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Shakti 17th October 2016 Written Episode, Written Update on

The Episode starts with Varun seeing Preeto tensed and thinks to talk to her. He asks her not to shy away from guests else they will doubt. He tells her that he wants to see her happy always, and wants his mami to be evergreen also. Shanno asks Viren, what she shall wear? Viren asks her to wear anything of her choice. Shanno says she will be happy when Harak Singh and Preeto get insulted by the guest, and says that moment will be happy one for me and I want to look beautiful. Viren gets angry and asks her to wear whatever she wants to wear. Viren comes to Harak singh and asks him not to worry, and asks him not to answer anything to the guests. H

arman’s friend Ankit comes to Harman’s room and asks him, until when he will get ready. He asks about Soumya. Harman looks on. Raavi comes and says

she is not a kid and will come. Ankit goes. Harman asks Raavi why did she lie? He says truth will come out eventually. Harak Singh tells everyone that they shall start the puja. Guest asks Harak Singh to give chance to Harman and his wife to do puja first. Harak Singh says this year we will do puja and from next year Harman will do puja. Preeto says yes. Guest asks can’t you call bahu for sometime. Preeto says she is unwell and we can’t call her here. Ankit says Raavi said that she is getting ready.

Varun signs the man to question Harak Singh. Man says I think there is something fishy, that day also his bahu hadn’t come to temple and today also. They got married in a hurry and don’t know what happened then. Harman gets angry and asks him to mind his language else he will ruin him. Harak Singh asks the guests to leave, whoever is having problem. One of the guest tells that they don’t have any objection and asks him to do the puja. Harak Singh asks Preeto to come. Varun signs the man. Man tells Harak Singh that he can’t be saved again and lie to them again and again. Others also asks him. Man tells everyone that he got impressed with him when he got his bahu’s name written on temple’s marble stone, but later when his father visited Harak Singh and asks about Soumya, Harak Singh insulted his dad. He asks him to where did he hide his bahu. Everyone is tensed.

Saya tells everyone that they all shall go to temple. She asks where is Tarana? Kareena comes and says she is having stomach ache, and says she will stay with her. Saya agrees. Rani tells Raveena that something is brewing between them. They leave. Kareena asks Soumya to get ready for puja. Harak Singh asks who are you to question me. Man says he is a part of society and has full right to know what he is hiding. Everyone asks Harak Singh to answer. Harman shouts asking them to stop and says I will tell you where is Soumya? Preeto thinks what he is going to say? Varun tells Harman not to tell anything to outsider about their family matter.

Man asks what is the matter, which you want to hide from everyone. Harman feels apologetic to Soumya and thinks he has to tell her truth to everyone now. He says my wife Soumya is a ………….Just then Maninder comes and asks him to stop. Everyone turns and sees Maninder coming there with Nimmi and a woman with veil on her face. The woman inside the veil is Surbhi. Everyone thinks she is Soumya.

A fb is shown, Surbhi tells Maninder that she will go to Harman’s house. Maninder says you will not go, and tells that let their respect get ruined, he doesn’t care. Surbhi tells that she is going there to lower Harman’s favors, and says atleast he needs Soumya for this. Maninder shouts. Surbhi says I will not marry if I refuse to let me go, and asks him to take her with Nimmi there if he wants her to marry Abhishek. Fb ends. Nimmi greets Harak Singh and says they got late, and tells that Soumya was unwell and that’s why they came late. Harak Singh thinks it is good that they came, and says bahu Rani and you both were unwell. Nimmi says she is fine now. Preeto says lets do puja now. Pandit ji asks them to start. Kareena tells Soumya that she will keep an eye on the door and asks her to do puja. Soumya asks why? And tells that Saya thinks this puja is for married woman and is prohibiting you from accepting this world. Man asks Harak Singh, why his bahu is wearing ghunghat. Harak Singh says Nimmi said that Soumya is well and she is keeping veil to stay away from bad sight. Man again asks the same. Harman gets angry and threatens him.

Soumya tells God that she doesn’t know how to do this puja, but her inlaws are doing this since years. She says I am doing this with my heart. She begins the puja. Nammo Nammo Durga plays……….Meanwhile Pandit ji asks Harman to make circle with rice grain and stand in it. Harman’s hand touches Surbhi’s hand, and she moves. Pandit ji says there is no place for outsiders in this circle. Soumya tells Harman that her world is him, and he can’t feel connected with anyone except him. Harman thanks Surbhi. Surbhi asks why you are thanking me, and says I am doing this for Soumya. She asks him to remember Soumya and do puja, and hopes they find her.. Pandit ji asks all husbands to give 3 promises to their wives, which they can fulfill. Harman promises Soumya that he will find her wherever she will be, he will never let her cry, he will never forget her and she will be with him as a sweet memory. Surbhi gets teary eyes.

Soumya tells that she doesn’t want any promises from Harman, just she wants to love him and be his Soumya all her life. Pandit ji asks them to put flowers in havan and tell mantras. Maninder is angry and thinks until when this puja will go on. Harman and Surbhi hold the puja thaali and do aarti together. Pandit ji asks Harman to make his wife eat food. Harman takes the plate. Raavi asks Harman to make Surbhi have food before pind start telling anything. Soumya tells Harman that she has tried to do the puja, just as he explained. She recalls Harman saying that he will tell everyone that his wife is very beautiful. She tells that she has worn orange colored saree, and says now time have come to take first bite of food from your hand. Preeto asks Harman to make Surbhi take food first. Raavi also forces him.

Harman is about to make her eat food, but just then she faints and falls on him. Harman holds her. Everyone is shocked. Harman says she has fainted because of weakness, but she is fine. He lifts her and takes her to room. Guest lady says what happened to bahu. Preeto says we told you that she is unwell and fasting too, got weak and fainted. She asks them to have food. Soumya says if I was not a kinnar, then you would have told everyone that you loves me. If I was not a kinnar, then I would have shouted and tell everyone that you are mine. She says this is my bad destiny that I am a kinnar.

Surbhi realizes that someone is giving info to Kinnars about them. Preeto asks Harman what is his next step to search Soumya. Harman is about to tell her, just then Surbhi calls him and tells him something. Harman looks on.

Update Credit to: H Hasan

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  1. Ab milwa b do Harman ko or sumya ko

  2. Hi to all shakthi viewers. I think surbhi stay away from Harman as she know her limit.but this preeto should not interupt in their life. Lets hope well

  3. Angelk1

    When will this end. Im1 tierd of seeing the same thing. The plot needs to move on. Unite soumya and harman

  4. it is a ray of hope i have seen a future scene that one of harman friends will disgiuse as a kinnar in order to help somya he will let her talk to harman it was very emotional scene . it was extremly touching the puja scene indicates how much they are connected i think he wont be able to marry surbi even if he marries surbi he wil always love somya .

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