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Shakti 17th July 2017 Written Episode, Written Update on

The Episode starts with Harman coming back. Pandit ji asks shall I leave now, puja is done. Harman says this puja shall happen morning and evening and says this puja is kept for love. Neighbors says they will come in the evening puja and goes. Varun asks what happens next. Harman says he will take Soumya back. Viren asks preeto why she is worried and asks what is the matter? Harak Singh comes and asks preeto if she knows about Harman. Preeto says Varun told me everything and asks him to enjoy the drama. Harak Singh is angry and says if Harman got mad to create drama on road. Preeto smiles and says lets see what he can do, and tells that they shall disturb the people around them. She calls Someone and insists to meet her. Saya tells Chameli that it seems they shall shift Tarana to some other kinnars’ house

and says if she stays here then Harman’s dramas will increase. Chameli says how she can stay in different place and how she will adjust, she is very different us. Soumya says she is ready to adjust anywhere and wants to go far from Harman. Raveena and Kareena give info to Preeto that Saya is shifting Soumya to some other place. Preeto gives them money. Kareena says they will give her all info.

In the night, Saya, Soumya and Chameli are leaving. Saya says we shall leave before Harman sees her. Kinnars comes to him and says they want to be part of his yagya. Soumya, Saya and Chameli go. Harman is doubtful. Viren tells Shanno that Harman will not accept defeat and have kept jagrata infront of kinnar’s house. Shanno says problem would have been solved if jiji didn’t think Harman as her son. She asks Viren when did he laugh last time. Viren says Preeto and Harak Singh will not let him be happy. Shanno tells him that tomorrow Harak Singh and Preeto will be troubled and asks him to sleep and let her do her planning.

Nani thinks about Soumya’s marriage and asks Mata Rani why did she let Soumya marry when she made her kinnar. Maninder says Harman didn’t do any mistake and says until when a man could stay with a kinnar and says you and Nimmi have tried to ruin his life. Nani thinks they never thought wrong about Harman, but got selfish for Soumya’s happiness.

Saya, Chameli and Soumya come to kinnars’ house (same kinnars who knows Harman to be the man who tried to help the dead kinnar). Saya asks them to keep Tarana for some days. One of the kinnar asks if Tarana is the same kinnar who got married. Saya says when everyone is fine, I will take her. Kinnars say she is very beautiful, doesn’t look like a kinnar. Other kinnar taunts Soumya. Elder kinnar tells that her husband has kept tent outside that house and wants her to return, but she left him. Saya tells that it is difficult to stay there and asks them to keep her lovingly. She asks Soumya not to get sad and leaves. Soumya wakes them bye. Elder kinnar tells that she is like Mallika/Saya. Harman asks Varun to go and says Surbhi might be alone. Varun says Surbhi came just yesterday in my life, but you are since 25 years in my life. He says I don’t know if I am Lakshman, but knows that you are Ram.

Preeto asks Kareena to find out where is Soumya? Where did Saya send her. They say ok. Preeto asks them to go. They hide their faces and leave. Preeto thinks don’t know where is Soumya? But she isn’t there where Harman is finding her. Chintu hears her and thinks to inform Harman. Shanno also hears her. Chintu tries to call Harman, but Raavi takes the phone and scolds him. She says she won’t let him do what he was trying to do. Preeto thinks I am your mother’s mum and says I am saved in Harman’s eyes, but I have to do something as you have heard something.

Kinnars take Soumya to Harak Singh’s haveli. One of the kinnar lift the ghunghat. Soumya is worried. Preeto and Harak Singh are shocked.

Update Credit to: H Hasan

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  1. Congratulations Rashmi Sharma & especially Vivian SHAKTI completes 300 episodes.Started to watch Vivian in 2012 for Rk n now he does well as Harman!Wishing more success to Rashmi Sharma Telefims and Vivian(For Harman),may u receive many awards for Harman!

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