Shakti 16th February 2017 Written Episode Update

Shakti 16th February 2017 Written Episode, Written Update on

The Episode starts with Kareena becoming Guru Maa. Guru Maa announces that New Guru Maa is Kareena and she will be like a mother to all. Everyone touches Kareena’s feet. Kareena asks Saya to touch her feet. Saya touches her feet. Kareena asks her to hug her. Saya hesitantly hugs her. Soumya says she is getting late and haven’t told Harman that she is coming here. Kareena says you will not go anywhere and asks her supporters to hold Soumya and tie her in the cellar. Soumya asks what you are saying? Saya says you can’t do anything to Soumya. Guru Maa says you are doing wrong, Soumya came here to just give vote and asks her not to stop her and let her go. Kareena talks rudely with Old Guru maa and says nobody shall disobey her. She asks her supporters to tie her in cellar. Saya says you are doing wrong.

Soumya says let me go. Guru maa says we are kinnar and don’t betray anyone. Kareena says nobody has the right to order me and asks her supporters to take her to cellar. Soumya calls Mallika for help. Saya picks a rod and asks the kinnars to leave Soumya’s hand. They leave Soumya. Kareena says you can’t go against Guru Maa. Old Guru maa tells Saya that they have to respect Kareena’s post and have to agree to her sayings. She says we can’t let Soumya go. Saya says even if God comes and say this, I will not obey. Soumya can’t stay here, and have to go. She asks Soumya to go from here, run…..Soumya is standing still. Kareena asks her kinnars to catch Soumya. Saya beats them and asks Soumya to run. She asks kinnars to reach Soumya crossing her.

Kalsi comes to meet Nani and recalls Maninder getting angry on her. She says I will leave. Maninder apologizes to her and says I told that angrily, but truth is that your family have done so much for us, you are like my daughter. Kalsi says it seems I have crossed the limit. Maninder says you got good alliance for Surbhi and asks her to talk to groom’s family again. Kalsi gets happy and says she will call them. Bebe and Nani are shocked. Bebe asks have you gone mad? Maninder says I am also mad for my daughter Surbhi. Nani and Bebe worries for their family.

Harman calls Preeto after coming back to temple and asks why did you lie to me. He says if I don’t get Soumya back then I will light this house on fire. Soumya returns with Harak Singh. Harak Singh recalls seeing Soumya coming back and gives her plate and asks her to sit in car. Preeto asks Harman to burn the house and says son gives agni to parents after death, but you will give us agni when we are alive. Harman says I called you both many times and asks why you haven’t pick calls. Soumya says I went to do puja and not to talk on phone. Harman goes.

Old Guru maa tells Saya that whatever happened was not right. Saya says whatever I have done was right. Guru maa says Soumya’s mum have done wrong to keep Soumya with her. Saya says if Soumya wants to stay there happily then can’t we support her. Guru maa says if the people changes their perception then the place will be best. She says now I will leave. Saya picks her bag and drops her. She then comes back home. Kareena asks Saya not to enter home and says you will stay outside the house for a week. She says discipline is necessary as told by old Gurumaa. Saya asks her to stay away from Soumya. Kareena asks her to call her Guru maa. Preeto asks Soumya to take bath and purify herself as she is coming from kinnar basti. Soumya feels apologetic for hiding from Harman that she went to kinnar’s basti.

Soumya asks Harman to say truly keeping his hand on her head, and asks if Surbhi and you are staying as husband and wife. Surbhi hears her. Harman is shocked.

Update Credit to: H Hasan

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  1. I want to see more of Harman in the episodes!! He is the male lead…. Guys Shakti trps came… It’s no 3 overall and no 1 daily show and it continues being the slot leaders…I would like you all to support the show because of Vivian… I hope we get more Haya scenes and we get more trps next week also… I hope Surbhi gets removed from Haya ‘s life…

    1. Hi Tanvi. Please don’t get me wrong. Aap drashti ko bhool gaya kya. Shakti is very boring serial. Pardes is better than this serial. Please parses ko dekhiye. It is getting less trp.

  2. Angelk1

    I feel like the more we’re in the lead, the more twist and surbhi scenes with harman they will make. If the top goes down, they might actually change things an make soumya stronger

  3. wish soumya be stronger than this and have more hope in life, will the family members start seeing her good heart and change towards her? would harman understand what his mum doing and how unfair she is to soumya? i hope so.

  4. What goin on this drama? when the find soumu is not a kinner. I hate kareena,Preeto ,harak and varun.They are really curl people. Soumya is very innocent I don’t like that her quality why she can’t tell Harrman she love him very much ? Now I hate this story its become very bad I really angry with writter

    1. agree with you

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