Shakti 15th November 2016 Written Episode Update

Shakti 15th November 2016 Written Episode, Written Update on

The Episode starts with Soumya hugging Surbhi and cries. She gets scared seeing Saya and hides behind Harman. Harman asks her not to get scared from her and tells that she helped us save you. Soumya thanks her and tells I have misunderstood you. Saya says your life is precious for me and gets emotional. Inspector appreciates Harman and Surbhi for saving Soumya, and says who risks their life for their loved ones. Harman asks Inspector to give them lift and drop to city. He agrees. Maninder tells that they have to do last rites of Nimmi and says Soumya will not come, but I will handle Surbhi. Beeji says she won’t allow the last rites of Nimmi until her daughters return, even if they have to wait for 4 more nights.

Harman, Soumya, Surbhi and Saya at the dhaba. Soumya says she is feeling restless.

Surbhi asks her to eat. Harman also asks her to eat. Surbhi calls on Nimmi’s mobile and says they found Soumya. She says Soumya is with them and asks her to make kheer. Beeji says she picked the call as Nimmi is away. Soumya talks to Beeji. Beeji asks her to give call to Harman. Harman takes the call. Beeji cries loudly shocking him. He excuses himself and asks Beeji why you are crying. Beeji asks him to bring Soumya and Surbhi as their mum is no more. Harman is shocked and asks what you are saying….mummy ji. Beeji says my Nimmi left us and went far.

Harman looks at Soumya and Surbhi. Surbhi says we shall buy something for Nani and Mummy. Soumya says for papa and dadi also. Surbhi hesitanly says okay. Harman is shattered too and tells them that there is no need of shopping. We shall go home directly. Surbhi promises that they will not take much time. Harman thinks he can’t tell this shocking news to them and lets them to go for shopping. Beeji cries hugging Nimmi’s pic and tells that you have brought up Soumya and fought with Maninder for her. She says Soumya is coming, what shall I tell her now. From where to bring you back….and cries badly. She recalls Nimmi’s last words to ask Soumya to make herself so strong that she don’t need her. Neighbor asks if Soumya and Surbhi coming. Beeji tells Harman is bringing Soumya and Surbhi. Maninder is shocked and asks Beeji to come to side. He asks her what she is saying? Beeji says Soumya is coming. She says even though Nimmi dies, but she has won even after death. Maninder says what nonsense.

Varun calls Preeto and informs her that Nani told clearly that Harman is bringing Soumya. Saya informs Kareena that they saved Soumya. While Soumya and Surbhi are shopping, Harman asks them to hurry up. Surbhi asks shop keeper to pack the stuff. Soumya selects dupatta for Nimmi. Harman asks them to hurry up and says Mummy ji is waiting for you. Surbhi says we are buying for her only. Saya asks Soumya to select something for her also. Soumya nods and selects for her. They sit in car and goes.

Maninder tells Bebe that if Surbhi would have been married, then this Siyappa wouldn’t happen. This should have happened later, now Surbhi will not agree. Bebe asks him to wait till Nimmi’s last rites is done. Saya asks the driver to stop the car. Harman, Surbhi and Soumya see Kinnars standing on the road. Saya says I have to get down here itself. She says you people have to get down too. Harman asks why? Saya says if you people believe me even a bit then get down. Soumya is tensed. Harman asks her to get down from car. All of them get down the car. Kareena says this has never happened in our world, when you are starting afresh in your world, we want to give something to you and bid you bye. They give her gifts and hug her. Saya tells Harman that only he can keep Soumya happy and safe, and tells that I don’t know if you both can stay happily together or not and what name society will give to your relation, but I am sure that you both can’t stay away from each other. She says Nimmi said rightly that you are Soumya’s rakshak. She gives Soumya’s hand in Harman’s hand. Tu Hi Mera khuda plays…………….Soumya smiles, while Harman is tensed.

Soumya and Surbhi come home. Surbhi sees people standing in the house wearing white clothes. She asks if everything is alright. Soumya is shocked seeing Nimmi’s dead body and asks her to make kheer, and says chudail came to take her. Harman makes Soumya realize the truth and says she is dead. Soumya is shocked.

Update Credit to: H Hasan

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  1. Vivian nailed it as Harman, he didn’t slept in the car as he knew that nimmi ‘s death news will break Soumya…amazing

  2. thanks hasanji for the quick update..

    hmmm episode seems interesting. I m yet to watch it. ..
    As per spoiler. . harman will take soumya home. .. I hope surbhi will marry akash only. ..

  3. Saya is right . Harman and sowmya cant stay away . Only Harman will keep sowmya happy. Iam so restless after seeing precap.

  4. Y very less comments only single digit comments.not fair??

  5. Even though sakthi got first position in trp the comments are less. Every one became silent readers ha.

  6. I am so glad Saya realized that Somu and Harman are made for each other which Harman was a kinnnar too lol

  7. Angelk1

    I f theirs one more split, I’m done. Soumya ease don’t believe anyone except harman. Be confident and make your own decisions

  8. Quite interesting show. I look forward to watching each episode. In fact I stop watching the other shows on other channel and watch this one only.??????

  9. many just watch it n leave it at that. .. That’s y less comments. .

    it was very nice to see soumya sleeping on harman’s shoulder so peacefully.. -:))

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