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Shakti 18th July 2016 Written Episode, Written Update on

The Episode starts with Harman promising Nimmi that he will keep Soumya happy more than his happiness. Nimmi is still worried and tells Beeji, what will happen when they come to know about her truth. She says they will kick her out. She hopes that she shall stay in her house and protect her. Beeji asks her not to worry, and make arrangements for Bidaai. Nimmi prays for her safety. Surbhi tells Soumya that although she is not married, but can give her suggestions. She asks her to understand everyone’s behavior and then she will tell how to behave. Surbhi tells that she will visit Soumya’s house after 4-5 days. Nimmi tells Surbhi that she shall go with Soumya and stay with her for few days until she settles down. Surbhi agrees. Nimmi goes to talk to Harak Singh and Preeto.

Harman’s sister teases

him and tells Preeto that he is already smitten by his wife. Preeto asks them to keep quiet. Nimmi comes and requests them to take Surbhi with Soumya for few days, and tells that she is concerned about Soumya. Harak Singh says we are relatives now and asks her to just order. He says we are okay with it. Harman says this way Surbhi can spend more time with Soumya. Kalsi asks Soumya, if she wants to go now or let them do the bidaai later. Soumya says no, and says she is fine. Kalsi asks will you forget us? Soumya says no. Maninder comes and asks Kalsi to go and talk to Harman. They leave. Maninder tells Soumya that he has never spoken to her rightly or gave her father’s love. He says now you are going….from here. He says I never tried to know about your likes or dislikes..He says you know me, I couldn’t express my feelings and that’s why I went to market and brought something for you. If you like it then I will think that you have forgiven me. He gives a box in Soumya’s hand.

Soumya says you called me daughter…this is the best gift for me and thanks him. She hugs him and cries happily. She says I wished for your love since childhood. Maninder tells her that Nimmi doubts on him and thinks him as her enemy. He asks her not to tell her. Soumya says this gift is given to me by you, and I will keep it safely with me, all my life. Maninder says I will think that my sins are washed off. Soumya looks at the box and gets happy saying it is her Papa’s first gift. Maninder thinks he has managed to emotionally blackmail Soumya and thinks she will die because of the venom. Nimmi tells Beeji that Harak Singh has agreed to take Soumya. They see Maninder peeping inside the room. Nimmi asks Soumya why did he come here, and asks if he gave anything to you. Soumya thinks of Maninder’s words and lies to Nimmi that he came for Surbhi.

Maninder sees Surbhi packing her bag, and asks where is she going? Surbhi says she is going to Soumya’s inlaws home for few days. Maninder says you can’t go, and asks with whose permission you are going? Surbhi says she don’t need anyone’s permission, and says she will return soon, and asks him to miss her also. Maninder gets tensed. Varun tells Surbhi that he will keep her stuff inside. Surbhi says it is okay. Varun says sharing is caring and takes her stuff. Harman looks at Soumya while she comes out for the bidaai ceremony. Nimmi stares her lovingly and emotionally…..She says you are going to stranger home today, and asks her not to forget her….She asks her to become a good daughter in law and keep everyone happy. Soumya hugs her and cries.

Maninder sees Kalsi holding the box and recalls keeping snake in it. Nimmi apologizes to them. Preeto says we will keep her as our daughter. Soumya asks Kalsi to give her box and says she will take it with her. Maninder takes a sigh of relief. Harman and Soumya sit in the car. Surbhi also sits. They leave. Nimmi cries. Beeji tells Nimmi that Soumya went to loving family. Jugni asks her to stop crying. Bebe tells Maninder that inauspicious girl went to her sasural. Maninder says he sent her with full arrangements and says his attack will not go waste. Saya hears him.

Nimmi prays for Soumya’s well being and lights the diya. Saya comes to her and says if she wins then she shall not show her face to Soumya or her.

Update Credit to: H Hasan

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  1. Amaya

    Interesting episode. When will solve the mystery?

  2. Narendran

    I think box is changed! Anyways today no Harman and. Soumya scenes epi was good! Emotional drama! Guys my ff. Is posted on shakthi page.. Pls check it off.. And comment..??

  3. Yes box is definitely changed….Saumya’s secret needs to be revealed soon….I hope it’s not what most of us are thinking.

  4. Alisha

    The suspense is killing me inside. There were many of the evidences that suggest that it might be a transgender story but the recent promo made another addition to number of proofs. Many of you might have watched the new promo, in which Nimmi asks Surbhi to go with Haya and don’t let their suhagraat happen. Oh no… I don’t want the story to be something like that. On the other hand, I still can’t get that “Other World” thing out of my mind. It’s like my mind is stuck on that word. The first thing that comes into my mind after listening the word “Other World” is “Superstitious” or “Paranormal”…. It would be much better if its something paranormal then it being a transgender story. Anyways.. Would be fun to watch.
    Guess what, when Soumya fainted in the promo before the recent one, the theory I made was something as follow:
    Soumya would faint in Harman’s arms and then they would take her to hospital realizing the seriousness of the situation. After the doctor would examine her, he would tell everyone that, she won’t be able to survive or has gone into coma. Maninder and Dadi would be glad to hear that, whereas Nimmi would breakdown. Khadak Singh and Preeto would decide to get Surbhi married to Harman, instead of Soumya so that their respect isn’t ruined or something like that. Surbhi would hesitantly agree and Varun would be able to persuade Harman. Everyone would agree except Nimmi, cuz she still believes that her daughter is alive. Even though Varun was able to persuade Harman to marry Surbhi, but inside somewhere..he has those feelings for Surbhi (unknown to him too). They would get Harman and Surbhi married but Harman won’t be able to accept Surbhi as his wife. And then after a few days of being kept under observation Soumya would survive and somehow she would end up marrying Varun (again that respect thing.) The story would continue showing how Varun and Soumya would try to get their love, while on the other hand Surbhi would be in a dilemma of whom to choose, her love (Harman)? her sister? or the person who loves her (Varun)?
    TADA! I know that was a terrible theory and I just kept on blabbering. Just ignore it.. But if you did like the storyline, I made… Make sure you comment.. ??? (Just kidding, I know it was a horrible one, plus kinda similar to Swaragini.. Just one difference is there, that the couples would remain the same “Harman and Soumya” “Surbhi and Varun”. Anyways.. Coming towards today’s episode:
    Wohoo…Haya finally got married, with all the rituals. And now.. Surbhi is going with Haya, to their house. So that gives Varu a chance to impress her, if he wants (of course he would have to). Best of luck to him, after all it’s gonna be a tough job. Today there were no Haya scenes and only one Surun scene, inshort today’s episode was all about to which extent Maninder can go. That was hard to watch! Anyways.. I hope they don’t drag Soumya’s past anymore and reveal it soon.

    1. Lila

      Alisha yaar…don’t scare us with that theory. If Rashmi Sharma does this I will never watch the show again. Already I hate her for not making Ragsan pair in Swaragini.

      1. Alisha

        I am exteremely sorry if I did make you guys feel scared. Really really sorry..
        Don’t worry.. Nothing like that would ever happen to this serial, that was just a stupid and terrible theory of mine, but they would never ever do that to the actual serial, so stop worrying! ?
        Just hope for the best! ?

    2. Interesting theory I like and I too hope that it’s not what we r speculating the production team did say the story has a social message so I think it might be that and no superstition.
      Btw was that really Wat happen swaragini I only recently start watching it.

      1. Alisha

        I hope it turns out like you said. Oh, the really said so? A social message? Hmmm… Then that can be a superstition or something similar to that!
        Anyways.. Until the secret is revealed we can enjoy Haya and Surun scenes, atleast!
        No wonder what the writers are planning to do! ?

  5. Nys theory Alisha???

    1. Alisha

      Hehehe.. That was just me blabbering and my mind making some stupid theories. Anyways.. Thank you for liking it! ???

  6. Ppl are getting so confused about trangender. As she hasn’t had surgery it’s quite clear she’s a women. trangender is completely different from being born with both s*xual organs and being able to choose what u want to be. Which is easily rectified. Go and do ur research.

    1. Renuverma

      Alisha hi . I just love yr posts. Lime u me too is addicted to this show after IKRS. well even i am desperate to know the suspense. As posted on earlier pages i am sure that she is enunch because that saya looks like the same n she might be refering other world as her world where pepole don’t marry. Also new promo also deepens that doubt as nimmy has asked surbhi to avoid haya getting physical but instead nimmy cud have told saumya directly that owing to some diety or pledge she shud avoid to get intimate with harman for few days. Anywats looking forward for saumyas married life at harmans home. Be the way r u studying or working.

      1. hi renu nice to see you here..

        I was also looking fwd to this serial because of vivian… but off late looks like it’s a typical rashmi sharma story with no serious theme or story line..
        I m bit unhappy about it -:((

      2. Renuverma

        Hi saras dear i have been here since the show took a leap but do not comment daily as was engrossed in ikrs. Now it seems it wud be reverse.

  7. Please do not destroy this show with your so call ff. See what happened with Swaragini….

    1. Alisha

      Hey Niya! If you are talking about “My so called stupid theory”, then you are absolutely right. I just blabber too much.. Like too much! Someone needs to stop me. Hehehe.. It just seemed like you are angry so I thought to..u know! So, I am sorry if my comment did hurt you. ☹️?
      Anyways.. Have a nice day! ?

  8. off course with all points listed out by renu n others its almost confirmed its kinner or trans or something story. .if that’s the case. .

    y is nimmi thinking of marruing soumya at all!! How can she think harman will love her same way though he cannot live with her as husband n wife? ? it feels weird

  9. A very nice episode.

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