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Shakti 19th July 2017 Written Episode, Written Update on

The Episode starts with Pandit ji telling that puja is done. Kinnars bring Soumya to Harak Singh’s house to get nek. Soumya gets shocked seeing the haveli and hides her face with Pallu. They come inside house and asks to give nek. Preeto recalls talking to one kinnar before and hides. That kinnar lifts Soumya’s pallu from her head revealing her face. Everyone is shocked. Viren smiles. Preeto thinks if Chintu sees Soumya then Siyappa will happen. Shanno asks Soumya to bless her son. Soumya blesses him. Preeto asks Harak Singh to give nek and make them go. Harak Singh gives nek to them and asks them to leave. Shanno asks Harak singh to give nek to Soumya, the kinnar. Harak Singh gives her nek. The kinnars calls her Tarana and asks her to come. Soumya looks at the house and also recalls the memories. Preeto

stops her and says truth is this only, it is good that you have accepted your truth, and says it will be good for Harman. I want your and Harman’s happiness at different places.

Kinnar takes Soumya. Preeto thinks to make Harman busy in troubles so that he returns back home. Pandit ji tells Harman that havan samagri is over. Harman says I will bring havan samagri and will return. He asks him to continue reading mantra and says Swaha. The men there tell that Harman is very dharmik. Harman comes to Kinnar’s house and asks to give havan samagri. Rani comes and she collides with Harman. Harman looks for Soumya. Chameli gives havan samagri to Harman. Saya asks kinnar to give saree to tarana after she takes bath, to make Harman believe that Soumya is in the house.

Raavi gives milk to Chintu. Chintu refuses to drink milk and asks her to go. Once Raavi goes, Chintu thinks he has to talk to Harman. Balwinder comes. Chintu asks him to take him outside to have icecream. He thinks to call Harman once he is out. Varun tells Harman that Puja is complete, but Soumya didn’t come. Preeto and Harak Singh come there and asks him to come home. Harman says I will not come until Soumya comes with me. Preeto says Soumya is not here. They have sent her from there. Harman asks how do you know? Preeto says I am your mother. Harman runs to Kinnar’s house and asks where is Soumya? They pretend as if Soumya is there. Harman goes inside and checks the room. He gets furious. Saya tells Harman that nobody would have gone safely from here, and says nobody will tell you, and asks him to go. Preeto asks her to tell where is Soumya? Saya says who could know better than you, what to say and what to hide. Chameli says Tarana went to Gujrat, Punjab etc. They try to confuse him. Saya says you will not get her right address, and asks him to go.

Preeto asks Harman to come and take him from there. She says now you have seen with your eyes, and asks him to come. Varun says we will search Soumya. Harman says I will search Soumya and will handover her to them, and then will bring her home with their wish. Harak Singh says what people will say. Harman says society, people etc comes after Soumya.
Preeto says we know that you are worried about society and that’s why doing this puja dhoong and asks him to do whatever he thinks is right. Balwinder brings Chintu to market. Chintu sees Soumya and tells Balwinder that he will do washroom and runs to her. He tells Soumya that Harman is searching her where she is not there. Soumya looks on.

Harman finds Soumya with Saya and tells that he got life seeing her. Soumya asks him to leave her hand and stop following her.

Update Credit to: H Hasan

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