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Shakti 19th July 2016 Written Episode, Written Update on

The Episode starts with Soumya thinking about Maninder’s emotional words while being in the car and gets teary eyes. Harman gives her handkerchief and asks her not to cry. He says I am taking you home as my bride and haven’t kidnapped you. He asks her to wipe her tears. Soumya takes the handkerchief and wipes her tears. Varun looks at Surbhi through the glass. Surbhi makes angry faces. Nimmi prays to God to make Harman strength of Soumya. Maninder laughs and says today will be last day of Soumya’s life. Surbhi asks Soumya what is in the box? Surbhi asks what is in the box and who gave it. Soumya says papa and then stops. Harman asks if he gave property or anything and asks her to show. Nimmi tells Mata Rani that she has light akand jyoot for 21 days, and asks her to take care of Soumya. Maninder prays

to Mata Rani to take Soumya to her, and says he has no other way. He thinks Soumya will open the box surely. Soumya tells Surbhi that it is Maninder’s first gift and she wants to see first. Surbhi asks her to see, and inform her also. Soumya looks at the box.

Saya comes to Nimmi and says of you win the challenge then I will not show my face and if I win then you people should not see my face or Soumya’s face. She asks her not to worry and says I won’ t let anything happen to her as she is my amanat/safe keeping. Soumya looks at the box and shakes it. She thinks it is not opening. Nimmi prays for her safety and holds the akhand jyoot. Soumya thinks whom to ask to open the box. Maninder waits for news to come. Harman takes care of Soumya and hold her when the car jump on speed braker. Varun teases him. They reach Harman’s house. Preeto asks them to wait and says godh bharayi rasam will happen first. She asks her to enter holding a baby in her hand. Varun asks Harman if he is ready for cricket team. Soumya asks Surbhi to hold the box and give her later. They give a baby in her hand. Soumya walks holding baby. Preeto stops her again and asks her to wait.

Harman asks why is she behaving like traffic signal. Preeto says you are anxiously waiting and asks him to have patience. She does their aarti and asks Soumya to hit kalash and enter in the house. She explains to her about the ritual. Soumya kicks the kalash spilling rice grains from the pot. Preeto asks her to keep her feet in colored hand and enter. Soumya keeps her feet in the colored water and gets inside. Mangalam Bhagwan Vishnu plays………….Preeto tells Soumya that her feet is auspicious like Lakshmi and says you are my house Lakshmi now. Varun stops Surbhi and does her aarti teasingly. Surbhi goes. Maninder thinks how to find out? Preeto asks Soumya to leave her hand impressions on the wall..Soumya looks at Harman and prints her hand impressions on wall. Harman’s chachi praises her and says she is sarvagun sampann. Varun asks Surbhi to come with him and see the house. Surbhi says later and says she has to be with Soumya now.

Surbhi thinks to see what is inside the box and thinks she can’t handle suspense anymore. She is about to open the box.

Harman finds the ring during ring finding ritual and tells Preeto that Soumya found it, but gave in his hand. He promises to take care of her always.

Update Credit to: H Hasan

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  1. Loving both the brothers! Harman and Varun both are good 🙂

    1. Renuverma

      Thanks a lot hasan mam for the update

  2. thnks for the update

    1. Which movie song it is?

  3. Sriranjani

    Wow meri Harmya……….Look Guys They both are too gorgeous and I love Rubina and Vivan even more…….

    Harmya Song:- (Tera Ishq hai Meri Ibadat)???❤????????

    (M) Tera Ishq hai meri Ibadat…Diwan hai Dil ki Yahat…Tere sajde mein sarjukaa hoon…Tere sajde mein sarjukaa hoon… mujhe dede itni ijazat… Tuhi mera hudha Tuhi meri Duvan… Tuhi mera hudha Tuhi meri Duvan… Homaiye sarjoon bhavu haii… Tu ne muju kodiyee…Tu ne muju kodiyee…altujha dadkanoke hai…hum juna naa jeye…hum juna naa jeye…hoo… kudu mein tuje chupaklum baassu aakiri meri chahat…kudu mein tuje chupaklum baassu aakiri meri chahat… Tere sajde mein sarjukaa hoon…Tere sajde mein sarjukaa hoon… mujhe dede itni ijazat… Tuhi mera hudha Tuhi meri Duvan… Tuhi mera hudha Tuhi meri Duvan…Tuhi mera hudha Tuhi meri Duvan… Tuhi mera hudha Tuhi meri Duvan…Tuhi mera hudha Tuhi meri Duvan… Tuhi mera hudha Tuhi meri Duvan…Sa sa nee sa ga sa sa sa nee tha pa…Sa sa nee sa ga sa sa sa sa ri ga ri nee tha paa…Sa sa nee sa ga sa sa sa sa ri ga ri nee tha paa… sa sa nee nee tha tha ga ma patha paa… Pa tha nee tha ri patha nee sa sa sa nee tha paa… ahh…
    (F) Tuhi mera hudha Tuhi meri Duvan…Tuhi mera hudha Tuhi meri Duvan…Tuhi mera hudha Tuhi meri Duvan…

    M- male; F – female………

    App ki Likes and comments ko hamai Zaroor bathayee…????

    1. Alisha

      Sriranjani, thank you so much for the lyrics. I am literally in love with this song. I am found singing it nearly every single day. Totally obsessed with this song! ?❤️

    2. Renuverma

      Sriranjini i just love this song. Thanks for allyr efforts in penning down the lyrics. ☺

    3. Where can I download it

      1. Sriranjani

        I will send the song 2 u all but plz give me your Gmail address for sending coz I don’t know you all and you all can trust me ☺?

  4. Alisha

    Superb as always, putting that “Snake thing” at a side. Haya are adorable. I am forced to write this line, every single episode, the only reason is.. THEY ACTUALLY ARE CUTE! ?❤️
    Everytime Soumya was asked to complete a ritual, the way she looked at Harman. I went like, “Awww..?”
    Well, today there were many Surun scenes too. By this time, you all must be thinking that I am a huge Surun fan, instead of Haya, but I actually adore both of them. Both of them are equally cute. Equally adorable!
    I just hope that Surbhi doesn’t open that box, otherwise.. I don’t even want to imagine what would happen.
    The promo, I never knew Soumya was so caring, she actually proved today that how much she respects and loves him.
    Anxiously, waiting for tomorrow’s episode! ??

    1. Renuverma

      Hi alisha ☺ know that yr mom is hayas fan n u like surun more.?

    2. Lila

      Lol I love Surun too… they look so cute together. Get excited seeing Surun scenes. But obviously Haya scenes are the besssttt!!??

      1. Alisha

        Hey Renu and Lila! Of course Haya are the best of all and Surun are cute.
        My Mom wanted Surbhi to be paired with Harman (Ugh!) I don’t know why! She just kinda always sides with Surbhi. So what we have done now is that, I watch the episode when it is originally telecasted (8:00 p.m.) and she watches it in repeat. ???

  5. Narendran

    Awesome,wonderful,extradinary, fantastic epi!! I just loved the scenes Harman cared for soumya that too.. Kerchief scene??????????????????????????????????????

  6. Wow awesome epi loved harmaya ‘s performance and surun too

  7. its sooooooooooooo cute of soumya to give the ring in his hand!

    1. Harmand finds ring and tell Preeto that Soumya found it and give it to him ,,, to make Soumya feel nice and show his love !!!

  8. pwincess pari

    Haya scenes is reli cute n lovely …. Waiting for haya’s performance ??

  9. The episode is awesome and cute seen especially harm and taking care of somiya

  10. What is the secret? Plz tell me I can’t wait now

  11. Very nice

  12. Thanks for your lyrics ranjini.. I loved haya scenes I think sowmu is not a transgender something she has gender problem…I am eagerly waiting for the suspense so please don’t make a transgemder story pls..

  13. Very good epi. I think soumya cant conceive…… iam 99% sure she is not trans gender……but cant say anything still one percent is there

  14. Why is not my dp coming

  15. Anyways thank you so much for the lyrics

  16. Trangender means man or women that under go operations and hormones to change themselves from one s*x to another. Somya did not do this. Therefore she must have both s*xes in her and by looking at her she would have more female than male. I doubt she has a p*nis and by puberty they would have known. If this is storyline it’s stupid. I think it’s to do with supernatural rather than gender.

  17. The group of ppl are known as inters*x Google it to get a better understanding. In hindi it’s called pedi.

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