Shakti 14th November 2017 Written Episode Update: Preeto master plan to delay HaYA union

Shakti 14th November 2017 Written Episode, Written Update on

The Episode starts with Inspector asking Soumya to go as Harak Singh don’t want to meet her. Harman is in his room and thinks Harak Singh, you are hero in my eyes, why did you do this, yours and preeto’s love story is an example for me. Preeto sees him and thinks their plan worked. Just then he sees Soumya coming to his room and asks what she is doing there. Soumya says she went to meet Harak Singh and insists to meet Preeto. Harman says they get angry seeing you. Soumya insists to see her. Harman takes her to Preeto’s room. They see her sleeping. Harman offers to drop her home. Soumya says she will go, but Harman insists. Preeto hears their voice and thinks Soumya came to meet him. She thinks they have done so much, but still they meet. She thinks how to separate them.

Mohini comes and

asks Preeto to keep some condition for Harman which he can’t fulfilled. She asks her to think and goes to sleep. Preeto calls Kareena and asks her to give call to Gurumaa. She tells something which is muted and says once she does her work, she will give her so much money that she will never repent for being a kinnar. Gurumaa claps and calls everyone. Everyone wakes up. Gurumaa asks where is Tarana. Saya says she must be sleeping and asks Chameli to wake up. Gurumaa tells that Soumya has played with our prestige and respect. Soumya comes and says she has not played with their respect. Veeran talks to the lawyer and makes bail papers ready. Preeto says no need to free him.

Mohini says she needs him. Preeto tears the papers. Mohini asks Lawyer to make new papers and asks him to free her balam ji. Preeto says Harak Singh can’t protect you today and says she will show her value now. She holds her hand and takes her to room. Mohini says she is learning from her and asks what to do. Preeto says let Harak Singh be in jail then also Harman will come. She asks her to break her leg. Mohini says she can act, but can’t break her leg. Soumya tells that she went to fulfill her bahu dharma and went to meet Harak Singh. Harman says I came to drop her for her safety. Gurumaa tells that Soumya has open tongue infront of them. Soumya asks Saya to tell whom she will support. Saya says she will support Gurumaa’s condition, but also agree with Soumya’s bahu dharm. Preeto shouts saying her leg.

Harman asks Gurumaa to tell what is her condition. Gurumaa tells that she wants him to collect grains from charity and he can get only 1 handful of grains. Soumya says you don’t want us to meet and says this condition can’t be fulfill. Harman says nothing is impossible. Soumya asks Saya to tell something. Saya says she is with Gurumaa’s conditions. Soumya is shocked.

Everyone come there. Mohini tells them that she has broken Preeto’s leg and goes. Veeran calls Harman and asks him to come there and tells that Mohini has broken Preeto’s feet. Soumya asks him to go and gives her promise. Gurumaa stops Harman and asks him to fulfill the condition before going, else he will be declare as failure. Harman looks on.

Soumya with veil on her face comes to Maninder’s shop with other kinnars and asks for grains. Maninder gives her grains on neighbors’ insistence. Just then someone informs him that his licence is passed and asks him to touch veiled kinnar’s feet and gives credit to her for his good luck. Maninder looks at Soumya.

Update Credit to: H Hasan

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