Shakti 16th October 2017 Written Episode Update: Harman turns drummer for Soumya’s love

Shakti 16th October 2017 Written Episode, Written Update on

The Episode starts with Soumya gets up from having food as Kareena badmouthed about Harman. Harak Singh tells Veeran that he can’t bear to see his son gone and says he has build everything for his son and not for himself. Saya asks Kareena to mind her language and says I was silent then, we have food by begging but never betray anybody and asks her to remember this. Soumya comes to Harman and keeps his food plate. Harman is sleeping. Soumya wakes him up. Harman says we will not elope from here. Soumya says she brought food for him and asks him to sit. Harman says even you are hungry. Kinnars come there and ask Soumya to get up. Kinnar asks him to have food only after earning money for them. Gurumaa tells Soumya that Harman have to give agnipariksha and says until I permit you both can’t meet. Saya

asks Harman to pick his stuff and leave. They take Soumya inside. Harman sits on floor tensed.

Next morning, Harman plays dhol and everyone wake up hearing that. Saya asks Harman what he is doing? He says although he plays bad dhol, but he has decided to play dhol and get some nek. Saya and others are shocked to know his decision. Soumya asks them to open the door and asks Harman not to do this, and asks him to go home. Harman asks her not to worry and says he will learn to play dhol soon and asks them to guide him. Saya asks are you joking? She says it is difficult to play dhol infront of the world. Harman says he loves Soumya a lot and is ready to play dhol. Kareena gives him stick and teaches him how to play. Harman plays the dhol. Soumya cries and recalls Raveena teaching her dhol and thinks my love brought you here, and that’s why I didn’t want you to love me.

Raavi scolds Balwinder for not getting Harman’s place in the house. Preeto comes to room and sees saree draped to the teddy. Harak Singh comes there. Preeto picks and throws the teddy on floor angrily.

Preeto asks Harak Singh if the kinnar is laughing at her and says my son left home because of you. She says She didn’t have shame and laughing at her. Kareena calls Preeto. Harak Singh picks the call and asks her to tell. Before she can tell, Saya snatches phone from her hand and says you hates kinnars and left no chance to insult us. She asks him to come and see Harman playing Dhol after being taught by them. She says if you had accepted Soumya then wouldn’t have seen this day. Harak Singh is shocked and thinks if Preeto comes to know this, then she will die. Preeto asks what Kareena said? Harak Singh says Harman asked so many dishes in breakfast? Raavi comes and asks her not to worry and says our Harman will return to us. Shanno says he will come to us. Preeto says he will come. Chintu tells Surbhi that Harman went with his stuff and since then everyone is worried. Surbhi and Varun see Harak Singh going out. She says we have to follow him. Saya asks them to go for work and take care. Harman picks the dhol. Saya asks him to rethink and says if you go with kinnars and ask for nek then many questions will arise. Harman tells that respect and wordly things are very small infront of his love.

Saya asks Chameli to take Soumya out. Soumya picks up a log and asks where is Harman ji. Saya says he went to play dhol to get nek along with kinnars. Soumya cries and says he can’t go. Saya says kinnar community is not a game and says these Gurumatas’ will decide your future. Soumya cries and shouts Harman ji.

People see Harman playing dhol with kinnars and gossip. Harak Singh comes in the car and is shocked. Varun smiles while Surbhi gives shock reaction.

Update Credit to: H Hasan

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