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Shakti 19th September 2016 Written Episode, Written Update on

The Episode starts with Surbhi asking Harman, how we will search her. Harman says we have to go to Bhatinda right now and asks her to sit in car. Nimmi rings the inhouse temple bell. Maninder tells Bebe that he is going for work, and sees Nimmi ringing bell. He shouts at her and asks her to atleast leave Mata Rani. Beeji stops Nimmi and says what will happen if Surbhi forget the way. She prays to God to bless her both daughters and rings the bell. Maninder says she has gone mad…..Beeji thinks how to make Nimmi understand and asks her to stop it. Nimmi sits down and prays for both her daughters. She asks mata rani to send her Soumya. Beeji tells that Soumya will return after vanvas is finished. She prays to Mata Rani and tells that she can’t see her daughter in pain for her daughters.


Singh is in toys room and looks at the toys. He thinks about telling Soumya that he has kept this toys for his grand children. Varun comes and says I can understand. Harak Singh says you make me cry….He gets emotional holding the toy and says I thought my grand children will play with these toys, but this is not agreed by God. He says God gave me Kinnar bahu, says my son is after a kinnar and cries.

Viren comes and hears him. Harak Singh says I am a man, will take care of myself…will drink wine and will bump my head on wall, but I am worried for Preeto. Viren gets thinking. Harak Singh says Preeto used to tell that she gave birth to white complexion boy. He says my white complexion son have blacken my face and cries. Viren wants to sympathizes with him, but Shanno takes him with her. Harak Singh locks the toy room and says this door will not be opened from now and will be closed for forever. Varun thinks everything is ruined without me doing anything. He thinks to see everything silently and attack at the right time. Viren asks Shanno, why did you take me here. Shanno asks why you are going there. Viren says he is my brother and is in pain. Shanno says it is their bad deeds that their daughter is sitting at home and his son is running after Kinnar.

Soumya gets up from bed. Rani and Raveena keep eye on her, and ask her to sit silently. Rani goes to get water.

Maninder comes to Harak Singh’s home and asks him to come out. Harak Singh says what happened? Shanno asks Preeto why did he come here. Harak Singh asks if you have changed your mind. Maninder says talk was clear and tells Preeto that we had decided that you will take care of your son after Soumya is sent away. He says Harman is searching Soumya just like majnu. Shanno thinks it is fun now. Harak Singh asks him to mind his tongue. Maninder asks will you keep Soumya here, asks him to keep Harman cage at home. He says if Harman brings Kinnar home, then I will not keep her at home. He asks will you keep her home. Preeto takes her slippers and says I will kick you with it. She says what you are saying? You have given us kinnar daughter, if you had given us cow daughter then she would have given us children.

Harak Singh asks Preeto to calm down and tells Maninder that Preeto had just kicked kinnar out, but if I had been there, I would have taken you to Panchayat and smashed your face. Maninder asks did I ask you to get your son married to her. He says I had hidden this truth since 21 years, but you let the truth come out. Harak Singh asks him to stop and says our relation is ended now. He asks him to go. Maninder says I will ruin you if my respect is ruined. He asks him to control Harman and asks him to stay away from Surbhi. Preeto asks if your daughter is a kid, and asks Viren to kick him out. Viren asks Maninder if he have to kick him out. Maninder signs his hand and leaves. Preeto thinks she has to do something to stop Harman, and thinks she will never let Soumya come home.

Harman and Surbhi come to Batinda’s street. They enquire with the people about Soumya by showing her pics…..Soumya comes to window and looks on, but couldn’t see Harman and Surbhi. She looks at her hand and sits down on the window. She recalls her marriage with Harman, and the happy times with Nimmi and Harman……and then her kidnapping by Saya. She gets sad and recalls man misbehaving with her, and goons teasing her. She is about to see Harman and Surbhi, just then Rani asks her to do work rather than sitting. Harman tells Surbhi that he will ask the pan seller, and shows Soumya’s pic asking if he saw her. Pan seller says I saw her. Harman and Surbhi get happy.

Pan wala takes Harman and Surbhi to Guru Maa’s house. Harman tells her that his wife was kidnapped by a kinnar. Soumya hears him and gets happy on seeing them.

Update Credit to: H Hasan

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  1. Sabrina

    I wonder what will happen now ?

  2. Angelk1

    Seriously why cant these kinners leave soumya alone. They just jealous because shes accepted and have a husband. Why cant they see her happy and fight her own battle. By sending her to their world thats not helping her fight her battle.

    Thats sheltering her like nimmi did. If they cared they would let her go.

  3. pwincess pari

    There is a rumour that Surbhi gonna marry Harman n be pregnant with his child . Wat the hell is going on !!!!!!
    Get out from Haya’s life !!!! ????????????????
    We want Harman n Soumya to reunite

  4. if herman married surbi, suerly I ll stop watching serial

  5. Who says that

  6. how dumb of harman surbhi… They should try to find kinners locality instead of asking for soumyas photo..

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