Shakti 18th June 2018 Written Episode Update: Harman beats up Sameer and asks about Soumya

Shakti 18th June 2018 Written Episode, Written Update on

The Episode starts with Harman and Jasleen sitting in the car. Harman tells her that everytime he couldn’t reach Soumya. They don’t see Soumya and Sameer on the bike. Sameer’s friend check Soumya and says she will be fine. Workers come there and ask what happened to Soumya? Soumya’s mum says nothing happened and asks them to take the toys. They leave. Sameer locks the door. Harman and Jasleen see them going. Harman comes to Sameer’s house and knocks on the door. Sameer sees Harman in the eyeball and tells his mum that Harman came. He takes Soumya to room and makes her rest. He closes the door. Harman still knocks on the door and calls Sameer. Jasleen says I hope his mum is fine. Sameer and his mum hide the room door with the cupboard. Harman tries to open the door and gets inside. Sameer’s mum

pretends to hurt her foot? Sameer asks if you were on door. Jasleen checks his mum’s feet and asks Sameer to bring balm. Sameer asks why didn’t you go to Canada. Harman says they have to search Soumya. Sameer asks what about marriage. Jasleen says marriage was fake and tells something.

Raavi comes to Jeet and asks what is he doing? Jeet says he is trying to help Harman and Jasleen in finding Soumya. Raavi says here? Jeet says dad made me software engineer and tells that he is tracing the numbers. Preeto comes and says Soumya is really good. Jeet says when I came here I thought only about Harman and Jasleen, but now I think about Soumya, I am alive because of her. Preeto says Soumya has changed my hatred into love and asks Raavi to change her thoughts for Soumya and says you will feel peace.

Sameer’s mum asks him to help them. Sameer says they know, I am helping them. Harman says we will leave. Harman sees Sameer’s red helmet in the pic. Jasleen sees syringes and medical stuff in the dustbin.

Raavi comes to the temple and says today she came to pray for Soumya as she saved Jeet. She asks her to make her fine where ever she is? Sameer tells his mum that it was good that Gill called them and said that Harman and jasleen are coming there. He tells that they shall leave immediately from there. Jeet hacks Harman and Harak Singh’s phone and gets the call list. He sees Sameer’s number and thinks whose number is this.

Jasleen tells Harman, shall I tell you? Harman says yes. Jeet thinks Harman, Harak Singh, and Sameer had talked to this number. He calls Harman and asks about the number. Harman says it is Sameer’s number. Jeet says ok and ends the call. Harman tells Jasleen that how did Jeet get Sameer’s number. Jasleen says he is a big hacker and must be doing something. She says why Sameer tells that his mum is old and unwell when she is fine. Harman says even that helmet was same and says if we both are thinking same. Jasleen sees woman workers and asks about Soumya. They tell that they don’t know. Harman tells that Soumya’s mum died and she is her only family member. Women don’t tell them and leave. Jeet calls Harman and asks him to check Gill’s number. He tells Harman that Harak Singh, Sameer and you have talked on this number. Harman realizes that it is the man’s call who had locked Jasleen and him in the room near the temple. Jeet tells him that all three of them have talked to his number. He says did you understand what I am saying. Just then women workers come there and say we want to tell you something.

Sameer tells his mum that he will bring the car. Harman comes there and asks where is Soumya? He slaps Sameer. He asks where is Soumya? His mum tries to stop Harman from beating Sameer. Harman asks her not to interfere. Sameer says I don’t know. Sameer’s mum asks him not to beat Sameer. Jasleen asks Harman not to beat him and says she will search Soumya in the house. She couldn’t find her in the room and tells Harman that Soumya is not here. Sameer says she is not at home.

Sameer asks Soumya what is the difference between Harman and him. Soumya says you love a woman and he loves a kinnar. Sameer thinks she is lying to get rid of them. Soumya says this is the truth. Sameer says I hate you and asks her to get out of his house.

Update Credit to: H Hasan

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