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Shakti 15th July 2016 Written Episode, Written Update on

The Episode starts with Bebe apologizing to Mata Rani, and says she is helpless. She says Soumya’s life is useless, but my son’s life is precious. She says I have to give poison to Soumya. Surbhi gives towels to guests. Preeto refuses to take. Varun teases Surbhi and asks if you are asking for phone numbers. Surbhi refuses and asks him to wipe his face. She whispers something in girl’s ears. Girl asks if he is not well and is sweating. Varun says he is fine and wipes his face with towel. Surbhi and others laugh on him as his face turns red because of the powder on the towel. Pandit ji asks them to do chadawa rasam. Harak Singh and Preeto get ready. Nimmi asks Maninder not to do acting. Harman gives them gifts/chadawa. Varun washes his face. Surbhi tries to give towel. Varun says he don’t do mistake

again. Surbhi says we don’t do same things again. Varun takes the towel. Surbhi says friends. Varun says I don’t want to take panga/fight with you. Surbhi gives him laddoo. Varun eats it and spits. Surbhi laughs and says it is not easy to befriend with me. Varun says I accept this challenge.

Pandit ji asks Nimmi and Maninder to make groom have sweets as a part of ritual. Harman’s sister asks him to demand any sweets from his inlaws. Harman asks her to keep quiet. H tells that just little sugar is enough for him. Nimmi asks Kalsi to bring sweets kept in the temple. Harak Singh feels proud of his son. Kalsi comes to inhouse temple and takes dahi. She thinks it is a good shagun. Surbhi says laddoo is kept here and asks Kalsi can’t she see it. They come out, and make Harman have laddoo. Pandit ji asks them to do some ritual. Maninder gets an idea and goes to wash/wipe Harman’s feet as part of ritual. Surbhi comes to Soumya and asks her to come with her. Nimmi comes and takes off evil eye from her. Beeji asks Surbhi to bring curd and sugar. Nimmi says it is auspicious to eat curd and sugar. She makes Soumya eat a spoonful. Jugni says Soumya is looking beautiful and Harman is very lucky. Soumya smiles.

Harman looks at Soumya as she walks towards the mandap. Tera Ishq Ka Meri Ibadat plays………….He stares at her adorably…..Tu hi mera khuda continues to play. The ladies bring Soumya and make her stand next to Harman. Harman looks at her shyly. Kalsi asks Soumya to look at Harman once. Surbhi sadly picks the garland and gives in Soumya’s hand. Harak Singh and Preeto are happy. Soumya makes Harman wear the garland. Saya comes there. Harman makes her wear garland. Maninder looks on anxiously. Everyone claps for them. Pandit ji asks them to sit. Harman tells Soumya that his heart is taking her name. Soumya asks whom? Harman says my heart. Pandit ji asks someone to give Soumya’s hand in Harman’s hand. Nimmi keeps Soumya’s hand in Harman’s hand. Kalsi asks Surbhi if her boyfriend is Harman’s brother. She says he is so handsome. Surbhi looks on. She goes to room and finds the gifts kept on bed with apology note, asking her to wear the clothes if she has forgiven him.

Maha Episode tomorrow. Soumya faints during marriage. Harman lifts her and starts taking rounds. Soumya is fully unconscious. Harman shouts Soumya.

Update Credit to: H Hasan

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  1. pwincess pari

    Awesome episode ???? Vivi looks hot n handsome ??

  2. harman -soumya varun-surbhi…… is nice, but i dont know what will makers do

  3. God knows what’s the secret n what’s story going Tobe. .
    I m kind of too cheesed off with serials. . -:((

    rubina looks so pretty n nice. . It’s a pleasure watching her.. gulabo suits her so much. . Hope they don’t spoil the story with trans etc. .

  4. The way harman was looking at soumya was just mindblowing……awesome jodi??

  5. Soumya is an eunuch

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