Shakti 15th May 2017 Written Episode Update

Shakti 15th May 2017 Written Episode, Written Update on

The Episode starts with Soumya seeing the boy throwing flour on the cleaned utensils intentionally to trouble her. She washes them and keeps it back. By again throws the flour on the washed utensils. She washes it again and keeps the back. Boy asks if she don’t get angry. Soumya says she is not angry as she knows that he is playing and not troubling her. Boy says you must be having kids. Soumya recalls Aditya and gets sad. Her employer asks her to leave. She leaves.

Viren brings Balwinder to make him meet Kishan Lal. Balwinder asks why did you bring me here. Viren says we came after a lot of time. Heroine asks Harman to sit and asks spot boy to give him chair. She says there is something special in you and says she wants to talk to him. Harman says there is nothing special in me. Heroine says if

I could, I will come with you. Harman says I am a married man. Heroine says so you are asking me to wait for 7 births. Harman says not 7, but 21 births as I have taken 21 pheras with my Gulabo. Heroine asks if you are saying that I am not beautiful. Harman tells that nobody is beautiful than her. Hero sees Heroine talking to Harman and thinks she will not get him. She asks what is in her. Harman tells that she has nasha in her. Heroine thinks this is happening after sometime that someone is praising his wife infront of me. She asks him to have drink after pack up and asks Harman to say something more about Gulabo. Hero comes and asks her to invite him. She says she don’t give invite to anyone who don’t have a character. Harman looks on.

Viren makes Balwinder meet Kishan Lal and says what did you get if you don’t get anything by marrying your son in Harak Singh’s home. Balwinder asks what I have to do. Kishan Lal tells that you have to take Harman’s place and says now Harman is sure that Harak Singh tried to burn his house. Balwinder says Harman will know soon. Kishan Lal tells that same goons will kill Harman tonight and then your game starts. Heroine makes Harman have drink. Harman says I will go. Heroine asks him to stay with her tonight and says you will not miss your Gulabo. She pushes him on bed. Harman is drunk. He gets Soumya’s call. Heroine ends the call. Goons wait for Harman on the road and says why didn’t he come till now. They think to wait inside the car. Harman asks himself to be careful while walking and thinks why did he feeling drowsy and thinks something was added in wine. Preeto asks Varun to go and check Harman. Harak Singh says nobody will go. He tells Preeto to calm down. Preeto says her heart is not feeling good and says shall I go and check. Soumya calls Saya and tells him that Harman haven’t returned home and not picking her calls also. She says what I shall do.

Harak Singh asks her to live without Harman and asks her to be stone hearted. Viren smirks and says this time is for you to keep stones on your heart. He says Harman’s death news will be here soon. Harman tells that he would have gone home and regrets to accept heroine’s invite. Goons see Harman and smirks. They drive the car towards him. Soumya comes there and rescues Harman. She makes him jump at the right time. Harman faints. Soumya asks him to wake up. Goons get down the car and starts beating him. Harman gets badly beaten by the goons. Soumya sees the rod kept there. She recalls Harman promising to take care of Soumya. Shakti song plays…..Soumya asks them not to move towards Harman else she will hit them. Goons ask will you hit us. She beats him. Goons holds the rod. Saya comes there and beats the goons. Shakti song plays….Soumya asks Harman to wake up and says lets go home.

Harman tells Soumya that he will come in sometime. He tells that now that his parents have crossed all limits and tried to kill him. Soumya says she don’t believe that they can do such thing. Saya comes and says Preeto can’t do this.

Update Credit to: H Hasan

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  1. Today’s episode was Ok Ok….I prefer an action Hero Harman(more)….

  2. Aree wah kya acting tha somu ka….pheli baar dekhi hu me somu ko itne guzze aur bold avatar …………
    Kya hogiiya balwinder ko…..??????
    Frst part wit that damn heroine was bad…………….

  3. What really happened between harman and that heroine? I think saumya is now full of shakti. She don’t need any rakshak. So please GULLABO ji leave our harman. Why the shakti team is degrading the male lead’s character for rising up the so called female lead. Not satisfied.

  4. Finally dumb Saumya becomes smart…?✌️Yaay

    1. Ya, I too feel same, wow very happy to see the shakti at least now, or else when she was begging the goons, I thought for a second, still she will be the cry baby, but very nice to see shakti in her

  5. i real real like soumya,,,,

  6. Lovely episode.

  7. Soumaya you did it well????????????

  8. Anu ,when u vl get satisfy with soumya performance? Always bashing her.Today her performance was ausumn.But u r not impressed. Anyway no worries to anyone. We are fully yyyyyyyyyyyy satisfied with soumya performance. I think u r getting jealous for soumya bcoz there is no place for surbhi in HAYA life naaa.Even jessica,sandy also satisfied.

  9. What clicks for me is somu and herman. Definitely not Surbhi. Writers please keep up with this stronger image of Soumya.

  10. harman has golabo in mind all the time even drunk, it’s good that shakti come back on harman-soumya journey track like this, keep going, don’t do wrong again

  11. Lovely episode. Harman and Soumaya love is beyond all thing . Plz don’t do anything wrong with their love

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