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Shakti 15th December 2016 Written Episode, Written Update on

The Episode starts with Surbhi asking Maninder what those neighbors were saying? Maninder says they are saying that you had eloped with your Jija ji and that you are having an affair with him. Surbhi says you know why did I go with him. Maninder is angry and tells your motive is to ruin me and not to protect Soumya. Surbhi says it is not like that. Maninder says I have to see this day and that’s why I didn’t die with poison on that day. He asks her to hold pistol and shoot him thrice. Surbhi is sad. Harak Singh calls Harman’s name and asks him to come down. He says he brought papers for the partition. Viren says Harman is innocent and childish. Harak Singh says when a son steps in his father’s shoes, then that child is not childish and becomes his dad’s father. He says lets do partition. Harman

comes. Varun asks him to be careful. Harak Singh gives him papers. Harman reads the papers.

Soumya asks God to stop this partition and says if this happens today then I can’t forgive myself. She looks for Preeto and thinks where is she? She goes to her room and begs infront of her requesting her to stop the partition. She cries and accuses herself for the partition. She says when I got married and came here, the wanted the family to stay united, but today they are separating…I can’t see this. She asks her to give poison to her and asks her to stop the partition, says I will do whatever you says. Preeto looks angrily at her. She thinks about Surbhi’s words that to let her sister stay here, and if she wants to tell something then she can tell her. She recalls Surbhi praising Harman to be a good human and husband. She recalls Harman asking for partition. Just then she gets Maninder’s call and picks it.

Maninder tells her that his family reputation is ruining because of her family. He says people are joining Surbhi’s name with Harman as she went with him insearch of Soumya. He says why didn’t I die before hearing this and ends the call. Preeto doesn’t say anything as a storm of conspiracy is going on in her mind. Soumya cries. Harak Singh asks Harman to read properly and not to tell that he has snatched his rights. Harman gives papers. Harak Singh asks for pen to sign. Preeto comes and stops him. She takes the papers and tears it. Soumya smiles happily.

Harak Singh asks what you have done? Preeto says we have just one son, everything is his. She says there will be no partition as everything belongs to him. She tries to emotionally blackmail him and says everything is yours. She tells everyone that we will follow Harman’s orders and nobody will interfere between Harman and Soumya.

Surbhi recalls Abhishek supporting her and assuring her that he will handle his family. She recalls soumya telling her that she will leave Harman’s house after death. She recalls Maninder telling that people said that she ran away with Harman. She comes to him and says I want to say you something. She says I am ready to marry. Maninder looks on, but Abhishek and his family will not agree. Surbhi says I will talk to them and asks him not to worry. Soumya thanks God for stopping the partition. Preeto comes there and closes the door.

Surbhi meets Abhishek at a coffee shop and tells that she is ready for marriage. She asks are you ready? Abhishek says he is ready and asks if she will return him back again from mandap. Surbhi says she wants to marry for her Papa’s happiness. Abhishek asks if you are marrying for yourself or your Papa. He asks I mean do you like me or not? Surbhi says I like your honesty and says I couldn’t get understanding life partner like you. She says my choice would have been you only if I had taken time also. Abhishek says he is very happy. Surbhi asks if your family will agree? Abhishek says they will not agree, but he will convince them. He asks her to have coffee. Surbhi smiles.

Preeto tells Soumya that if she agrees to her saying then she will not ask her to leave. Soumya says she will do as she says. Preeto says everything will be fine if Harman remarries. Preeto tells her that Shanno will not get Mahi marry Harman now. She says even no handicapped woman will accept you with Harman and says society will send you back to kinnar world, then my son will search you and same thing will repeat, which we don’t want. Soumya asks what I shall do? Preeto says I don’t know how this will happen, but you have to do. She asks her to get Harman marry Surbhi. Soumya is shocked.

Soumya asks Harman to marry again. Harman asks when to marry? He tells that he will marry her again and will adopt a baby. He says I will always love you and looks at her lovingly. Preeto scolds Soumya for spending time with Harman. Soumya says she was trying to convince him.

Update Credit to: H Hasan

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  1. For all Shakti and Haya TRUE FANS,I repeat TRUE, GUYS I KNOW YOU ALL R NOT LIKING SURBHI’S MARRIAGE WITH HARMAN AND SO AM I, BUT guys let’s trust colors and Rashmi Sharma Telefilms, they have the guts to bring such a different concept with the shinning leads(Vivian Dsena and Rubina Dilaik)…some guys keep watching Shakti, we are the slot leader and are no 6,Let’s be no 1,we must not let the rival show on STAR win,Kudos to this show because before this show, nobody released the plight of kinners,I hope this show continues to rule our hearts and trp charts

  2. Hi every one

    Today’s Harman’s fight for soumya was good. Waiting for tmrw..

    I think marriage will b fixed for Harbhi and then varun will take the place of Harman and varbhi marriage will go on ??

    Naa 12th padikiren wat about u Karthika and ammu??

  3. if surbhi marries to harman . .. I will never come to see this show again…
    Soumya should become fearless … so that see can fight for her own right … & should show that kinners are also human

  4. Angelk1

    No I hope mahinder reject the idea of surbhi an Harman. Abhshek. Is a good match for surbhi, he likes her a lot. Also Soumya you could have solve the situation without going to presto. Harman loves you, he would have understand if you tell him your not please, geesh. Soumya please stop being to innocent and think.

    1. Surbhi will marry Harman to help Soumya to be with him ,,, after will come real child of Nemi !!! this is the Color tv. do for funs of Shakti …

  5. Ya soumya think don’t b to innocent u love him too u can’t go to Preto for help stop it fight bk ur own think about Herman Greer…………..

    1. Angelk1

      Exactly, she thinks she’s thinking of Harman, but she’s trying to benefits the whole family. Harman is her husband no matter how you look at things, she suppose to help him not make it worse. Nimmi should have taught her that at least and to fight for her love

  6. I just want to say that pairing Surbhi and Harman is totally wrong. It disgust me rather to think about a sister marrying her brother in law, especially knowing how he loves her. Not forgetting it goes against everything Nimmi would have wanted for her girls.
    There are other ways this track can go:
    (1) soumya can become a stronger person/character, instead of a victim all the time. Her mother use to fight for what she believed in. Let soumyainherit this trait from her
    (2) didnt harak singh transfer some property onto soumya’s name? Why cant that be remembered and used.

    1. Angelk1

      I agree

  7. h r u all shakti family…. i hate today s epi… preeto you never realize your mistake.. i think its dragging… bt interesting….please reveal the truth that harman s gulaboo is not a kinnar nd is an ordinary girl… we are waiting for tht movment eagerly.

    ammu ma … ungalukku theriuma nan oru outstanding student… innaiku 1st hour fulla naanum en friends 20 perum classu ku veliya ninnom.. ( idhellam oru pozhappu…..)

    eppa result varum ne teriyala maa.. ippa varum appa varum nu poi solli bayamuruthuranga.. paakalam en thalai ezhutha..????

    wr r u kopz???? mein aur ammu ma kab se aapke liye wait kar rahe hai?…
    idhula ulla mistake ah neenga dhan comment panni sollanum…

    hi ashley… same age group yaar…

    good ni8 ammu ma & all… LADOO dreams…( my favorite SWEET is ladoo.. so.. )

  8. Oh god really i don’t want surbhi btw harmaya or with varun , abhishek is nice she hav to Marry him but Wt to do i think Cvs make surbhi-varun marriage so they can show saas bahu, best bahu Tracks but soumu tum problem kya hai harman itself admitted that he loves u then WT u want u hav to strong to face the problems and u know that harman loves then how he accept surbhi wholeheartedly y u trying to spoil surbhi’s life

  9. Preeto not a evil she is a devil how can she think about surbi and Harman marriage poor soumu she love Harman so much so she can any saccrifie for her love I hope surbi is not become negative roll precap is very sad harman dreeming about remarrying soumu I know he not accept Preeto’s evil idea but I can’t imagin future episode plz find soon Somu is not a kinner

  10. Hi sakthi family, todays episode was boring y the writers r spoiling the show surely it will resemble in trp ratings. Already the show went to 2nd place to 6th place if they continue this track sakthi serial govinda govinda thaan.

    Hi karthi, good girl keep it up ponnu na ippadi thaan irukanum unmaya maraikaama sonnathuku?.

    Chumma mam solrathu puriyama kavanikira maathiri act panratha Vida ithu best. Namallam class attend Pannamaye 1st class edupom ….. Appadi thaane karthi.

    Be cool u will get gud marks and enna dept. ma nee. Nalla mark eduthu un parents Ku pugazh thedi tharuva nu enaku niraya nambikkai iruku. Gud night .

  11. Hi Ashley, am housewife and karthika going to college. Unga name pudhusa iruku nick name ma. Board exam Ku prepare aagiyacha? Half yearly exam nadakuthula , nalla panni irukeengala? Life oda mukkiyamaana neram ithu illaya. All the best .

  12. Sabrina

    Dammit why is Preeto such a B$&@t gosh. So much hatred for another human being I can’t take it

  13. its all about harman’s pure n selfless love n soumya’s stupidity. ..

    she wanted harman to aceept her as wife once. . Now when he is so loving. .. she behaves so rude to him. ..

  14. Good mrng…thank u ammu ma… nan commerce dept… aama naamellam padikkamale paas agiruvom…
    Have a nice day..

  15. Hi ammu Akka ennoda Peru ashlena s I’m preparing for my board xams. Juzzz keep praying for me.

    Sorry to karthi Akka and ammu Akka coz naan ungaluku respect kudukalaila adhunala sry

    Whose kopzzzzz????

  16. Today it was not good but I like to watch the story Gulabo she must just fight cos Harmanji is fighting for her so she must help him , my request is please always do the subtitle in English cos we don’t understand the language properly I’m from Africa so English please.

  17. Hi Ashley un Peru super ra irruku . Y sry en vayasu theriyama thaane sonnenga its ok.

    Actually naan thaan romba feel pannuren neenga yellam chinna pillaigala irukeenga naan thaan seekarama poranthuten pola iruku. Hmm…..

  18. Ashley don’t worry ,sure ra naan pray pannuren . Appuram akka vellam vendam yenake vekkama iruku becoz en son college padikiraan en ponnunga 11th class padikiraanga. Better neenga aunty illa amma nu kupidunga athu thaan yenalu correct ta irukum .

    Ok va ……

  19. Ohh OK aunty ? oops Amma..??? serial paaka vayasu edhuku let’s enjoy

    Yaaru kopz???

    Tnx for praising my name even I love my name

  20. Shanitics

    Eye stunning precap.. Bt Harman-surrubi ?? Hope Abhishek interfere in the mattr thn again HAYA marriage ?

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