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Shakti 17th May 2017 Written Episode, Written Update on

The Episode starts with Bebe worrying about Surbhi. Nani comes and says she wants to talk to her. Bebe says nothing is left. Nani says my happiness lies with this family and says Nimmi was my only daughter. Maninder asks what do you wants to say? Nani asks him to talk to Varun and says he loves Surbhi. Maninder asks can’t you see anyone beyond harak singh’s family. He shouts. Surbhi asks Nani to come with her to Soumya’s house. She asks her to make Soumya’s favorite kheer and then come. They come to Soumya’s hut. Saya asks them to sit. Soumya returns. Surbhi asks where did you go? Soumya says she went to do work. Surbhi is surprised. Nani says work is work and it is not small or big. Surbhi asks did you inform Harman. Soumya says no and says she thought to work so that she can share some expenses

with him. Nani says I miss Nimmo very much and says she is not alive to see you working. Soumya says she would have been happy seeing her becoming independent. Happy Singh’s son praises Soumya and asks when is his son’s birthday. Soumya says she doesn’t know. Happy Singh’s wife scolds her and asks her to open the door.

Soumya opens the door and sees Harak Singh and Preeto with Chintu. Harak Singh asks Chintu to give gift to Prince. Happy’s wife asks about Harman and Soumya. Preeto tells them that they left home, but soon will return. Soumya brings snacks and keeps on the table. She feels bad as Preeto lied to them.

Soumya tells Happy’s wife that she is going and have finished all the work. Happy’s wife scolds her again and asks her to stay till party ends. Chintu tells Prince that he drinks chocolate milk. Prince says even he drinks chocolate tea made by his servant and asks if he would like to drink chocolate milk. Soumya gets Harman’s call and he asks her to get ready fast. Soumya gets tensed. Director asks Harman, did you get money? Harman says yes. Director asks him to bring his inspiration, his wife here. Harman says I have a request and tells that don’t tell my wife that I do risky stunts here, as she doesn’t know, else she will fight with me and cry also. Director agrees and asks everyone present there not to tell Harman’s wife that he does stunt here. Hero thinks nobody need to say after what I do. Prince brings Chintu to kitchen and asks her to make chocolate milk for them. Chintu says why she is in veil, I want to see her face. Just then happy singh calls them. Shanno tells Viren that they will rule in the house and says she will kick Varun out soon.

Viren asks Balwinder to come with him to office and says I will teach you business. Balwinder says ok. Varun comes there. Shanno and Viren acts. Varun thinks they are big nautanki baaz. Soumya brings chocolate milk shake for Chintu and Prince. Happy Singh comes and asks her to make lassi for kids. Chintu says this is chocolate milk shake. He drinks and likes it. Soumya thinks what to do and calls Mallika. She asks her to give message to Harman. Chintu comes to kitchen and says I have understood drinking this milk that you are my Mami. Soumya lifts her veil and asks Chintu not to tell anyone. Happy’s wife comes and scolds Soumya. Soumya says she want to go home. Happy’s wife says she won’t let her go until party is over and asks Chintu to come with him.

Harman comes home and sees the door locked. He calls her. Happy’s wife tells that her servant is more busy than her. Chintu says he wants lassi. Soumya gives him lassi. Chintu throws it on his foot and asks Happy’s wife to send her servant home. Happy’s wife asks her to go inside. Chintu says I will not stay in this party if she stays here. Happy’s wife asks Soumya to clean his foot and then go home. Chintu asks her to go home as Mama is calling. Soumya thanks him. Chintu asks him to come soon and says he don’t feel good without her. Soumya hugs him.

At the filmi party, hero shows photos to Soumya. Soumya doesn’t believe on those pics. Hero asks if both are of same character. Harman and Soumya are shocked.

Update Credit to: H Hasan

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  1. Chintu was good Today!

  2. Chintu is a really cute guy. I love him sooooooooo much????????????????He has more than qualities his parents and others

  3. I hate that film hero and heroine. Chintu was rocking. Vivian rocks asusual.

  4. After a long time got to see Varun ?

  5. Yesterday and today episodes are ausumnnnn.HAYA are fabulous. I am in deep love with HAYA.How someone likes his love like Harman? Soumya getting jealous seeing that mark.she slowly come out of the shell ,I think she will surely confess her love as quickly as possible. Now a days SHAKTI is a treat to watch.Always love HAYA nd VIV –INA.

  6. Rocked it chintu……..
    I hate both hero nd heroine………i like somu’s trust on harman…….
    Hi to all??
    Where r u ammu ma.kartika..raji ma…uthaya…..all tamil fans…..

  7. Saumya really looks like maid.Harman looks like conductor..
    Yawnn episodes

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