Shakti 16th February 2018 Written Episode Update: Kareena succeeds to make Soumya as widow after puja, harman shocked

Shakti 16th February 2018 Written Episode, Written Update on

The Episode starts with Preeto asking Harak Singh to book two flight tickets. Harak Singh says we will go and romance there. Preeto says she wants Harman and Soumya to go. Harman says ok and asks Harak singh to tell where he shall go? Harak Singh asks Preeto to handle him and says his silence shall be understood. Preeto says tiger is wounded now. Harak singh says because of that nachne wali. Harman is restless in room. Preeto asks what happened and make him sleep. Purohit ji asks everyone to fill their maang with Aravan Devta’s name sindoor and wears mangalsutra too. Guru maata do that puja first and wears mangalsutra. Kareena asks Soumya to go. Soumya go infront and applies sindoor in her maang, thinks she is applying sindoor of Harman’s name. She wears thread mangalsutra. Kareena and Raveena smirks

happily. They follow the same ritual. Purohit says all of you are suhaagan and Aravan Devta’s brides, and asks them to celebrate all night. Soumya thinks I am already married and thinks she will celebrate for Harman. Kareena thinks Soumya will repent all life for this puja. Kinnars talk that they will have all relations in next birth. Soumya thinks she has a family, husband and a loving mum in law.

Preeto asks him to call Soumya. Harman tells Preeto that he will call Soumya in morning. Shanno thinks your worry is right for Soumya, she is going to be ruined in the morning.

Kinnars tell that Aravan devta loves them equally and dance celebrating their one day marriage. Soumya thinks their life will have a new beginning. In the morning, Gurumaa asks all kinnars to take off their wedding saree and wipe their sindoor and says your husband died. Kareena and Raveena think it will be fun now. Gurumaa asks Soumya to wipe her sindoor and tells that all kinnars have become widow. Soumya pushes her and says I am a married woman and not a widow. Gurumaa says Aravan devta is dead. Soumya says I am not Aravan Devta’s wife, but Harman’s wife. Kareena says you are now a widow and to follow the rituals. Purohit ji says everyone have to become widow, else everyone’s puja will not be successful. They hold her to break her bangles and to make her white saree.

Chanda tells Saya that kareena and raveena haven’t come. Saya says they must have done Aravan Devta’s puja. Kareena calls Saya and informs her that Soumya has become widow of Arvan devta. Saya is shocked. Kareena says your Soumya is ruined. Guru maa wipes her sindoor. Purohit ji cuts her mangalsutra. Kinnars hold her and break her bangles. Soumya says she is really married.

Harman wakes up and misses Soumya. Kareena calls him and tells him about Soumya. Harman is shocked and angry.

Soumya tells that she will not give her mangalsutra. Gurumaa snatches it and throws, Harman catches it. Soumya runs and hugs him. Harman says he is dead and questions here why did she marry Aravan Devta when she is his wife and how can she become widow, he says you have killed me.

Update Credit to: H Hasan

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  1. The Last Scene was Superb ! The way U expressed the emotional trance of Harman, Vivian U nailed it… Personally I only find 2 actors in the TV Industry whose eyes deliver a huge Depth of Emotions – Vivian Dsena and Preetika Rao
    Seeing their emotions through their eyes.. The scene really becomes awesome

    1. yes you’re right. Vivian is expressive.

  2. When preeto was betrayed by harak singh saumya stood by her support every minute.when harak singh was left alone & betrayed by mohinsaumya indirectly supported him by giving harmans support to him.when shanno & family wanted help from harak family she stood by them taking harmans help.when raavi was thrown out of the house & her husband did not support her saumya stood by her with taking harmans help.when varun wanted support saumya stood by him.for everyone crime acted people needee support directly indirectly only saumya was the person who supported them.but whenever her time comes were she gets into trouble all these people just insult her to the extent & just throw her out of the house.if Harman support is not there for saumya she is always left alone.the support which preeto got from saumya nobody would have got in that situtain.infact her own daughter raavi never supported her.and shanno & family did not supported preeto as well.her own son did not believe was only saumya who stood by her.preeto must realize that saumya is been unknowingly trapped by shanno,kareena & raven.main is shanno & then raavi,they are equally responsible for Harman this stage.then too preeto & harak are making stand in their front.disgusting.not normal woman wife will never sacrifice & do what guruji is telling to do but saumya loves Harman a lot.harman thoda gussa ho sakta hain saumya se kyonki saumya ne Harman ko nahin bataya.but apni zindagi aur ghar se bahaar nikalna sahi nahin han.harman saumya ko is baat ke liye sata sakta hain ki usne Harman se jhoot bola aur pooja attend kiya.but nafrat nahin kar god knows how makers will show this.logically he should just try to be angry with her.

  3. Exactly what was expected it happened.harman saw saumya betrayal & he lost his mind.he already started hating preeto & family will throw saumya out of the house.actually they have already done that.saumya quietly has come to meet Harman without their knowledge.harman was the only support for her & now he has also left her.saumya has no meaning now.
    Earlier also once when Harman had an accident harak singh & family did not even let saumya see Harman,but that time Harman was supporting saumya so she could have met him.but this time Harman also has left her.the story will be in vain now.saumya has been turned into a helpless person who is a kinner by makers.shakti is gone now.makers have spoiled the pure love track into the whole show will be bad language for saumya from every single character from harak singh & family.disgusting,makers must understand that when they will separate Harman & saumya & start kinner track the show will loose all spice & preeto will turn into the old preeto.she will just kick out saumya from harmans life.there is not guarantee of Harman recovering his memory back & if at all he becomes alright then too he will never forgive saumya & never love her that way how he is to do earlier.

  4. After Harman & saumya loving each other so much.they cannot survive without each other.
    How makers are mad to show their separation.if they wanted to separate them & their relationship hen why did they show their unconditional love.after knowing this step in kinner pooja saumya must back out saying that she will never become a widow when Harman is alive,and to become a woman in next janam she will never sacrifice her love in this jannam which mata rani has given her.inspite being a kinner mata rani has blessed her with a husband & great human being like Harman.this will be a sensible step if saumya takes.and her love will be proved.and Harman will just slap her in lovely way and take her away holding her hands from that place and take her straight to house.and just play with her that he is angry with her & behave not talking to her.we want to see that.preeto will then send both of them for a change to a nice place were saumya will just be behind Harman to manuo him in every him kiss him,hug him & do everything to convince him.we want to see saumya desparate love for Harman.everytime this attempt is done by Harman for saumya.this time we want saumya to do for Harman.after convincing Harman saumya just leave her shyness & give herself to Harman.and they spend a very special night together.a sweet scene wwhen they both wake up in morning.there will be no difference or shyness left between them henceforth.then saumya will never feel that she is not fulfilling harmans love life.whatever they share that is enough for both of them.

    Ache khase love story ka satya nash kar diya makers ne.last two weeks Harman & saumya terrific love moments was there including preeto love shower.TRP crossed the bounds,but now makers will realize when Shakti will wipe out from the TRP charts.a simple thing these people don’t understand when saumya & Harman are together people love it & trp goes high as soon as they are separated they will loose when they are again these stupid makers finally separating both of them for ever Shakti will loose makers are being too much shit are they going to show now.same old dirty & disgusting which people don’t like.this time Harman will leave saumya & she will return to kinner house as kinner again or try to fight witjh society for being a kinner no support for it is she had only support was Harman.but she herself ditched him & broke his trust.oh god with allnegatives,hurting,humiliation,insults will start.shakti will be a shit now.dirty & disgusting.all kinner drama will go love track of Harman & saumya.all is finish now.just end the show now.showing a kinner & man can never be together.dont understand why the hell did they show so much of extreme romance & pure love between them.when it was not going to last.disgusting these makers are.

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