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Shakti 19th June 2017 Written Episode, Written Update on

The Episode starts with Happy Singh and his wife coming to Harak Singh’s house. Happy Singh’s wife tells her that she wants to meet their bahu. Harak Singh asks Preeto to call Soumya and thinks this kinnar have shown some intelligence by hiding her face while working in happy singh’s house. Preeto goes to Soumya and tells her that Happy Singh and his family came to meet her, and asks her not to keep pallu on head, and keep tea tray and return back to kitchen. Soumya asks if it is necessary to come. Preeto says if you don’t come then Happy’s wife will search for you. She asks her to come and says she will handle everything. Chintu hears them. Raavi hopes these people shall identify Soumya today. Soumya brings tea tray. Happy Singh and his wife greet her. His wife tells him that she resembles their

old servant. He says he didn’t see her so carefully. Preeto asks her to bring samosas. Happy Singh’s wife tells him that she is same. Happy Singh why a kinnar will become bahu of this big house. Happy Singh’s friend come with Chintu and tells that this is the servant who worked in our house.

Chintu pushes him on the floor and says why my Mami will work in your house and threatens to beat him and break his tooth. They fight with each other. Raavi stops him. Chintu asks them to get out. Happy Singh’s wife tells that this boy is mischievous. Happy says we will leave now. They leave. Preeto asks soumya not to worry.

Varun drops Surbhi back home. Surbhi thanks her for dropping him. Varun says he wants to have home with her. Surbhi says she is fine in her own house. She goes inside.

Soumya thinks how Chintu protected her and cries. Chintu comes to her and tells that he acted to beat Prince, to protect her. He says I will not leave the persons making fun of yours.

Viren is working in the factory with workers. Harman takes him to side and asks why he is working with workers. Viren says I can’t work as owner. Harman gives her Soumya’s jewellery and asks him to mortgaged the jewellery and takes back Shanno’s jewellery. Viren acts to be emotional. Harak Singh asks him to mortgaged the jewellery. Once Harman goes, Viren smirks and thinks to blackmail Harman emotional whenever he wants money.

Surbhi tells Nani that she will do job. Maninder tells that if she steps out of house then he will burn himself. Surbhi asks what is wrong if I do job and asks Bebe to make him understand. Maninder says if Surbhi steps out of house before marriage then nobody will be bad than me.

Varun comes home. Raavi asks Varun if he haven’t gone to factory. Harman says he came to factory and is not emotional like me. Viren brings money. Harak Singh asks him to show money first. Viren shows the money. Soumya smiles. Viren says it is 1.5 lakhs and asks him to count. Harak Singh asks from where did he get the money? Preeto says it doesn’t matter. Harak Singh gives money to Preeto. Preeto asks them to take Shanno’s jewellery and thinks I have understood from where the money comes from.

Harman tells Soumya that she is not just wife, but a full package. He says it is not a small thing to give jewellery for others. Soumya says Chachi and Chacha’s relation is worthy for us. She says she is getting sleep. Harman says whatever I say is from my heart and asks her to smile. Harman asks her to sleep. Soumya says good night.

Maninder pours kerosene oil on his clothes and lights himself on fire. Everyone is shocked. Maninder shouts. Preeto gets a call and informs Soumya. Soumya is shocked. /strong>

Update Credit to: H Hasan

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  1. Another great act by Harman!

  2. Love you vivian. Today’s episode was good.

  3. Today episode is full of family drama #HaYa are lost in it .To be frank i”ll say angels (HaYa) can’t mutch with devils (HarPreetoEmpireDrama).Look Saumya have done her jewllery to to resolute Veeran problems but this cunning Veeren &his wife didn’t deserve anything.Look how pure ,gentil and loving are Haya and how are others.Happy Singh visit showed us that Preeto is moking of Saumya by saying no need to put gungunat&Ravi hoping that they ‘ll descover Saumya…How much hate have this family.But our savior of the show is the little hero chintu .He ‘s very smart ;he heared his nani&mami talk and when happy singh child named Saumya with naukrani who used to work in their house ;Chintu defend his mami and beat the kid .It’s seems later that chintu was acting beating the kid to be sure that no one makes funny of her.Waw love you Chintu the only one who is positive and we appreciate his presence .As usual no space to HaYa only less than two mn .As big lover for Shakti show hope that my Haya become centric of the show,hope less family drama,Shakti is uncondtional show.We fan’s accepted haya’s relation and believed in it..We want see their journey.Use side caracters but with moseration &give the lead actors their importance

  4. Prachi Mehta Durkaal

    Reel life is different then real life unfortunately yesterday I heard one incident in UP guy marry girl after marriage at first night he know his wife is not female but transgender he inform his family & they gone to meet her parents & gave them condition they should marry their younger daughter with this guy then they except both sister her parents are agreed but younger sister refused so they gone Police station so writers this issue is very sensitive please only for trp don’t show any negativity in this show love you Chintu

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