Shakti 18th July 2018 Written Episode Update: Nani demands a grand child from Harman and Soumya

Shakti 18th July 2018 Written Episode, Written Update on

The Episode starts with a lady telling that Preeto’s bahu must be infertile and that’s why there is no sohar at Preeto’s place. Nani slaps the lady. Other lady apologizes to her. Nani challenges that Soumya will have a cute baby then everyone will be quiet. Nani asks Soumya to come. She asks her not to feel bad and tells that time has come for Harman to become a father. She promotes Roop. She asks if she will have golgappa and asks her to smile else Harman will get upset. Veeran talks to Harak Singh about Harman’s work indirectly. Harman understands and tells that Harak Singh threatened shop owners not to buy toys from us. He tells that he will live his life with Soumya forever. Preeto asks Harak Singh to make sure that he doesn’t lose relations. Saya and Chameli see Soumya with Nani. She tries to

sell toys to Nani covering her face. Nani thinks of her as a woman and asks her to bless Soumya so that she becomes mother soon. Saya gets emotional and goes away. Chameli sells toy to her and blesses her. Nani asks her to bless her for a baby. Chameli says everything is covered.

Harman tries to convince retailer to buy his toys, but he refuses and asks him to understand. He feels helpless. Preeto gives him strength. Veeran talks to someone. Preeto takes Harman’s side and tells that his son is very competent. Nani comes and says your son is incompetent. He asks her to worry about his wife. Harman says he is not bothered about people. Nani tells that a lady was calling Soumya infertile. Everyone is shocked. Shanno gets happy. Nani says in her times, they used to get the son remarried if his wife couldn’t give birth to a baby within a year. Harman tells that it was old age, but in these days nobody wants baby till few years. Preeto says it is their decision what we can do. Shanno thinks this old lady will not go without their baby.

Preeto tries to convince Harak Singh to agree for adopting a baby and tells that you can teach him wrestling etc to that baby also. Harak Singh says own blood is own blood only. Harman asks Soumya how many children she has seen. Soumya says her neighbor had 6 children. Harman says they will adopt 7 babies and asks her to smile. Nani comes to Preeto and tells Harman and Soumya’s baby. Preeto asks her to leave the matter. Nani asks why are you ignoring the matter and asks if everything is alright, or if there is some problem. Preeto looks on.

Nani tells that she will leave when she is at peace. She tells about Santan Prapti Yagya and asks Preeto to call neighbors and Soumya’s friends. Harman and Soumya get tensed.

Update Credit to: H Hasan

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