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The Episode starts with Pandit ji asking them to do ghatbandhan. Harman’s sister does the ghatbandhan. Pandit ji asks Soumya and Harman to get up for pheras. Soumya feels drowsy. Nimmi runs to her and asks if she is fine. Soumya nods. Harman looks at her. They start taking pheras. Everyone shower flower petals on them. Suddenly Soumya holds her head and is about to fall down. Harman holds her hand. Tu Hi Mera Khuda plays………….Preeto tells Harak Singh that girl is not well. Harak Singh asks her not to worry. Harman holds her hand and is taking pheras. They complete 3 rounds. Pandit ji asks Soumya to come to front and asks Harman to stand behind her. Soumya faints just then shocking everyone. Saya looks on. Harman asks Soumya if you are fine. Maninder and Bebe smiles. Saya calls someone. Maninder asks

people to move and let some fresh air come. He says Soumya haven’t eaten anything and that’s why she fainted. He tells Pandit ji that pheras can happen after sometime, let her rest. Nimmi looks at Maninder signing Bebe.

Surbhi asks what happened? Soumya says she is getting unconscious. Pandit ji says rounds will happen after sometime. Saya says rounds shouldn’t be left, else marriage is incomplete. Nimmi looks at Saya surprisingly. Beeji says it is right, this is inauspicious. Nimmi asks how she will take pheras in this condition. Saya asks Nimmi to let her take the rounds. Nimmi says she is not in the condition to take pheras. Saya says marriage is necessary to happen. I have called the doctor. Surbhi says but how she will take pheras? Harman says pheras will happen and now itself. Maninder and Bebe are surprised. Harman gets up, lifts Soumya in his arms…..Harak Singh smiles…Harman starts taking pheras……..Tera Ishq Ka Meri Ibadat plays………Nimmi thinks this guy will keep my daughter happy and will always protect her, my decision is right.

Harman completes the pheras…..Saya asks Pandit ji to get the sindoor rasam fast. Maninder looks on angrily as Saya is helping them. Pandit ji asks Harman to fill sindoor in her maang. Harman fills her maang with sindoor. Surbhi looks on sadly. Pandit ji declares them husband and wife and says this marriage is complete. Everyone claps. Saya asks them to lift Soumya and take her with her. Nimmi looks on. Harman lifts Soumya and takes her to room. Harak Singh signs preeto to calm down. Doctor asks everyone to go out and says let me check her. Nimmi gets worried. Doctor calls Nurse. Harak Singh says I think we shall take bahu rani to a good hospital. Saya says let Doctor check her first and if he don’t see her rightly then we will take her to hospital. Bebe asks who called the doctor. Nimmi says I called him, as she was not eating anything. Preeto says you did right. Nurse comes out and asks to bring medicine and warm water.

Harman takes the prescription and goes to bring medicine. Preeto asks if she is alright. Nurse says we can’t tell anything. Harman brings the medicines and gives to nurse. Harak Singh tells Harman not to take tension and says you are my tiger son. Maninder says I will see the guests and goes. Nimmi says I feel that my daughter will not be alone after me, and says my decision is right. Beeji says yes. Maninder is happy and says I got freedom from this inauspicious girl. Nimmi hears him and says I know that. She says you have always called her inauspicious, but her husband will make her sit on his eye brows. Maninder asks her to stop talking nonsense. Nimmi says you didn’t know sindoor shakti. Maninder says once the truth is out, sindoor will go. Nimmi challenges him that Soumya will go to her inlaws home and he can’t do anything.

Preeto is worried for Harman. Harak Singh asks Harman to have calm down. Doctor comes out and says poison is mixed in her body. Harman asks who gave her poison, who is snake under the sleeves. Maninder is shocked as his truth will be out. Nimmi looks at Maninder. Beeji asks her not to make an issue. Doctor says she is still unconscious and asks them to pray for her life. Nimmi cries. Harak Singh insists to take Soumya to hospital. Nimmi says no, and says she can’t see her daughter in hospital. Preeto tells Harak Singh that it is motherly’s love which can’t see her daughter in hospital. Soumya apologizes and asks them to have food. Harman says we didn’t come here to do the rituals and says we are in relation now. He says no need for formality, we will wait till she gets fine completely. He says ghatbandhan have happen between the families, and heart and relation are build. He says Soumya will be fine soon. Harak Singh says we will all pray for Soumya and asks her to keep mata rani jagrata. Nimmi says Soumya is very lucky to have you people in her life. Maninder asks what is this new drama. Bebe says Soumya will not be saved and asks him to act as if he is sad. She asks him to help in the jagrata arrangements.

Nimmi prays to God and makes the arrangements for jagrata. She tells Mata Rani that she wants to send Soumya to her inlaws place and wants her to be someone’s wife, bahu, dewrani, bhabhi etc and asks her not to break her dream. Harak Singh, Preeto and others come to jagrata place. Harak Singh asks Varun to bring dhol. Varun brings dhol and says Mata Rani will be happy with the jagrata and Soumya will have to be fine. Harak Singh sings bhajan. Nimmi asks Surbhi, how is Soumya? Surbhi says Doctor haven’t told anything and asks her to take care of guests. Nimmi asks Harman to do ardaas to God. Harman says I don’t need to do ardaas, destiny have made her mine, I am here as I can be useful here. He says I have special friendship with mata rani and she will agree. Nimmi says Soumya is lucky to get you. She comes back to jagrata place. Bebe tells Nimmi that Soumya’s truth will be out by tomorrow. Nimmi says I didn’t think that her own dad have poisoned her. Bebe asks what nonsense? Nimmi says I am quiet as I don’t want to expose Maninder infront of her sasural. Maninder smirks looking at Nimmi. Jugni asks Kalsi to make everyone have lassi. She asks Nimmi to have lassi. Nimmi refuses. Beeji asks her to drink it for Soumya’s sake.

Nimmi goes to Harman and gives him lassi. Harman says he can’t have lassi until Soumya gets fine. He says I will have food with her. Nimmi says I can understand and asks him to have lassi for Soumya’s sake. Harman drinks it. Nimmi gives lassi to Surbhi as well. Doctor monitors Soumya. Harak Singh continues to sing bhajan during the jagrata. Harman prays for Soumya’s life. Doctor checks Soumya. Soumya gains consciousness. Doctor smiles. Surbhi comes to Nimmi and says Mata Rani heard your prayers, Soumya gained consciousness. Nimmi says really. Everyone get happy. Nimmi thanks God. They run to Soumya. Nimmi asks Sumo…Harman asks if she is fine now? Doctor says yes, she is okay. Soumya gets up and looks at Harman. Nimmi asks her to lie down and asks how is she feeling now? Soumya says she is fine. Maninder thinks even poison can’t kill her. Preeto tells Harak Singh that they shall do bidaai rasam. Doctor says you can do, but make sure that she is not having any tension. Harman says he will not make any tension reach her, as he will give attention to her tension. He asks her to smile and calls her Gulabo. Soumya smiles. He says everyone face is sad seeing your condition. Harak Singh says God will keep her blessings on them. Saya goes from there. Maninder Singh comes somewhere.

Harman sits at Soumya’s bed side and asks her to say. Soumya asks him to say first. Harman asks are you fine? Soumya nods. Harman says if you are not fine, then I will not be fine. Nimmi asks them to have food and take rest. She says my daughter gained consciousness because of you people’s mannat. Harak Singh asks her to have food with them. Nimmi asks them to come. Maninder knocks on someone’s house and tells something. The man asks do you really need it. Maninder asks him to bring it. He buys a snake and puts it in the bag. He comes back home. Harak Singh asks Maninder to have food with them. Maninder refuses, saying he can’t eat with his daughter inlaws. Harak Singh asks him to have food, and says they don’t care about the rituals. Varun asks Harman not to stare bhabhi, and says she is also coming with us. Surbhi says it is care. Harman asks if Soumya wake up. Surbhi says yes.

Nimmi tells soumya that she will bring something. Soumya asks her to sit with her. Nimmi says your inlaws love you so much, and says they are good people. She says Harman also loves you so much and was hungry when she was unwell. She asks her to come home whenever she wants to. Soumya says if he refuses then. Harman says I am not that bad, and will not stop a daughter meet her mum. Nimmi says you are misunderstanding her. Harman says I am teasing her. He says do you know why I call her Gulabo. He says it is between husband and wife, and asks Soumya, how is she feeling now. Soumya nods. Harman says you are still weak. He asks Nimmi to make Soumya have food. He tells her that she is his ardhangini and have equal right to speak. Nimmi asks Soumya to have food, and then they have to go.

Maninder takes out box from almari and thinks to give it in Soumya’s hands. Jugni’s husband come and says lets keep stuff in the car. Nimmi comes to Harman and says her daughter is very innocent and don’t know how to talk. She asks him not to leave her daughter’s hand. Harman says I don’t want to say any dialogue. He says Soumya is part of my life and I have no complaints with my wife. Nimmi asks him never to change. Beeji says this happens during bidaai. Harman says Soumya is now my wife and I will keep her happy. He promises her.

Maninder tells Soumya that he never tried to know about her likes and dislikes, and calls her daughter. Soumya gets happy and hugs him. He says I brought something for you. He asks her not to tell about his gifts to Nimmi. Nimmi tells Beeji that that Soumya’s inlaws got ready to take Surbhi also. They are shocked to see Soumya hugging Maninder. Nimmi asks Soumya why did he come here? Soumya is silent. Nimmi looks at the box.

Update Credit to: H Hasan

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  1. Renuverma

    Very nice episode.

  2. Renuverma

    Thanks mam for the update

  3. Kumari Ranasinghe

    Nice episode

  4. everything else is good but seeing mshinder trying to kill sounya is very disgusting. ..

    1. Mona146

      yes it is inhuman. He speaks of pride and keeps doing things to go jail or policestation. Whats the prestige if he goes to jail for soumya murder. His own wife will testify against him.

    2. Renuverma

      Yes saras

  5. its very nice…..

  6. RANdomfANCreationz

    finally harman-soumya got married 🙂

    1. Renuverma

      Ye joyee ?

  7. Alisha

    This episode was one of the most eagerly waited and fit to be called a blockbuster episode. Every bit of it was superb. First of all Surva (Surbhi and Varun, sorry I am too bad at giving collective names to couples), me and my mom watch this serial together and she always prefers Surbhi and I side, Soumya or Haya.. But, I need to tell you guys.. The moment Varun came and stood behind Surbhi while she was staring at Haya and he smiled, I clapped so hard in excitement and my face expressions went like “??”, I turned to my Mom for any response and she was staring at the T.V like “?”. Ehmm… Yup! I am that one over excited person. Kinda obsessed with the serial. Can’t miss even a single episode or fanfiction.
    My 5 fav scenes from the episode:
    1. When Varun came and stood behind Surbhi and smiled. Actually he was standing behind Surbhi throughout the whole episode, kinda implying the would be seen together soon. And then during that “khana thing” Surbhi serving food to everyone and their cute nok jhok. They are hell cute. Yay! Varu (kinda nicknamed him, I know I am really bad at it.?) Varu is falling in love soon… Best of luck for that! We are hoping to see Surva together as soon as possible. ?❤️
    2. When Soumya fell down for the first time and Surbhi asked, “Soumu Di, kiya howa? Aap theek ho na?” Did anyone else notice this too or I am the only one (or may be it was just my imagination), Harman actually addressed Soumya as “Soumu”. Awww… So cute! ?? Loved that moment!
    3. When the Harman was super worried about Soumya, the nurse came out and told that some medicines were needed. Harman grabbed the prescription at once and rushed out. So much of concern? Awww… I am loving this. Haya forever! ?❤️
    4. When Soumya opened her eyes and after talking for a few mins, Harman said, “Ab is ki tension meri attention hai”, when the doctor said that she should not take any stress or tension. And then he asked her to smile.. Super super cute.
    5. When Harman entered the room suddenly while Soumya and Nimmi were talking. His dialogues to Soumya and Nimmi, every single word.. ?❤️ When he asked Nimmi, “Mummy Ji, aap ko pata hai mein ise “Gulabo” kiyun kehta hon?” I was like no no.. But we really wanna know! And he replied, “Acha hai na, pati patni ki baat un ke darmiyan hi rahe.” ??
    The last but not the least, the promo… Putting the box with snakes thing aside, I am no longer worried about it cuz now Soumya has Harman by her side. The main part, Surbhi is going with Soumya. OMG! Surva is gonna get a great chance to interact and get to know eachother. Phew! That was a really long comment..

    1. Mona146

      how is Surun for Surbhi and Varun instead of Surva. I missed this episode since I didnt know of its airing on saturday.

      1. Alisha

        That’s a great name Mona, as I told earlier that I am really bad at giving collective names to couples, so just forget that they were ever named “Surva”, lol! ?
        Oh! That’s sad, why don’t you try watching it on “Voot” or any other website? ?

  8. Block buster episode

  9. Very nice and amazing episode I really like it …

  10. Luvleen

    Yeah I liked it too! But just still so curious about what is the secret?!

  11. Ade1111

    Can I join your family
    Lovely episode absolutely enjoyed it

    1. Renuverma

      Hi ola dear.

  12. What’s the truth behind soumya?

  13. Hi guys..actually am watching this through voot.i didnt see the last part of the episodes..did you know where i can see that..i think in voot.they are actualy cutting some of the portions

    1. Luvleen I usually go here to watch missed episodes

  14. pwincess pari

    Varbhi or Vabhi is suit for Surbhi Varun pair

  15. I feel “vabhi” for varun surbhi??

    I think the setious social issue they r trying address is “honor killing “.. not trans or anything else. …
    mahinder is so horrible. .. Hope the snake doesn’t bite anyone. ..

  16. pata nahi mujhe kyu aisa lag raha hai par mujhe bohut negative vibes aarahe hai.may be harman will torture soumya after marriage bcoz he is super sweet now. hope so it doesnt happen

  17. Hai alisha and about the name ‘varsu’

  18. Guys can someone clarify me with this doubt…I watch dis serial at times for Vivian….shakti’s is actually a story of a girl with some problem with her genitilia…it was mentioned that it is about inters*x…is it so really?? How is dis even possible??? They said that they will reveal d actual storyline after promos…is dis true?? How can a girl be an eunuch yaar!!!

    1. Jenny I think soumu is a eunuch… Bcz in the new promo nimmi ask surabhi to not let HAYA suhaagraat happen …

    2. Luvleen

      I really hope not yaar!! Worse storyline! But why is surbi sent to stay with soumo for 21 days to stop any suhag raath from happening? Must be some major reason behind how she is physically cause it’s such a problem that they can’t even go to a hospital!

    3. Has mystery aur loveleen…storyline pakka hi inters*x ke related hai…soumya normal nahi hai…wo lady Jo baar baar aathi hai soumya ko le jaane ke liye…isiliye aati hai it seems!! But if it’s true ki soumya is an eunuch…I would say the writers are insane…A eunuch or Klinefelter oly guys can have that genetic abnormality…y are they giving a false message I can’t understand!! Illogical plots!! Hope it doesn’t turn out dat way!!

  19. I also read that he will torchure her but I really don’t think so bcz he promise nimmi to keep soumu happy…….
    One thing more……the venue where HAYA dances catches fire… catches fire….n everyone badmouth for soumya……being unlucky n all…….but surabhi saves her

  20. pwincess pari

    Vabhi is quite ok

  21. I was hopeing surbhi wouldnt go with them. Because thats gonna start a fight with the sisters. Shes already getting jealous and envy towards soumya and i feel like the directors will go that direction, where she turn negative. And turn everyone against soumya. Second, why exactly does the sister have to live with them, makes no sense. Shes not the one that got married, and this is the first show that shows that.

    1. Renuverma

      Ya kennie agree to u dear. In indian custom sister going with bride is not there. Yes brother does go if required n returns after the newly wed reach there house.

  22. Thnks for the update…….vry nice episode

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