Shakti 17th December 2018 Written Episode Update: Kinnars help Harman to make Soumya regain her past

Shakti 17th December 2018 Written Episode, Written Update on

The Episode starts with Harman telling Saya that when all world refuse to give him work, then he will go with them and get nek from all neighborhood and street, and then he will feed himself and his Gulabo with that nek, only when everyone refuses to give him work. Soumya gets flashes of Harman playing dhol. Saya asks Soumya if she remember anything. Soumya says no and tells that she didn’t remember anything. Saya tells Harman that one needs a lot of courage to play dhol outside going with the kinnars. Harman says I am ready to fulfill all challenge for Soumya. Saya says ok and asks him to go along with kinnars to get nek and take Soumya along with you all. He says you will play dhol and everyone will ask nek. She says if you don’t collect 5 kgs grain then you will not get food. Sameer says Soumya

don’t need to go and do all this. Saya asks him to be quiet and says this matter is between Harman and me, he has claimed that he loves Soumya so whatever I ask, he has to agree. She takes Soumya inside and says we are from same society and that’s why we are going this. She says I don’t trust on Harman’s honesty and want to test him. Soumya says he is a liar and hates Kinnars a lot.

Saya says I want to test him to know if he is feigning or honest. Chameli tells Sameer that he will go empty handed even after knowing Harman and Soumya’s love story. Sameer gets upset. Saya asks Roma and Chameli to take Soumya in ghunghat. Soumya is about to go, but Saya asks him to stay there and rest. Shanno tells Veeran to give supari of Varun, Balwinder and Kishan Lal. Varun thinks to do something before Veeran and others do anything. Kishan Lal asks balwinder to kill them or make them vanish. Harman in kurta pyjama comes out with kinnars and plays dhol while they ask for nek. A couple sees Harman playing dhol and taunts him.

Later Harman and other kinnars sit for having lunch. Chameli says she feels proud of him, and prays that Soumya gets her memory back soon as he struggles a lot for his love. Harman says I will get my Soumya’s memory back, and needs my Gulabo with her wish. Roma asks Soumya if she remembers them and Saya. Soumya says no. Roma asks do you remember your stay in our house after your marriage with Harman. Soumya gets some flashes, but ignores it. She gets Sameer’s call and attends it. Sameer tells her that he is worried about her and don’t know where they take them. Soumya says she is not a fool and asks him not to worry. Sameer tells that he is angry on Harman and asks her to come home. Saya comes and asks Sameer to have food brought from outside.

Soumya hears Roma telling kinnars about Harman being a great man. Soumya recalls Sameer’s words. Veeran and Shanno are on the way to temple, when some men come in car and kidnaps Shanno. Veeran is shocked and runs behind the jeep. Preeto tells Raavi that she is going to Harman and Soumya and asks her to manage.

In the night, Chameli tells Soumya that if they don’t collect 5 kgs grains then Harman will not get food. Soumya says it is night, what we can do. Chameli tells Harman that it seems Soumya will not agree so easily. Harman says she is going, but when she gets her memory, she will come running to me. He asks her to turn and she turns looking at him. He says now she will tell me that she doesn’t have anything to do with all this, and she doesn’t want anyone to be hungry. Harman and kinnars laugh. Chameli asks them to go and get the grains. They leave. Soumya says lets go to get nek, else you will be hungry. Harman says you are so worried for me.

Harman and Soumya sing and dance on ttthe song leja leja….

Update Credit to: H Hasan

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