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Shakti 16th August 2016 Written Episode, Written Update on

The Episode starts with Soumya looking at Harman and removes his shoes. She makes him sleep properly and covers blanket on him. Harman opens his eyes, asks her to stay away from him and throws bedsheet. Soumya cries seeing his hatred. Harman asks her to stop her acting and let him sleep. Varun sees Surbhi coming and hides his wine bottle. He tells her that he came to know that she is leaving and asks when will you come again. Surbhi says I will come whenever my Soumu di needs me. Varun asks what about when I need you? Surbhi says why I will come for you and says you have whole family. Varun comes to room and talks to his wine bottle. He asks why did you make me drink so much and throws the bottle. He looks angrily and says Harak Mama wasted money for his happiness. He says he got my mum married to a poor

man and I was born. He says I was brought up wearing Harman’s old clothes and playing his old toys. He says I won’t be keep quiet and plans to marry Surbhi. He thinks Surbhi will be his trump card to become equal to Harman. He thinks he will take revenge from them, and plans to trap Surbhi anyhow.

Next day, Nimmi and Surbhi are leaving. Soumya hugs Nimmi. Nimmi says I will come to take you after few days. Varun says I miss you Surbhi ji. Surbhi says I won’t. Nimmi asks Preeto to take care of her daughter. Preeto says you are saying as if we will throw her out after you leave. She says your daughter is not unique. Nimmi says I got worried seeing recent happenings. Harak Singh asks her not to worry and says we will keep her as queen. Harman looks on. Nimmi and Surbhi leave in car. Preeto asks Soumya to make rotis. Harman says she will not make food. Preeto says you have become joru ka Ghulam. Harman asks her to think whatever she wants, and says if she makes food then I will not eat. Preeto is surprised.

While at the dining table, Soumya tries to serve roti to Harman. Harman refuses to take from her hand and asks Raavi to serve it. Raavi says you are married now and asks him to get food served by Soumya. Preeto says bahu is serving to everyone of us and asks him to take food serve by Soumya. Harman says if she serves food to me then I will throw plate with food. Preeto says I will see what you will do, and asks Soumya to serve food. Harak Singh asks Harman to calm down. Preeto asks Soumya to serve food and asks Harman to eat it. Harak Singh asks Harman not to bring their fight outside room and asks him to eat quietly. Harman eats roti angrily. Harak Singh says it is good. Preeto asks everyone to have food.

Harak Singh also sits to have food. He praises Soumya’s paratha and says it is good. Harman comes to room and breaks the things in anger. Soumya comes to room and tries to speak. Harman asks her to leave, and says I see my mistakes on your face, mistake for loving and marrying you. He asks her to stay in the house, but don’t come infront of him even by mistake. He asks her to go. Soumya cries, thinks why this is happening with me Mata Rani. Varun tells Harak Singh that photographer came. Harak Singh calls Preeto, and everyone. Sindhu gets happy. Harak Singh says I called him. Harman and Soumya also come. Harak Singh says our family photo should be hang here. Harman says there are so many pics hanged here. Harak Singh says there is no pic of bahurani with us. He praises Preeto’s beauty.

Preeto asks Soumya to stand with Harman. Photographer clicks their family pics. Harak Singh asks photographer to click Harman and Soumya’s pic. Harman asks what was the need? Preeto says these are memories, and asks what you will show to your children. Photographer asks him to keep hand on Soumya’s shoulder. Harman keeps hand on her shoulder hesitantly. Photographer takes pic, and then asks Soumya to keep hand on his shoulder. Soumya obliges. Photographer asks Harman to hold her waist and look romantically in her eyes. Harman gets angry and goes, refusing to get more pics clicked. Harak Singh says everyone is angry in our home. Preeto goes to Soumya and asks her to make Harman agree for pics, asks if you both have border fight. Soumya nods and goes to her room. Harman says I don’t want to repeat my words. Soumya says you hate me, but please think about mummy ji and papa ji’s happiness. She asks him to come down for their happiness as they love him so much. She says you don’t have to see my face once I leave, and says I will never forget your favor which you have done on me by letting me stay here for few days. She asks him to come downstairs. Harman looks at her while she folds hands.

Preeto tells Soumya that Surbhi was right about her cooking skills. She says you are really an Annapurna and asks her to shower love on Harman. Raavi says there is a huge difference between cooking and to handle husband. She tells Harman is always sad because of her. Later Soumya brings food plate for Harman and says Preeto sent it. She asks him to eat it. Harman takes the plate and then throws it, says how many times I shall tell you not to come near me, don’t try to become wife if you can’t become that. Raavi hears him and is shocked.

Update Credit to: H Hasan

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  1. Omg varun is negative can’t able to beleive it, in beginning I thought surbhi would turn negative but varun is here . harman plz try to understand her she is so so innocent , actually I love vivan’s rude behaviour towards drashthi , it seems interesting too in madhubala season 1 but here towards soumu i can’t able to take it. Cvs don’t drag it too long plz

    1. madhubala was different. . complete enjoyable. ..

      I think in a day or two harman will get soften towards soumya as he loves her n he needs time to come to terms with the reality….

      As of now he is totally shattered n he can’t tell truth to everyone at the same time can’t bear the truth he is frustrated. .

  2. oh harman… can’t see you in this state. ..
    What precap yaar of all the people raavi hears??

  3. how will harak Singh react when he knows the truth….poor soumya…
    Hope harman stands by her..

  4. Thnx mam 4 d update. What d hell is hapenning…yeh Varun ko achanak kya ho gaya. Feeling very bad 4 somu. Harman is behaving very rudly 2wards her….i know he is shattered bt plz uske upar yell mat kar, tu usse baat mat kar bt plz dont yell at her…wo bechari bahut
    dar jaati hai. Harak singh was gud at his part nd atlast i’ll come 2 Raavi why she always try 2 provoke Harman n Preeto…..akhir uska problem kya hai?????

  5. Well said Uthaya,Vivian is very gud at playing rude character not only in Madhubala bt also in Pkyek…jst luvd his rude nature in both d shows bt here it is unbearable as in d beginning his character was very swt n jovial…

  6. Why the hell is Harman so angry? Seriously! They haven’t even met before their marriage and suddenly he expects her to sleep with him just because he married her? What kind of a message is that? That if you don’t satisfy your husband, you deserve abuse? This is ridiculous!
    If this is his behaviour before knowing the truth,i shudder to think what he’ll do when he finds out.

    1. he already found out LOLL

    2. every man is the same, they expect the same thing .and even if they themselves r in love with other person they dont have a problem

    3. Rekhavv

      No when soumya committed suicide he asked for her forgiveness and also said that he will not force her till she is ready.

      But now when he knows the truth he can b angry on soumya too. He is frustrated that is simple. And nothing to do with consummation

      1. Thank everyone. I think i missed an episode or something. I didn’t know that he’d already found out.

  7. Finally Nimmi & Surbhi left…. Harman was awesome… His expression were fantastic.. Vivian portrayed the pain so well… Varun is a negative character is what shocked me the most!!

  8. every man will become angry when they do not get their wives love

  9. This is a disgusting show by trying to force soumya on Harman to show a love story. a shim and a man = real homo couple,absolutely disgusting.This is a nice social issue but the love story part is projecting homos*xuality and deceitfulness.better they marry surbhi and harman..Soumya truth and harman love story is just to sick for me..I can watch American movies for that but an indian serial promoting homos*xuality in the name of leads love story yuck vomit

    1. Sabrina

      Oh gosh sharnelle where do I begin
      Firstly the show isn’t trying to promote homos*xuality.
      Second Somu is a girl not man it’s just that her private part wasn’t form properly this can be rectify with surgery

    2. It’s not what the show is about but Why do you feel that it’s ok for American movies to have homos*xuality but not Indian serials?

  10. they can show the probllems faced by kinnars in soceity or how she is facing the problems as a strong person,etc.. why luv story?

  11. Guyzzz does soumu have male genitals or female…… pls say… can she be pregnant.. if she is having male genital then how can they show male-male romance…pls clear my doubts… i dobt know about transgender

    1. Rekhavv

      Read comments of 3rd 4th and 5th august. Everything is explained their.

  12. It is easy to say that y harman is acting like that …guys think if u r in that situation like if ur life partner is a kinner then how do u feel .. any ADARSHVAADI jo harman ko galath kehate hai ek transgender se shaadi karke dikhado(marry a transgender and show the world that harman is wrong)

    1. sonam.. noone is saying harman is wrong. . nor anyone forced him to marry kinner knowingly. ..

      he is already married n just by behaving rudely with her things don’t improve right?

      his frustration is totally justified. . but there’s no mistake of soumya also then y should she bear humiliation? ?

  13. this is nothing to do with homos…
    soumya is born with a handicap in her reproductory system which includes everything that’s how they knew it while she was a child….

    don’t people with other handicaps marry? we cannot say what’s right n wrong… but think of real humans existing in this world with this defect..
    its scientifically a birth defect…
    purely nature’s mischief. ..

    no one can know the degree of defect in birth for sure .. as the child grows things can change either way.. so in soumyas case she can be almost a girl also. ..
    What rashmi sharma has thought we don’t know. .

  14. Why can’t she go for an operation???????

  15. yeah … saras I agree but harman will take some time becoz it is like a shock for him that his gulabo is a kinner ..But I saw some comments where ppl are blaming harman so I commented like that

  16. transgender ppl look as beautiful as soumya ….Is that true …and I have never seen a transgender like that…they almost look like male dressed like female …

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