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Shakti 14th September 2016 Written Episode, Written Update on

The Episode starts with Harman asking man to give Saya’s number. Man agrees. Harak Singh signs the man to relax and thinks it was good that he called me and told that Harman reached here. Harman dials the number and it comes as unreachable. He asks the man, why did you give wrong number. Man says you can’t get right number even if you kill me, as I don’t know the number. Harman points gun on his head and says I will kill you. Harak Singh says he doesn’t know the number else he would have told you, lets go home.

Kinnars talk to each other that Guru Maa will get angry knowing Tarana didn’t get any money. Guru Maa asks Soumya about her day and asks how much she have earned. Soumya gives some money. Guru Maa counts the money and says she has done wonder, and gives a note as a gift. Soumya

says this money is not mine, I didn’t earn it, it is given to me by Kareena. I didn’t earn anything. Guru Maa gets angry. Saya asks Kareena why she is not teaching her work and making her handicapped. She asks what happened. Other kinnar tells that Soumya pushed a man who asked her to dance, someone the siyappa was in control and he gave money to us. Guru Maa says she did a mistake and will be punished. Saya asks Guru Maa to forgive her, thinking her to be her first mistake. Guru Maa says no, if I forgive her today she will do mistakes again and again, and gives her punishment to wash everyone’s clothes. She says if she doesn’t earn money then she will get this punishment daily.

Preeto is angry. Harak Singh asks her to calm down and tells her that Harman was asking the world, where is my Kinnar wife…? Preeto asks why you are drowing in pit and says you have promised to start afresh. Harman says he just knows that he will bring Soumya back. Harak Singh says you are my son and you belongs to this society. Harman asks him not to interfere in his matter, be as a father and don’t indulge in his matters. Preeto says why you are fighting for her. Harak Singh says I can give life for him, but if anything happens to my respect then I will kill him. Preeto tells Harman that we live in this society and says Soumya’s parents had hidden her truth from society as they are scared. Harman says I can’t sit idle wearing bangles, and determines to bring Soumya back. Preeto asks him to decide between their respect and Kinnar.

Two kinnars make fun of Soumya and says maharani became naukrani… as Soumya sits for washing clothes. Kareena comes to help Soumya. Soumya refuses to take her help and says if Guru Maa sees you helping me then she will punished you too. Kareena asks why did you say truth? Soumya says mata rani is watching us, and tells about her ardaas. Kareena asks what is your ardaas? Soumya says I want to reach to my mum and says I can’t stay here, never. Someone gives letter to Bebe. Guru Maa scolds Saya for sending letter to Nimmi, telling her about her safety. Saya says Nimmi have brought her up with love and care, and I want to assure her that she is safe here. She says I love her as my daughter, but don’t know if I will become like her mum. Guru Maa reminds her that Tarana is not her daughter and says you are also a kinnar like her. Saya gets emotional. Kareena asks Tarana to have food. Soumya requests her to call her Soumya. Kareena calls her Soumya and asks her to have food.

Bebe tells Maninder that someone sent letter on Nimmi’s name. Maninder opens the letter and is shocked to read. He changes the words, but Nimmi snatches letter from his hand and is shocked to read Saya’s letter that Soumya is safe with her and is kept like her daughter. Nimmi goes out and asks who gave this letter. Maninder says she has gone mad. Surbhi asks him to call the doctor. Maninder says what we will say, who is Soumya if he ask? Surbhi asks Beeji to take Nimmi inside and goes to call doctor.

Harman is looking at the moon from his room, and thinks it is silent and mute…living life, but don’t have any sense of living…He does poetry and says Soumya….I know if you was here then you would have stopped me from drinking, but then also I wouldn’t have stopped. He says when you are not here, my heart is saying, come and stop me…but you are not here. He is about to take a sip of wine and imagines Soumya asking him not to drink as it is bad for health. He thinks he is drunk even though he haven’t drink, and hearing Soumya’s voice. Soumya asks him not to drink and agree to his friend. Harman says we have friendship relation and says I will agree and not drink. H thinks when you was here, you didn’t let me do anything wrong, and even though you have gone, you are taking care of me. He asks why did you go. He looks at the moon and thinks you seems to be very far, but where ever you are, you might be looking at the moon. Soumya also looks at the moon and wishes it would have been made of glass, so that she can see him in the moon, and think that they are in the same world.

Soumya runs away from Kinnar’s home and sees goons. She thinks to take their help. Just then they tease and surround her. Soumya is shocked.

Update Credit to: H Hasan

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  1. Shrinjal

    Hii ma’am. Thank u for update?

    1. Are you sure its maam?? I mean why not sir? ???

      1. Why la? It’s ma’am only. Y?

    2. its sir dear.. h hassan ??

      1. No sehr. It’s ma’am. I asked her myself.

      2. yes it is mam,,,hasan is girl…ii asked her already!..and epi was quiet ok

  2. Wasn’t it same precap yesterday. But why? ???
    And why didn’t they post yesterday’s udaan’s update??

  3. sooper duper episode by episode.
    wah bahut hi badiya…

    really good concept n story. . Most of all starcast n acting. ..

    Great work team shakti.. Please keep up the good work. ..

    One small request. . Please put little less mskeup to soumya.. It’s too much

    1. Renuverma

      Hi saras dear.? thanks for your wishes. U mum in law has recovered now

      Thks a lot for ur concern. ?????

  4. s its the same pre cap

  5. Angelk1

    I think harman will save her. I’m hoping or soumya will get caught by kinner

  6. I like the new show Shakti as it is a concept that so far has not been addressed. I find there is a problem, the background music is so loud that it is not very clear to hear the dialogues, it is very annoying . I hope it can be corrected. Thanks Kam

  7. Please lower the volume on the background music so we can hear the dialogues properly. The background music is nice but if we can’t hear the dialogues then it ruins the serial. Other than that great serial looking forward to watching the coming episodes.

  8. Renuverma

    the upcoming episode, the show to witness high voltage drama as Harman try to find Soumya.

    But he is not able to do later he gets call from Soumya so he seeks Surbhi’s help for finding Soumya.

    Subhi becomes transgender so that it becomes easy for them to find Soumya.

    Soumya prays to get rid of kinnar world

    1. Sabrina

      Won’t it have been fun if Harman act like transgender to get Somu lol

  9. Renuverma

    #Shakti Astitva Ke Ehsaas Ki
    Serial xPRESS
    Home › Spoiler
    Shakti:Harman shattered as Ravi-Kharak Singh burn Soumya memories Upcoming Story

    Wednesday, September 14 2016
    Shakti:Harman shattered as Ravi-Kharak Singh burn Soumya memories

    Shakti Astitva Ke Ehsaas Ki: Saya hides Soumya (Rubina Dilaik) from Harman(Vivian Dsena)-Surbhi

    In the upcoming episode, the show to witness high voltage drama as Kharak Singh and Preeto wants Harman to forget Soumya and move on.

    So Kharaka Singh gathers all the things related to Soumya and try to burn it but Harman try to stop him.

    Kharak Singh holds Harman and asks Raavi to burns all of them, Harman keeps on shotuing.

    Harman get upset as he could not meet Soumya

    Kharak Singh says that your past has got burnt and now you also forget everything, he gets completely shattered.

    Later he gets call from Soumya and he tells him about her location so he and Surbhi goes to meet Soumya.

    But till they come Saya comes there and hides Soumya holding her mouth and face.

    1. Thanks renu for the spoilers…
      soumya will not be found in near future then. .

  10. Lovely story, well enacted by Harman and Soumya. Nimmi too is a very good actress.

  11. Lovely episodes but not be translated in English can you please let rishtey and coulour know all series

  12. new promo of shakti Omg special episode on sep21

    1. nila what’s in New promo?

  13. indira chatterjee

    soumya is looking like radhika in the serial chhoti bahu in Z tv many years ago, is ti true pl, tell me, am I right?

    1. ya u are right Indira

  14. top Trp for this

  15. Will harman find somu and its” true sowmya is not kinner inki episode semmmma????

  16. Many thanks for the update. The previous one was sometimes not clear. I don’t mean to be rude but mentioning this is only for constructive criticism to be taken intoconsideration in the future.

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