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Shakti 16th June 2016 Written Episode, Written Update on

The Episode starts with Maninder bringing Soumya home. Nimmi asks him to stop the drama and give her daughter. Maninder says Soumya will stay with me as decided. Nimmi says this partition drama ends her and takes Soumya with her. Surbhi apologizes and prays to God to make Soumya fine. Soumya gains consciousness and says Maa. Nimmi and Biji get happy. Nimmi says I am very angry at you and asks how did you fall down? Soumya looks at Surbhi. She recalls Surbhi pushing her down. Nimmi asks Soumya to tell. Soumya says I was looking in the river and slipped. Nimmi asks her not to lie. Bebe and Surbhi looks on. Soumya tells that Surbhi didn’t push her and she actually slipped and fell down. Nimmi looks on. Soumya says I am hungry. Nimmi goes to bring hot milk. Bebe tells Surbhi that she is saved else Nimmi

wouldn’t have left her. Bebe and Biji have their regular verbal argument. Maninder asks Nimmi, if she is relieved after accusing Surbhi. He says Soumya got saved even after falling down in the river. Biji asks how can he get upset as Soumya is fine. Maninder says she should have died for her own betterment. Nimmi asks him to stop it. Maninder says one day Soumya will ask why didn’t you kill her instead of raising her.

Soumya sees Surbhi standing and asks her to come. Surbhi asks why did you lie? Soumya says Maa would have scold you and you would get upset. Surbhi apologizes to her and holds her ears. Soumya says no problem and asks why did you push me? Bebe says since the day she was born, our home became hell. Nimmi gets angry. Bebe says what we will reply when people ask her. Nimmi says Soumya is a burden on you, and you people are so afraid of society, then why don’t you let me go with my both daughters. Surbhi tells Soumya that she was angry and misunderstood her. She says I repented after pushing you. Soumya says I didn’t cut your toys and says maa loves both of us. Soumya asks Surbhi not to tell mum that she pushed her. Surbhi apologizes and says she will never fight with her again. They hug and make up. Nimmi and Biji are happy and relieved. Nimmi thanks God.

Later in the night, Nimmi prays to God and seeks strength to protects her daughters. She kisses them and sleeps. In the morning, Nimmi is standing near the dining table. Soumya and Surbhi comes and sit on the dining table. They ask her to make Chole puri and paratha. Nimmi says she will make both. Kalsi comes and shows her toys. Surbhi asks Soumya to come. Soumya looks for Nimmi’s approval. Nimmi signs her to go. Biji comes. Bebe taunts her for visiting their place often. Biji taunts her back.

Surbhi tells that they shall get toys married. Kalsi says anyone of us shall become bride and it will be fun. Surbhi says Soumya will become bride as she is elder than me and will get married before me. Nimmi comes and asks what you are playing? Surbhi says they are playing and Soumya will become bride. Maninder laughs and asks why is she not becoming groom? Surbhi says Soumya will become bride and she will dance. Maninder laughs and tells Nimmi to live the dream. Nimmi asks Soumya to come inside and rest. Soumya says no, and asks her to let her become a beautiful bride. Nimmi couldn’t tell anything and goes.

Surbhi and others make Soumya wear chunari. Surbhi asks Kalsi to apply haldi. They act to apply haldi on her face and hands. A girl says she is having songs in mobile. Surbhi says I will dance in my sister’s marriage. They start dancing….around Soumya. Soumya is looking happy. Nimmi tells Biji that Soumya became bride today, but what I will tell her when she grows up. Biji says time brings solution for every problem and says God will be responsible for her happiness. All the girls laugh happily while dancing.

10 years later:

A grown up Surbhi is shown dancing in someone’s wedding. She shows her face and dances on the song Mere Dil Ka……Hua Aisa…..she poses for pics. Everyone compliments her dancing skills. Surbhi says she is sober because it is her sister’s marriage, and says she will rock in her own marriage, will dance even from groom’s side. She goes to the bride Kalsi and asks her to pout for the selfie. Kalsi is still in ghunghat. Surbhi takes the selfie with her and goes to see Nimmi. Nimmi asks her to take bride’s pic. Surbhi says she is showing attitude. Soumya is shown, as she tries to look at the function happenings secretly. Bebe scolds Nimmi for the arrangements. Surbhi asks Bebe to pout and asks her to do. Bebe says I can’t. Surbhi shows her pic and says it is perfect pout pic. Bebe blesses her. Surbhi says who will be saved from my sight and laughs. Nimmi comes to Jugni and is about to tell her something. Jugni doesn’t listen to her and goes to show groom’s pic to the guests. She finds her chain missing and cries. Surbhi asks what happened? Jugni says it might be stolen. What I will tell to Kalsi. Nimmi says you will find it. Kalsi asks why this Siyyappa is happening before my wedding. Soumya’s half face is shown.

Surbhi comes to college with her friend and asks her not to worry. Vivian/Harman entry is shown. Surbhi gets smitten by his looks.

Update Credit to: H Hasan

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  3. ???i didn’t understand…. is soumya a third gender??????????????
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    1. pwincess pari

      Soumya is an eunuch …. trys

  5. who is essaying grownup soumya?? That girl playing surbhi is who?

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