Shakti 17th July 2018 Written Episode Update: Harman romances with Soumya

Shakti 17th July 2018 Written Episode, Written Update on

The Episode starts with Harman giving 100 Rs. to Veeran and says he wants his wife to drink his sasur’s rich house tea so that they can get rich feeling. Harak Singh nods his head. Veeran takes the money. Preeto asks Soumya to serve the tea. Shanno comes to Nani and thinks to tell her Soumya’s truth. Nani is doing yoga. Shanno says your choti bahu, Soumya is a kinnar. Nani looks at her and goes to Soumya. Soumya is shocked to hear Shanno revealing her truth to Nani. Nani takes water from her hand and drinks it. Nani takes out head phones and asks Shanno what she was saying? Shanno says nothing. Soumya asks Nani to come downstairs. Nani goes. Soumya asks Shanno what will you get by revealing my truth? Shanno says she will get peace and happiness when this old lady throws you out. Raavi hears her and tells

that Soumya is good and will not let anything to anyone and even to Harman, but I am not like her. Shanno asks her to throw garbage out of house and says I can’t believe that you are supporting a kinnar. Raavi asks her to believe and says if Soumya truth comes out then you will be thrown out of house.

Police Inspector brings Varun to Maninder’s house. Harman says I called him here and tells Varun that he can get him arrested and can freed him also. Surbhi says he was better in jail. Harman asks him to behave well with Surbhi and others and help them in the house work. Varun asks what do you mean? I can’t do house work. Harman says your manpower will not get less and asks him to work. He leaves.

Nani likes hand massage given by Soumya. Preeto asks Raavi to give tea to Harman. Raavi brings tea and gives to Harman. Nani asks Soumya to take care of Harman. Harman says Nani is romantic even in this age and that’s why I am romantic too. He says I have become her fan. Nani asks him to sing for Soumya. Harman says I will sing now itself. He sings jag ghoomeya and dances with Soumya. Nani says they are hans couple, no bad sight shall fall on them.

Harman gets a call and tells Soumya that he is going to factory and will romance with her after coming back. Nani asks Soumya to drop him till door. Harman gets happy. Nani asks him to kiss on her forehead. Harman kisses on Soumya’s forehead. Preeto and Raavi smiles. Soumya comes back to Nani and says she will massage her hand. Nani says your hands are magical. She tells about her neighbors bahu. Shanno says she will remarry if Nani doesn’t faint knowing Soumya’s truth. Neighbor lady comes there and asks Nani to come to her house and sing sohar as her bahu delivered baby. Nani asks Soumya to come. Preeto thinks Soumya will miss Aditya there and asks Soumya to stay back, but Nani takes her with her. Harman comes to know about Harak Singh’s conspiracy. They think what to do to sell the toys. Bebe tells Maninder that who will save them from Varun if Harman leaves house again. Maninder tells that because of Soumya, Harman is at their side.

Nani and Soumya come to attend sohar of the baby. The ladies ask Soumya to dance. Nani asks Soumya to dance. Soumya dances with Nani. Nani says we will leave now. A lady tells that Soumya is good, but Sohar didn’t happen in Preeto’s house. She says if Soumya is an infertile woman. Soumya is shocked.

Soumya cries. Harman tells her that they will adopt a baby and asks her to smile, says nobody will love her like he do. Soumya smiles.

Update Credit to: H Hasan

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