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Shakti 16th December 2016 Written Episode, Written Update on

The Episode starts with Preeto telling Soumya that Shanno will not let Mahi marry Harman now after the happenings. She says even if I get a handicapped girl for him, she will not accept you. Soumya says what I shall do? I don’t understand. Preeto asks Soumya to get Harman marry Surbhi, and says I don’t know how you will do this. Soumya is shocked and recalls her happy days with Surbhi…Preeto says your sister loves you and will not become your sautan even after becoming Harman’s wife, she will not ask you to go. Everything will be fine, as we will get a grand children and all problems will end. She asks Soumya to get her sister marry Harman. She says this house is ruined because of you, Mata Rani gave you a chance to rectify your mistake, and says once Surbhi marries Harman, you both can stay

happily with Harman, then nobody will blame you. Soumya is shocked and angrily asks why did you think that I will ruin my choti’s life for my advantage.

Preeto holds her hand and says I thought just like your mum got you married to my son, I am also a mum. She calls her selfish and says this marriage will be good for everyone. Your sister will rule in this house, and says what do you think that my son will run after you all his life. She says Harman will bring some woman home and then that woman will not bear her in the house. She asks her to think and says I understand it is difficult, but believe me, we have no other option to save this house. You both will be happy in this house and I will not interfere between you both. She asks her to convince Harman and Surbhi. She asks her to keep this conversation secret. Soumya thinks I can’t ruin my choti’s life. Harman can marry anyone, and says I will leave from here. She thinks about Preeto’s words and is shocked. She says Harman and Choti….

Soumya thinks this is truth that Harman will not marry anyone, and nobody will bear her in the house. She thinks if Harman remarries and if his wife taunts him that his first wife was a kinnar, then what will happen. She thinks I can’t ruin my choti’s life and wonders what to do? She thinks with whom to share the heart talk. She thinks if Nimmo would have been alive, she would have handled the situation. She hears Harman shouting asking for water. Shanno says I will bring. Preeto comes to Shanno and says no need. She tells that Harman distributed the relations, and says we are nothing to him. He shall ask water from that Kinnar. Harman says I can boil water for myself in the kitchen. Soumya comes and stops him. She asks him to go to his room and says I will bring water for you. Preeto asks Soumya not to step inside her kitchen. Harman asks her to go to kitchen and boil water for him, says I will see who will stop you. Preeto thinks this is what I wanted, I know you will do what I asked not to do. Soumya goes to kitchen. Shanno is confused.

She sees Soumya boiling water in kitchen and thinks how did Preeto agreed for Harman’s sayings. She thinks something is going on in her mind for sure. Soumya boils water and is taking to Harman’s room. Preeto tells her that everything is in her control now, and asks her to convince Harman for second marriage to rectify her mistake. Shanno tries to hear her, but couldn’t. Preeto asks Soumya to give water to Harman, as he must be waiting. Shanno needs to find out.

Surbhi tells Nani about her decision. Nani says you have taken a good decision and says you can keep Soumya with you after marriage. Surbhi says she will make Soumya meet Abhishek on her birthday and says life changes after marriage. Nani says Abhishek is a nice girl. She promotes the show Swabhiman and tells about Shardha’s struggle for bringing up his daughters. She says I have full faith on Abhishek.

Soumya comes to Harman and gives him water and medicine. Harman takes medicine and water. He says water was so hot, my tongue got burnt. Soumya asks shall I bring icecream for you etc. Harman smiles. Soumya checks water and says it is not much hot. Harman says he was joking. He says he enjoyed when she got concerned for him. Soumya asks about his family. Harman says they will be fine soon. Soumya thinks responsibility came on her to make everything fine. She thinks how to talk to him.

Preeto asks Soumya if she convinced Harman. Soumya says I was trying to convince him. Preeto scolds her. Soumya tries to convince Harman. Harman asks her not to talk about it.

Update Credit to: H Hasan

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  1. Hi all Shakti and Haya fans,don’t worry Harman will never remarry because he won’t let his Gulabo go away from him, I hope this week Shakti trp crosses 3,and continues being the slot leader.

    1. Wow i too want that ,harman should not let his gulaboo go away from him.

  2. h r u haya fans… i didnt watch today s epi.. bt read in TU… i hate today s epi… i saw the trp chart.. its 6th position… 2nd is became 6th… good… wldone..

    i think that marriage day the truth will reveal.. because most of the serials it will hapen… harman try to wear mangalsutra to surbhi… then one voice is coming that ye shaadi nahi ho sakthi.. :-O

    1. Hi karthika ya today epi is boring

    2. Are u sure krathika ya srf ap ne andaza lgaya haiii???? Kya waqaii soumya kinner nh hogiii…

  3. hi ashley.. welcome to shakti…dont call me akka… almost namma rendu perukkum ore vayasu dhan irukkum… then friendshipkulla no sorry and no thankyou…. kopz lives in chennai… avangala indha puyal aarambichadila irundhu comment pannave illa.. so naanum ammu ma vum avangala dhan thedi kittu irukkom….

    unga peru romba nalla iruku… all the best for ur exam…

  4. Hi shakti fmly

    Today’s haya scene was NYC

    Hi karthi and ammu ma

    Ohh k akka

    Thank u but naa sry and tq solli palakiten. And naa elders Ku respect kuduthu palagiten so don’t think anything bye sweet dreams…???

  5. Vanakam
    Finally harman marries surbhi
    Paavam abhishek

  6. Good night & sweet dreams to ammu ma,ashley,kopz,chaya and all.. naalaikku paakalam… 🙂 🙂

  7. I don’t like this track and waste episodes

  8. As everyone saying that in upcoming episodes it will be revealed that Sowmya is not a kinner but a girl but in that case if she is not a transgender from birth then she should face all the ladies problems which a girls face generally. How come these are not considered and suddenly relieving that Sowmya is not a kinner and she can become pregnant. All these are looking strange for me. But anyways I like to see the haya Jodi continuously with out any breaks and twists between them

  9. goodmorning to all 🙂 vanakkam shara.. _/\_
    ammu maa whr r u?

  10. colour is changed because of the small mistake of the E mail… sry.. 🙁

  11. Sabrina

    I don’t think I can watch serial if surbhi turns bad as in she marrying Harman after all she liked the guy in the beginning but he wasn’t interested in her… I remember her thinking if Harman had kidnap her she would have had to marry him…. pls don’t destroy these two bonds Somu Shakti

  12. Hi shakthi fans how are you karthika dear you are really cute?? you are correct the truth is revel that day and shaadi nahi ho sakthi??

  13. I m fine chaya.. are you south indian or north???
    Its so boring… most of hindi serial it will happen that the love triangle.. one sacrifes his love for another person… but the marriage didnt happen…

    kopz ammu ma please comment pannunga… enakku inga bak bak nu irukku.. 🙂 🙁

  14. Shanitics

    Boring epi.. Fingr crossed wl Haya will gt reunitd?? Hope so.. And also hpe he won’t Marry Chotti!!

  15. Angelk1

    Soumya please think. Dont do it, dont ruin to lives … Ask harman first and tell him

  16. Hi sakthi family how r u all ? I didn’t see the serial becoz of power failure read the track in TU. Serial going in worst path. Chiii intha preeto Ku velaye irukkadha. Intha writers um preeto character Ra yeppadi mosama kaatalam yosikiraangale thavira kathaya kottai vituduraanga.

  17. Hi karthi enga veetla wifi repair aagiduchu so comment Panna mudiyala ma.

    Hi Ashley, intha kaalathula ippadi oru ponna? Periyavangaluku respect kodukave ippa pillaigal yosikiraanga aana same age irukura ponnuku mariyaadai kodukireengale GREAT!

    Unga address Sa kodunga en pasangala anupi vaikiren konjam solli kodunga plzzzzzz.

  18. Hi kopz, enna aachi yen comment pannala ? Power innum varalaya unga area Ku ? Plz comment panni eppsdi irukeenga nu sollinga ma

  19. Hi uthaya, neenga Chennai thaane mazhai ,puyal ellam poduma? Neega safe thaane ma.

  20. ☀☀ Good afternoon shakti family… ?
    Ammu ma nalaikku college poganum…???

  21. Hi tq ammu ma

    Hi karthi akka

    Is kopz Tamil is she s n chennai

  22. Hi ashley..
    Ya dear? kopz lives in chennai…. bt.she is a nepali…she knows tamil… good night…?? sweet dreams to haya fans… bye.?? will see tomorrow..??

  23. Hey guys firstly I am not good in English
    Sorry, I love this show and tell me please if this show is in top show in India or no?

  24. Hey Sara

    Now this serial has climbed up to the second position

    I’m so happy but I’ll b very happy if it comes to d first position waiting for that moment????

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