truth and don’t separate d haya pair plssssssssssssssssssssssssssssss.v r requesting.

  12. Hai all kopz,ammu,saras,siya.. Good morning…

  13. Please soumya stay with Harman.please makers you have to make haya together.

  14. Good morning karthika and to all.

  15. nice episode

  16. Best serial I have ever seen, liked Harman’s and Somuya’s acting and role very much… All the best.. lover you’ll

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