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The Episode starts with Soumya folding her hands infront of Harman and assures him that she will go away from his life, so that he don’t have to see her face and bear her. She says you let me stay here, I won’t forget your favors. Please come downstairs for your family’s happiness. Harman goes downstairs. Maninder couldn’t eat eat. Beeji says because of this Siyappa, my son’s hunger died down. He sees Nimmi and Surbhi coming there. He asks if they were kicked out of Harman’s house, and asks if they send Soumya to her world. Nimmi asks him not to spit poison everytime. Beeji says who will keep that inauspicious girl in their house. Surbhi says thank god, everyone is not like you. She says Soumya told everything to Harman, and then also he let her stay in the house. She says others don’t know

about her truth. Nimmi says my daughter’s husband is not like my husband and says he haven’t killed her. She says nothing will happen to my daughter…..Shakti Shakti plays……….

Nimmi is in kitchen and tells Beeji that she is worried about Soumya. Beeji asks her to call Preeto. Nimmi says no. Surbhi says we can call Varun and ask about Soumya. Nimmi says no, and says he is a bachelor guy. It will not look nice if he follows you. Surbhi says no, he can’t do anything. She calls him. Varun picks the call and asks if she was missing him. Surbhi says no and says she was free and that’s why call. Varun says I will bring you here and then we will pass the time together. Surbhi says chal jhoote…She asks what Soumya and Harman are doing? Varun says their romantic photo shoot is going on. Surbhi says I wish I could see it. Varun says tathastu. He ends the call, takes their pic and sends to Surbhi. Surbhi sees the pics and gets happy. She shows the pics to Nimmi and Beeji. They get happy and emotional.

Harak Singh asks Harman to sign on the factory papers and asks if you have time. Harman says okay, I will go in the morning. Harak Singh says okay. Varun looks angrily. Shanno Chachi also looks upset. She comes to room and shares with her husband Viren that he has become servant to Harak Singh first and then to Harman. Viren asks her to calm down and says everything will be fine with time. Shanno asks why did you marry me then? Viren gets upset with her.

Next morning Soumya sees Harman going out and calls him. She says breakfast is ready and asks him to eat it. He says I don’t want to eat breakfast made by you. I am going to sign factory deal and I don’t want any inauspicious thing. He goes to factory to sign the papers. His friends/employees ask him about his wife and asks why you didn’t let your wife come out. Harman says it is my wish and my wife. They insist to see her face. Harman asks can you see marriage album in my hand. They ask her to show pic in mobile. Harman asks why you are excited to see her, she is my wife. His friend says we heard that she is very beautiful. Other friend says may be I have her pic, and says my sister sent me marriage pic. He shows them Harman and Soumya’s pic. Other friend says you are very lucky, she is very beautiful. One of them spot Maninder and Nimmi in the pic, and asks about it. Harman says Soumya is their daughter. That man tells that Maninder is strange, and says I know them from Pathan garh. He tells about the fight, and says he used to tell about his younger daughter, and used to lock elder one at home. Harman says it is their wish. That man says they left pathangarh in night and people used to say that there was some secret. His friend asks Harman, do you know what is the secret as you married her now. Harman gets up angrily and slaps him hard. He asks why you are interfering in personal matters. He asks him not to interfere again else he will kill him. He leaves.

Preeto tells Soumya that Surbhi said right and praises her cooking skills. She asks her to shower love on Harman, just as she adds love in food. Raavi says it is two different things, and says Harman is always sad because of her. Preeto asks Soumya to take Harman’s food in room, and says he must be coming now. She sees Harak Singh sitting in toys room and asks what is the matter? Harak Singh says he wants someone to come and play with the toys. He says he wishes to play with his grand children since Harman got married. Preeto says yes, I am praying for grandchildren. Viren comes and tells that he talked to Pandit ji about keeping grah shanty puja. Preeto thinks everything will be fine in the house and asks him to set the room, and says she will go and make the arrangements. Harak Singh asks Preeto to call Samdhis. Preeto says Siyappa, and asks what is the need? Harak Singh says they are our Samdhi. Preeto says you are lucky to get me, okay….I will call them.

Harman comes home drenched in rain water. Soumya gives him towel and asks to wipe himself. Harman says you don’t need to do anything, takes towel and goes to change his clothes. He comes out after changing his clothes. Soumya gives him food plate, saying Preeto sent it for him. She asks him to have food. Harman takes the plate and throws it. He asks her to stay far from him, when she can’t become his wife then don’t try to be. He says I just hate you. Raavi hears them as she peeps in their room. Soumya looks down sadly. She thinks they don’t get along with each other. She goes to inform Preeto and thinks everyone think me mad. She is about to collide Preeto. Preeto asks where are you going? Raavi says Harman and Soumya couldn’t get along well, and says Harman is shouting at Soumya. She asks her to come and see. They go to their room and see Harman hugging Soumya. Preeto asks did you call me to show this bharat milap. Raavi says no. Harman breaks the hug and asks did you have any work. He asks Raavi, if she was spying on them.

Saya tells Soumya why she wants to stay with them and says this world is not yours. Soumya asks her to leave her and says I don’t want to go with you, and want to spend my life with him. Harak Singh calls Soumya and sees Saya holding Soumya’s hand and walking angrily. He is stunned.

Update Credit to: H Hasan

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  1. I just like Vivian. He is too good in acting.

  2. Angelk1

    I love the fact that he hates her, yet he unconsciously defends her. Cant wait until they realize soumya is infact a girl

  3. Epi was gud….liked d way Harman slaps that guy. Why
    Raavi always spy on em…uske paas koi kam nahi hai kya?????? Precap is jst muahhhh……

  4. Yaar mujhe toh lagta hai h ki yahan bhi family drama chalne wala hai….Varun is quite upset with Harman….Chachi ji aur Raavi kam thi kya jo ab Varun bhi strt ho gaya……

  5. Sabrina

    Harmon is so harsh to Somu even though Somu told that she will leave him he don’t need to worry. Precap I wondering way Saya gonna do

  6. Sabrina

    Harmon is so harsh to Somu even though Somu told that she will leave him he don’t need to worry. Precap I wonderiSayagonna do

  7. florentina moldovan

    i think saya will try to undress Somu and show Harak that she is not a women and , than, our hero will come and save Somu!!! like in promo, Harman will save her and than help her to get dress again!!!! yupiieee!!!!
    so good!
    love rubina!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    1. no flora how can she remove cloth etc?

      The promo scene looks like he is helping her wear saree for that pooja….

      precap will be some build up it will not be anything. ..

      1. florentina moldovan

        i do not know, i made this type of my mind….Saya is ready to do anything in order to take Somu from there….Saya wants to humiliate Somu so, she could not stay anymore in Harak s house….

  8. Sikandar baloch

    I think somya not inters*x or kinner some misunderstanding how can possible kinner and man married this is very big mistake tell me what producer and write in their life marrige a kinner nimmi how is daughter kinner his born somya no characistics have a kinner somya voice body like gril no keen of dancing because in real life found singing and dancing and clapping it is characteristics of kinner and saya how come to know somya is kinnar

  9. Sikandar baloch

    Harman should check somya kinner I m sure somya become mother she is woman not transgender or kinner in the show how behave with other people and after show she is woman

  10. Sikandar baloch

    Tell me what are symptoms of kinner and transgender

  11. Sikandar baloch

    Preeto is very clever woman to recognise first meeting she is transgender and great foolishness somya didn’t know she is kinner she remain at home she deos not go school and outside great she is not special child she have 5 sense

    1. when did preeto recognize? ?

  12. Mm gud epi , I think surbhi don’t fall to varun or she? Who knows coming harman his acting skill is awesome .

  13. I liked the episode very much. .
    harmans style of talking to his friends sooper “meri haath mein shaadike album dikhayi de rahee hai tujhe?? ”

    I m so glad he hugged somu to trick raavi…. how smart n nice

    1. RANdomfANCreationz

      Hey Saras Dii how r u happy to see u here and shakti is my mom’s favorite show I used to watch a little but nowadays I also love this show too

      1. hi joyee..
        nice to sew ur message…
        I always liked Vivian. . here rubina n his jodi is too good. .

  14. RANdomfANCreationz

    Today’s epi amazing now I started loving this show more Harman aka vivian u r just amazing and somu but precap :O I hope harman saves somu

  15. Awesome epi little bit upset with harman and soumya scene i just wish harman accepts soumya….

  16. Yep Florentina d promo is amazing,fantastic,superb,muahhhhhh……i dont hav words 2 express my happiness..

  17. hi i am new

  18. i think harman should support somya
    kindly explain last para plzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzz

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