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Shakti 19th August 2016 Written Episode, Written Update on

The Episode starts with Saya holding Soumya’s hand and brings her to Harak Singh. She tells your daughter in law and forgot the way, so I brought her near you. Harak Singh thanks her. Saya leaves. Harak Singh asks where did you go bahu rani ji? Soumya says I was coming back, but then forgot the way. Harak Singh is thankful to Saya and says you are not my bahu rani but daughter. He asks her not to be scared from anyone. Soumya recalls Maninder hatred and a fb is shown. Harak Singh blesses her and says you shall get my life. He asks her to come inside. Maninder talks about the possibilities, and says Nimmi might elope with Soumya, or Saya will take her. He says we will be ruined in both ways. Bebe asks him to leave thinking about Soumya, and says who will marry Surbhi if anyone comes to know that she is

a sister of Kinnar. Maninder says I didn’t think about this and gets worried. Bebe says we have to get her married before 21 days ends. She says if she will agree to us. Maninder says she has to agree. Bebe says she will call Daljeet and gets some proposals for Surbhi. Maninder says okay.

Raavi comes to Harman and Soumya’s room and checks in their cupboard. She thinks I shall get proofs which proves that Harman and Soumya couldn’t get along with each other. She sees Harman standing there. Harman says you would have handle your home rather than spying here. Raavi says I am your sister, not your enemy. Harman says you should have returned to your sasural like every girl, but you stayed here permanently. Soumya comes there. Harman scolds Soumya politely for letting the door open, says Raavi is my sister, but if anyone else have entered here and stolen anything. Raavi goes cryingly. Soumya asks Harman not to misbehave with his elder sister. Harman asks her to be careful and says I can’t handle any relations since you came in my life. Harak Singh calls everyone downstairs and says I need to give good news. Harman asks what is the new Siyappa. Harak Singh tells Viren that he wants to give good news. Preeto asks what is the matter? Harman and Soumya comes. Harak Singh asks them to come, and asks what might be the good news. Harman says your shouts and Preeto’s teachings can never end. Preeto asks him to shut up. Harak Singh asks Soumya to come near him. Soumya nods and come to stand there.

Harak Singh asks Lawyer to make the announcement. Lawyer shows the papers and says these are factory papers which was brought by him on Harman’s name in July 2014, and now he has transferred ownership to Mrs. Soumya Harman Singh, making her new owner of the factory. Everyone is shocked. Harak Singh asks why everyone is sad and asks lawyer to repeat again. Lawyer says Mrs. Soumya Harman Singh is the new owner of Hemrajpur Bypass factory. Harak Singh announces that this is the nek of her marriage. Lawyer praises Harak Singh for naming factory on her name. Harak Singh says she is not my bahu, but daughter. He says I have named many properties on Harman’s name. He says Soumya will give me heirs and asks can’t I do this for her. Lawyer says okay and leaves.

Harak Singh says this is called good news. Preeto says it is good, whatever you decision is fine. Harak Singh says I have one more good news. Preeto asks did you name koti on her name. Harak Singh says no, and says Pandit ji took out mahurat and says Soumya will inaugurate factory today. He asks everyone to get ready. Preeto asks Soumya to come with her. Harman tells Harak Singh that he wants to talk to him. Harak Singh asks him to tell. Harman says Soumya will not come for the inauguration. Preeto gives saree to Soumya and says I brought it 2 years back and thought to give it to my bahu. Harak Singh says Soumya is your wife. Harman says she is my wife and that’s why I am saying this. Preeto comes back. Harak Singh tells her that Harman don’t want to send Soumya to factory. Preeto asks what is the matter? Harman says she is my wife and I don’t want her to go. Harak Singh says she is your wife, not your servant, how can you stop her. Harman says I am not a child, I need to explain to you everything. He says I don’t want Soumya to go, as she is…..He recalls Soumya telling that she is a kinnar. A fb is shown. Harman says because Soumya…..I don’t want anyone to see Soumya. Harak Singh and Preeto are surprised. Harak Singh says you are talking like this in 21st century, I am ashamed of you. He says if you don’t want to come, then don’t come, but bahu rani will come with us. He asks Preeto to make him understand.

Sindhu tells Shanno that she wants to go. Shanno says we are not going. Viren comes and asks them to get ready. Shanno says we will not go. Preeto tells Harman that she taught him to respect woman, and not to locked her in room. Harman says my thinking is different, and says Soumya is different, don’t know what to do with her. Preeto says you are married with Soumya. She will go wherever you go, and she is your wife now. She asks him to understand Soumya and vice versa. She says you are not bachelor Harman now. Harman says okay Preeto, we will understand each other first and then will inaugurate factory. Preeto says factory is on your wife’s name. If she doesn’t go then people will talk and ruin your dad’s respect. She sees Soumya coming there, wearing the saree given by her. She says Haiyyo Rabba. Harman turns, looks at Soumya surprisingly. Preeto says she can’t walk properly. Soumya’s saree opens up. Soumya holds it and is about to run back to room. Preeto asks her to stop and says you have worn saree before naa. Soumya says this saree is heavy. She says Nimmi and Surbhi used to help her when she was wearing it at home. She says its pleats was opening again and again.

Harman tells Preeto that her factory new owner is Siyappa’s factory, and asks her to help Soumya. Preeto asks her to come, and then turns to Harman and says you both need help. She asks Harman to make her wear saree properly. Harman says me….Preeto says your chemistry will increase, and asks him to go. She says you both will come closer and asks them to go. Harman looks at her.

Varun buys golgappa. Harman makes Soumya eat it angrily. Soumya coughs. Golgappa seller tells them that they are lucky, and if anyone of them coughs during eating it then that couple remain together for life. Soumya and Harman looks at each other.

Update Credit to: H Hasan

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  1. Liked today’s episode….Harman was there in all scene…. And no Surbhi… Loved Harman

  2. Sriranjani

    When Harman makes Soumya eat the Golgappa and when the Seller tells that they remain together
    Harman and Soumya look at each other in a passion and Soumya looks at him with a gesture

  3. Wow Vivian you are too good. I think he will change now.

  4. Wow epi was superb.Luv u HarakSingh nd Preeto…..nd also that golgappa walla… Somu is so cute nd innocent…chalo saya ne aaj toh baccha liya par aage kya??? Haya scenes were awesome…..aur kya kahoon happiness batane k liye words hi nahi h mere paas…..m so excited 4 next epi…

  5. Hello frndzz!where r all d members Alisha,Renu di,Vishwa….

  6. Super episode…

  7. pwincess pari

    Awesum precap ???
    Nice epi ??

  8. Alisha

    Hi everyone! Hope everyone is doing well. First of all thanks for the update Mam. ?
    That was something beyond amazing.. Khadak Singh hats off to you! You took a perfect decision. Everytime he calls Soumya his daughter, my heart literally melts, plus in today’s episode when he placed his hand on her head and Soumya remembered the harsh words of her father.. That moment was heartbreaking..
    What’s even more heartbreaking is Harman behaving rudely with Soumya. I can’t see them like that. He lost his livelihood. Wo mazak.. Sab kuch khatam ho gaya yaar! I loved his personality but as people say time changes people. It would take time for Harman to understand what Soumya is going through. But shouting on her, every single time.. Even when she tries her best to care for him? That’s not done yaar.. ?
    Aur Ravi, bas ker do.. ?? Chor do Soumya ki jaan? Kiya masla hai yaar? Sab Soumya ke peeche pade hain.
    Coming back to the decision Khadak Singh took.. Fab! This is certainly gonna change the behavior of the family members towards Soumya, except Harman.. As well all know that’s gonna take time. I gave about 100 flying kisses to Soumya while it was announced that she is the new owner. Plus I was laughing hard, looking at their faces. The way their faces went pale. Time to dance.. ???
    EVERYONE LETS DANCE!! ? Okay okay…
    So while I was away, another disappointing thing happened. You guys might have guessed it by now.. Yup! The couple we gave a collective name together, Surun.. Varu turned out to be negative. OMG! When I got to know that, I literally felt like killing myself. What the hell? Varu? Negative? Na kero yaar… Surbhi is clever but itni clever ke ye samajh jae ke what’s going on in Varu’s mind, I don’t think so. But I still have a hope that she would definitely get to know, some day.. Likin Varu ko negative kerne ki kiya zarorat thi? ???
    Surun ko thodi dair ke liye.. Su—run ker dete hain, ke naheen? Acha… I just can’t come over the fact that Khadak Singh just did that.. ??
    WE LOVE YOU! He really considers Soumya as his daughter but hope his perspective doesn’t change after he gets to know the truth. ??
    Chalo koi naheen… Positive sochna chahiye! ?
    When Harman said, “Preeto, teri factory ki nai malkin khud siyapon ki factory hai.”
    Me: “Chup beth.. Bada aya!”
    The promo… Best promo ever though, thank you Gol-gappon wale Bhaiya! Aap ki wajah se kam se kam Harman would think about Soumya once more and maybe he would decide to support her. So, Bhaiya.. ???
    Aur han.. Yaar what happened to the comments? They are decreasing day by day.. ?

    1. florentina moldovan

      Alisha, Harman s attitude is very good!!! In real life, i think a man in his condition make worse things….the shock is still there….plus….he didn t spoke with nobody about this thing…so ….i think it is very hard for him….
      i do not want to think what Harak will do when he will know the truth….i think he will try to suicide…..but first he will throw out Somu and revenge on her family….he is right to do all this things….he was fooled…..i only hope that till than Harman will decide to fight for this love and leave with Somu….

  9. florentina moldovan

    how will i resist till monday ??????
    Harak Singh, i just love you!!!!
    Harak knows well his family and their thoughts and that it is why he wants Somu to be the owner of his fortune, because he knows that she is the most innocent member of his family!!!!!!!!!
    oh, Rubina and Vivian are so beautiful!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  10. Episode was good , but I want to see Harman’s concern for my cute sowmya

  11. Hi…may i know what is the meaning of kinnar

    1. rekha vaghela

      She is an inters*x. Neither male nor female. Or female with some parts like males

  12. guys ! mujhe na iss serial ko dekhkar “BHASKAR BHARTI” ki yaad aarahi hai,waha bhi armaan aur bharti ko hum ek saath dekhna chahtehai but at the same time nahi chahte hai bcoz its against nature,infact” BHASKAR BHARTI” bahut achcha tha bcoz it is a comedy serial ,we can forget all our sorrows and laugh heartily.
    but i’m not able to tolerate the trauma of somya and harman 🙁

  13. Shakti !!! Good story

  14. Harman is indeed being nice soumya as he has not told her truth to anyone n he is letting her live in his house. ..
    he had dreamt a blissful life with her for seven births n he is feeling terribly betrayed. ..

    actually nobody betrayed him but it happened like that. ..

  15. I think it’s unfair on Harman. He wasn’t aware that Soumya was kinnar before marriage. This is the kind of thing that should be disclosed before hand. If I got married and my husband turned out to be a kinnar, I’d be very unhappy.

  16. lol Harman. . kya dialog maarta hai… slowly he is getting back to normalcy. .

    “preeto.. tumari nayi factory ki maalkin khud siyappe ki factory hai”..
    I m too impressed. ..

  17. Shrinjal

    Dosto. …Plzz zzzz read my very new and 1st ff..Link is given above


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