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Shakti 17th June 2016 Written Episode, Written Update on

The Episode starts with Jugni telling that her 4 tolas gold chain is missing. Kalsi says siyappa/trouble have started before my wedding and fears she might not get married. Jugni says nothing will happen and says she will inform Kalsi’s dad. She says it might be stolen. A woman sees a girl going hiding her face and says she is the one who has stolen it. She removes dupatta from her face and asks her to give chain. Surbhi says her sister can’t steal anything. Kalsi says she is like my sister and can’t steal anything. Woman is trying to slap Soumya. Surbhi holds her hand to stop her. She asks her to be in limits else she will return the slap as a return gift. Woman says one sister is a thief and other is badtameez. Jugni comes and says Soumya is like my daughter. She can’t steal. Woman says she will

leave and says she was insulted. Surbhi stops her and says she will check her. Woman asks what nonsense? Surbhi says when you can check others, then why not you? She checks her and gets a small pouch. Surbhi asks Soumya to open the bag. Soumya hesitantly opens it and finds a chain. Jugni says it is hers and says she will not leave Mrs. Arora. Surbhi tells that she can’t see anyone hurting her Soumya di, and asks her not to cry. Soumya covers her head with dupatta and asks her to come. Maninder comes infront of her and scolds Nimmi for the drama. Jugni asks Nimmi not to leave marriage. Nimmi apologizes and says we have to go. Jugni’s husband asks her to stay back and bless Kalsi. Nimmi agrees.

Kalsi is taking pheras with her groom. Maninder and his family looks on. Bebe asks Soumya, why did she step out of home. She says you have made our nose cut. Nimmi asks why you came there. Surbhi says I knew that you both will not allow her to come there and that’s why I gave her promise and asks her to come. Nimmi says she is fine here. Surbhi says how can di stay all her life in house. She says how can a mum differentiate between her two daughters. She says they didn’t allow you to study, socialize and do anything. Nimmi asks her not to worry. Bebe says everything is happening because of your daughter. Surbhi tells Bebe that Soumya is a best daughter and best grand daughter. She does all the work and obeys all your order. She was deprived of family love. Maninder says your mum have taken her responsibility so what I would do. Surbhi says I have seen how much you used to hate her and talks about Soumya’s rights. She goes angrily. Maninder tells Nimmi that he can do anything for his Surbhi. Soumya cries. Surbhi leaves.

She meets her friends and says she is feeling like eloping from home. Soumya cries and apologizes to Nimmi. She says I wanted to see Kalsi’s marriage, sorry I shouldn’t have come there. Nimmi hugs her and cries. She says no problem. Soumya says it is my mistake maa…Nimmi says no. Surbhi comes to Mela and fires at the balloons. He gives her something as prize. Surbhi asks him to keep it. Soumya calls Surbhi and tells Nimmi that Surbhi is not picking the call. Nimmi says she will come. Soumya says she will do the work. Nimmi thinks about Surbhi’s words and feels apologetic. Soumya worries about Surbhi. Two goons tease Surbhi and her friends. Her friends asks Surbhi to ignore them. Surbhi goes to goons and asks who is cooker and who has whistled. The goons are shocked. Surbhi slaps him. People gather there. Surbhi says I will handle by myself and asks them not to make whistle like this next time.. She teaches them how to whistle. She teaches them not to tease girl and then slaps them hard.

Surbhi comes to college and asks her friend not to worry. She sees Harman and gets impressed with his style.

Update Credit to: H Hasan

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  1. Sriranjani

    Ohh pretty episode and waiting for harman’s entry.

  2. Narendran

    Same precap?? I wanted to wait till next week?? Anyways.. Good show.. And epi

  3. pwincess pari

    Wattttt !!! Harman entry on Monday !!! Hw long they wanna drag his entry ????

  4. Oh so now they will show a love triangle.

  5. Hency

    Waiting for Vivian dsena

  6. Rekha vaghela

    Wat is really going on can’t understand… Loosing interest

    1. pwincess pari

      Rekha , tiz story is bout love triangle between harman , soumya n surbhi . Summore soumya is an eunuch !!!! So they gonna show hw hero falling in love with soumya an eunuch n d society as well

  7. pwincess pari

    So excited with love triangle n Vivian entryyy

  8. I am new here. Can anyone say me why is sowmya hated by family and not allowed to come out of the house?

  9. that is the suspence ……

  10. Bcoz saumya is trans gender

  11. It’s actually unrealistic if they get Soumya married to hero. Of course he can fall in love with her cause she’s a nice person etc but when it comes to marriage almost every man would want someone they can be intimate with as well. If Soumya is an eunuch then they can’t be intimate or have children and those are two things most, if not all people want in a marriage.

    1. Rekha vaghela

      I think u r right meethi.. Falling in love is one thing.. But being straight is another… If Harman is shown straight then he would never have any relation with soumya.. If he isnt then their can b some relationship between them.. Or else, surbhi will b married to Harman.. Becoz the thing of marriage would b Harman’s decision and no matter how ever good soumya may b if Harman doesn’t want a eunuch then the plot ends their

      1. Yes I agree with you. Even if he is not straight, I don’t think so cause I believe eunuch’s are those that are born without clear genitals, either male or female. But if he likes Soumya he must be straight right since Saumay dresses, acts like a girl.Anyway as you said, they can show her becoming educated and living her life as a career woman.

  12. Rekha vaghela

    They can show soumya getting successful and powerful.. But love story is a different thing..

  13. its still but clear what’s the matter with soumya anyways. .
    They r showing herman as rakshak of soumya. . let’s see

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