Shakti 15th February 2017 Written Episode Update

Shakti 15th February 2017 Written Episode, Written Update on

The Episode starts with Kareena stopping Soumya on the way and asks her to vote for her so that she can become Guru Maa. Soumya says I don’t need to prove myself to you, when I haven’t done anything wrong and says Mallika is like her mother. Kareena is angry. Shanno asks where is Soumya and says she will make food? Preeto asks her to make food. Surbhi comes and says she is also searching for Soumya and asks where is she? Preeto tells that Soumya went to temple with Harak Singh, to tie mannat thread so that you and Harman get close. She asks Shanno to make food. Shanno says you have two bahus, but I was asked to make food. Preeto says we will think about your betterment later. Surbhi worries for Soumya. Preeto asks her not to worry and says your sister will come, and asks her to make breakfast with

Shanno. Surbhi wonders where is Soumya? Saya thinks Soumya will come now. Someone says you would have brought her with you. Saya says she couldn’t bring her with her and wonders where is Kareena?

Soumya comes there. Guru Maa calls her Tarana…and then calls her Soumya. She says we all were waiting for you. Saya asks her to come. Soumya comes there hesitantly. She touches Guru Maa’s feet. Guru Maa blesses her and compliments her looks. Kareena comes and asks Saya if you thought that I went to manipulate Soumya on the road. Saya says nobody can manipulate her. Guru maa says we will do elections first and asks Soumya to vote for Saya or Kareena, and says your one vote will decide the new Guru Maa. Saya is sure that Soumya will vote for her. Soumya recalls Kareena and mallika’s good behavior with her and get confused. She recalls Kareena asking her to save her mum and then blaming her for her mum’s death. Soumya tells Guru Maa that she wants to give her vote to Kareena. Mallika is shocked. Everyone congratulates Kareena for becoming Guru Maa. Guru Maa announces that new Guru Maa is Kareena and asks them to make arrangements to do her tilak. Kareena tells Soumya that today she has cleared all her complaints and asks her to stay till she becomes Guru Maa. Saya hears her.

Surbhi asks Preeto to give phone to her, and asks where is Soumya? Preeto says she will come. Harman says I want to know where is Surbhi’s sister and my wife. Preeto says I said that she went to temple with your father, and calls Harak Singh. She thinks Soumya will not pick call and I have made your father’s call busy. Harman calls Soumya and says she is not picking call and calls Harak Singh then. His number comes as busy. Preeto asks him to trust her. Harman says I will go to temple and if my trust breaks then you know your son well. Preeto says you have doubted on me before also, and says I am ready to give agni pariksha again. Harman asks her to try something new.

Mallika’s supporter scold Soumya for failing Mallika’s hope and making her look small infront of Kareena. She says now I will not bless you. Saya says blessings are from your heart. She says I will not ask you about your decision and says I wanted to be Guru Maa for your safety. I didn’t become Guru Maa, but I will be your mum always. She says sometimes decisions are taken without wish. Old Guru Maa calls mallika and asks her to call everyone. Soumya thinks she has to tell truth to Saya.

Chintu asks Surbhi to call Soumya and says he talks only to good people. Surbhi says she will play with him and asks if she is not good. Chintu tells that he wants Soumya. Surbhi asks him to have kheer till she returns. He goes. She asks Preeto to tell where is Soumya, else Harman will get angry. Preeto says she is always two steps ahead of Harman and asks her to do her work.

Kareena tells her supporters that she has shed some tears and made Soumya’s emotional to get her vote. Kareena asks them to get her ready and asks them to click Soumya’s pic. She thinks you don’t know what I am going to do with you?

After Kareena becomes Guru maa, she stops Soumya from going home and asks her supporters to lock Soumya inside. Saya says she called Soumya here on her guarantee. Old Guru maa tells that they have to obey Kareena and that Soumya can’t go home now. Saya and Soumya are shocked.

Update Credit to: H Hasan

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  1. Hello guys…Only seeing one scene of Harman was disappointing…..Guys today I heard Rubina interview on Sbas that she didn’t like Vivian when he was acting of Soumya…. I don’t understand why Vivian Co-stars are so insecured of him? May be because of his fan following…. But see the irony Vivian costar from his previous show is Shakti Astitva ke ehsaas ki rival and still Shakti is the slot leader…this only shows that Vivian never got understanding costars, upset with Rubina interview, Btw I only watch This show for Vivian…. And he nails it as Harman.just want Harman to be more strong and remove that Surbhi from his life…..

    1. hello, from Egypt 🙂 I’ve been following the updates daily and reading ur comments as well ..
      as an answer to ur Q Tanvi why Vivian co-stars feel insecure… is merely because of his strong character presence and ultimate talent which makes his fans crazy about him and follow his show even though it has become meaningless and immoral sometimes…however his scenes are like camp fire in a cold night…warming and enjoyable…

      Also I think that she is reading the viewers comments regarding her weak character portrayed in the current tracks and many people asking either to kill the character if she doesn’t get strong enough to fight for her own rights and love…more and more people are casting their negative views regarding her character in the show…so it makes sense to feel insecure as she obviously knows that the makers won’t change her character’s behavior soon which will lead to more people quitting the show ..

      In Madhubala Ek Ishq Ek Jonoun… Drashti also felt insecure and had ego issue coz the show was supposed to be revolving around her character ….however Vivian’s entry as RK and his superb performance which evolved and matured throughout the serial had made fans follow the show mainly for him… and it was clear how the TRP dropped after him quitting at the time leap… where it gradually grw up again after his re entry as Raju & Raja

      1. totally agree with you even in his vampire show he was the leader no costar could take the spot from him Vivian is amazing.

  2. Disgusting kareena. I hate her..
    ….not bad epi..but precap s vry bad..
    Wantng more haya scenes….

  3. oh,writter care with somyia,only when she is kiddnaped.
    then herman ,and her sister care and so on ,and so on.what a miss

  4. Can the makers please kill Saumya’s character? Enough of this kinnar drama… What a Nonsense serial!

  5. Omg omg ..???harman n surbi hhoneymoon ke lya mumbai jari hai…kya voh rhi hai sab…
    Harak n preeto join hands wit kareena agnst somu.#..TIS S D UPCMNG TWIST…#
    Without haya scenes episode gng on bore………..
    For Name sake shakti but frm day 1 epi……soumya didnt get bold chrctr…and she always dancing in others rythm..and makes her sacrificing queen…..
    Ammu ma .bunny..raji ma whr r u guys?????? No cmmntng….
    TN got independence then y ammu ma no comments frm ur side…

  6. now i really want to ask, is their any hope that soumya get stronger or at least can their be a change in the twist i mean so far every day soumya needs someone to save her and defend her and preeto doesn’t stop using her and if it is not preeto then some evil character is kidnapping her or whatever, is their any hope that harman takes her away and they live together or even hope that the family would see her good heart and start respecting her.

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