Shakti 17th February 2017 Written Episode Update

Shakti 17th February 2017 Written Episode, Written Update on

The Episode starts with Harman who is upset with Soumya. Soumya comes to him and says she didn’t have food and even Surbhi didn’t have. Harman says I am upset with you and asks her to woo him being his wife. He says I called you, but you didn’t pick my call. He says you didn’t give me any option. Soumya says I have an option and makes him sit…she asks him to have food, else she will cry. Harman eats food with her hand….Tu Hi Mera Khuda plays………………He looks at her. Soumya feeds him food. Harman bites her finger and smiles. He then makes her tastes food. She gives him water. He drinks water and makes her drink from the same glass. They finish the food. Harman pulls Soumya towards him. Soumya falls on his lap. Harman tells romantic lines. Soumya asks him to sleep. Harman says someone

said that nobody gets sleep when being in love and even dreams don’t come. He says when truth is so beautiful, who will think about dreaming. He says when you was away from me in day time, I felt like someone snatched my right to live and asks her never to go. Soumya gets upset recalling Kareena locking her in cellar, but Mallika saving her. She thinks how to tell him and thinks his love brings me back to him.

Preeto’s phone rings…She gets Kareena’s call who says nobody’s morning will be good after this. She says we came to get Soumya back that day, but Mallika didn’t let it happen so I have thrown her out from here. She says now you have to be scared with us, as Mallika’s support is gone now. Preeto gets shocked and thinks Kareena will do drama now. She tries to wake up Harak Singh and thinks she won’t let this happen. Shanno sees Preeto going to Soumya’s room and thinks what is happening? Preeto wakes up Soumya and gets angry. Shanno wakes up Viren. He asks why you are shouting. She says she saw Preeto going to Soumya’s room angrily. Preeto says we are bearing you so that Harman and Surbhi’s relation is fine. She asks her to go away from here. Soumya calls Mallika and tells that Kareena or someone called Preeto and threatened Preeto. Mallika assures her that nothing will happen to her. She asks her to give call to Preeto. She assures her that Soumya is like her daughter to her and she respects her being Soumya’s saas. She promises that she won’t let Kareena or her people reach their house.

Kalsi tells Nani that they are ready for Surbhi’s alliance. Nani asks her not to tell anyone. Kalsi says okay and asks where is Surbhi. I haven’t seen her. Nani gets tensed.

Rani and Raveena come back to Kinnar house. Other kinnars ask why did you come here? And says Mallika had thrown them out of the house. Kareena says these are our community people and we shall help them. She welcomes Rani and Raveena and tells other Kinnars that Mallika is serving punishment now. Rani and Raveena congratulate Kareena. Kareena smiles. Soumya thinks she can’t tell Harman about Kareena and thinks why she is doing this? Harman tells her that he is hungry. Soumya says you haven’t had food till now. Harman says my hunger to see you, hear you, to hold your hand and call you Gulabo happily. He says you have given Mami to Chintu and asks when he will give his wife to him. Soumya says Surbhi is your wife naa, and says I will make something for you. She gets up…..and asks if he told something. Harman says you have started hearing heart talk now. Soumya asks him to tell something. Harman asks her to ask him. Soumya keeps his hand on her head and asks if Surbhi and you are staying with each other as husband and wife. Surbhi hears them.

Kareena asks Rani and Raveena to roam around Soumya’s house and kidnap her. Soumya comes to temple to pray for Harman and Surbhi. Rani and Raveena are about to kidnap her.

Update Credit to: H Hasan

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  1. Loved Harman,minimum of Surbhi today… Such a relief,expecting more Haya scenes….Hope trp increases and Surbhi useless track ends…

  2. Very boring serial. I don’t understand how people is watching this serial and how could it be in first place in trp

  3. Oh! kareeena is very dangerous she is very cunning. if Rani and Ravenna kiddnap suomya oh no! what going on this drama I hate this story when the nimmi’s real son come? Poor Harman he is real hero his true love he love soumu very much I love his character very much. Plz aneme katahwa ikmanata hoda athata harenna I can’t wait anymore.Today haya scene is superb.

  4. Why all,hate surbhi she is a nice sister to sowmya i want more surbhi and harman scenes

  5. pwincess pari

    Haya scenes bezzzz ??????? Surbhi plzzzz don’t separate Haya !!

  6. How this serial top in trp I can’t understand surabhi is nice girl why all hate her

    1. Very true her character very strong then soumya.

  7. Aap mein jo log ye wu padraha hai please mere ek question ki answer dijiye please. Aapko Shakti serial zyaada pasand hai ya madhubala zyaada pasand. Please say only one answer.

    1. madhobala

  8. Today’s epi awesome. Marvellous. .mind blowing. .romantic?.rockng etc….no words ..haya nailed it….????
    Y these kinnar’s r spoiling their names n society nd creatng wrong thoughts n the people mindset …
    Hi guys how r u all???
    I cant comment ystrday bcuz i was busy in my works….
    Gud night guys…………..???

  9. I will not ser this rabish anymore again kidnapping story. …this all things about surbhi and harman s its Just playing and footing tradition. ….Non sensé I stop vivian dsena should choose more wisly his next serial

  10. firse kidnapping n all I don’t understand cvs ko koyi kahani nehi milti hai Keya?? Iss liye same story

  11. I hope so that surbhi character forth don’t become negative and remove in between haya life and surbhi marriage other person and first thing harman who first person his wife not Kinner and he tell everyone and cosummate their marriage in honey moon and increasetrp

  12. wont it be too much to have another kidnapping here and again harman and surbhi proofing their love for soumya by saving her!!! i’m really wondering is their anything else for soumya to do in the show other than being kidnapped or insulted and being always week and will their be any more life in the story among that trilogy relationship, i’m sorry to say but it’s getting boring and starting to effect vivian’s role

  13. Safiya Hosein

    Ohh geez! If soumya gets kidnapped again it will be the third time right?! Its becoming quited redundant now.
    Why cant there be just a little realism in soap operas. All this unnecessay drama makes it boring.
    Harman and Surbhi are not even suppose to be married. Kinnar or not Soumya is his wife and should be treated with a little respect. Any rational sibling would not marry her brother in law. Nonsense.
    And its quite annoying to see Soumya constantly being everyone’s puppet. The story line is becoming predictable. Sigh!

  14. I think soumya made world record now…as she kidnaped more than 4 times .. ..??? so funny …makers are not getting right track thats why they are repeating same….

  15. I have an answer for all ur questions guys.first of all its not movie to show climax in an is a daily,it’s will take smtime to reveal soumya is not a kinnar and haya deserves to be parents and have baby also.y all r showing anger on soumya?her character main importance is caring for others,sacrifice nd she is thinking that being of kinnar ,,,she is not worthy for any thing and that’s y she didn’t express her feelings.AND coming to our mahan choti she has so many ways to support SOUMYA instead of marrying HARMAN.from childhood onwards she won’t get education naa then y surbhi didn’t try to make her educate ?if surbhi marries to abhishekh and make her sis strong by giving education?that’s y v hate surbhi.MY FAV SERIAL IS SHAKTI only not not not not not MADHUBALA.if anyone wants to know why shakti serial has high TRP bcoz of wonderful PAIR,CHEMISTRY and unique concept and lovestory.if u can’t understand then try to watch from d first episode.

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